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Carr's Compendium of the Vietnam War
A Study of Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam
A Systems Analysis View of the Vietnam War 1965-1972
Defense Attache Saigon: RVNAF Quarterly Assessments
Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Command Histories 1964-1973 (Sanitized)
Project RED BARON I: Air-to-Air Encounters in Southeast Asia
Vietnam Pacification Studies
Operational Reports and Lessons Learned
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DCB Logo com•pen•di•um:    1. A work containing in small compass the substance or general principles of a larger work or of a system or like.  2. A publication containing a variety of works. 3. [Archaic] Saving of labor, space, or time; economy. pl. com·pen·di·ums or com·pen·di·a.

From the Late Latin Compendere meaning "to weigh together".

The Echoes of History

Carr's Compendiums are digital reprints of official records, documents, electronic data sets, photographs, audio recordings, and maps, related to the military and political history of the United States of America. These collections are reproduced and brought together using modern digital technologies and published on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Carr's Compendiums give professional and amateur historians, scholars in other disciplines, and hobbyists fascinated by the fine details of history, direct access to important primary reference materials.

Carr's Compendiums are designed to run on personal computers with Windows, Linux or Apple Macintosh operating systems. The combination of low-cost, high-speed personal computers and web browsers, make Carr's Compendiums an economical alternative to microforms and associated equipment. Please consult the Technical Support pages for specific information regarding system and browser requirements and recommendations.

We ship each Standard Edition collection in a durable DVD-style case for storage.

The first compendium, Carr's Compendium of the Vietnam War, focuses on the conflicts in Southeast Asia following the Second World War. The collections within the compendium provide detailed accounts and analyses of this pivotal and influential period in world history from a variety of perspectives and viewpoints.

There are currently six collections in this compendium available for ordering.

The six collections contain over 20,000 scanned pages from 57 individual documents. Please consult the In Development page for information on the status of additional compendiums and collections.

What's New

05 May 2009

DCB is pleased to announce the availability of two new digital reprints for Amazon's Kindle e-book reader. These two reprints were originally published by the U.S. Army Center of Military History as part of the Indochina Monographs Series. The two titles are available for sale on by clicking on the links below.

26 March 2009

  • We are back after a long hiatus with several lines of new products and updated information.

What's Next

  • Republish as PDF files, U.S. Army Official Reports and Lessons Learned starting with documents produced by the 101st Airborne Division.
  • Explore whether or not it is feasible to sell and distribute individual documents as digital downloads.

18 October 2004

13 March 2004 - Added new sections and additional sample pages to the Online Resources page.

29 February 2004 - Added new sections and additional sample pages to the Online Resources page.

31 December 2003 - Completed company's move to new offices and added additional material to the Web Resources page.

31 October 2003 - Added three sample orders of battle and two map sets to the website with links from the Online Resources page.

18 October 2003 - DCB Software launches two new collections in Carr's Compendium of the Vietnam War.

24 September 2003 - Carr's Compendiums website updated and expanded. Added Online Resources pages including links to external sites, a glossary of terms, abbreviations and acronyms from the Vietnam War and other useful information.

17 August 2003 - The first four collections in Carr's Compendium of the Vietnam War available for ordering.

2 August 2003 - Carr's Compendiums website goes online.

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