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Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Command Histories (Sanitized)

Status: Available for Ordering
Date of Publication: 17 August 2003
Estimated Number of Pages: 9,216
Price: $100.00 - $250.00 (SE)and $25.00 - $50.00 (LE)
ISBN 0-9743733-3-8; 0-9743733-4-6; 0-9743733-5-4; 0-9743733-6-2; 0-9743733-7-0 (Standard Editions)

Development of Command Histories

From 1964 to 1973, the Historical Branch, Office of the Secretary, Joint Staff, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam ("MACV"), prepared an annual Command History to provide a comprehensive, official record of MACV's activities and operations in Southeast Asia for the year. Taken together, the MACV Command Histories trace the events and progress of the Vietnam war from the perspective of the American command headquarters in Saigon, from the increased commitment and build-up of U.S. and Free World Forces in 1964, to the draw-down and withdrawal of those forces, and the disestablishment of MACV in 1973.

Purpose of Command Histories

Each Command History was designed to provide a comprehensive, official record of MACV's activities and operations in Southeast Asia for the year. The Command Histories analyze the events of the year by topic. Topics include: intelligence; the enemy; friendly forces; goals and strategies; logistics; psychological operations; research and development; planning; pacification; nation building; air operations; naval operations; and command concerns. Each Command History is extensively supplemented with detailed tables, maps, and addenda, such as chronologies and listings of key personnel, prepared by MACV.

Source of Command Histories

In June 1983, the Command Histories were regraded to "Unclassified" status by order of Secretary of the Army. Carr's Compendiums are drawn from these partially-declassified MACV Command Histories and are exact copies of the sanitized primary sources. There are approximately 9,216 pages in this collection.

The table of contents for each volume in this collection can be viewed by clicking its link below.

Short History of MAAG and MACV

The United States Military formed the Military Assistance Advisory Group ("MAAG") Indochina in 1950 to monitor and supervise the military assistance provided to French forces fighting in Indochina against the national liberation movements. Following the French defeat and the Geneva Conference, MAAG was reorganized into country-specific units in 1955 and redesignated as MAAG Vietnam and MAAG Cambodia. In 1964, MAAG was absorbed into the MACV. MAAG was primarily responsible for MACV's advisory efforts.

MACV was activated in Saigon on 8 February 1962, under the command of General Paul D. Harkins. Its purpose was to manage the Kennedy Administration's plan to substantially increase the number of advisors and to intensify military assistance efforts in the Republic of Vietnam ("RVN"). MACV was established as a unified command subordinate to the Commander in Chief, Pacific Command ("CINCPAC"). General Harkins, the first MACV Commander ("COMUSMACV") was an integral part of the U.S. Ambassador's country team. He and his successors, Generals William C. Westmoreland, Creighton W. Abrams and Fred C. Weyand, were responsible for all U.S. military policy, operations, and assistance to the RVN.


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