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Project RED BARON I: Air-to-Air Encounters in Southeast Asia

Status: Available for Ordering
Date of Publication: 18 October 2003
Estimated Number of Pages: 1,178
Price: $50.00


In October 1966 the Systems Analysis Division of the Institute for Defense Analysis and the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group formed a team to study air-to-air encounters in Southeast Asia. The project was given the code name RED BARON. Its purpose was to analyze the data from approximately 400 air-to-air encounters through 1 August 1967 to "assist in the selection of suitable research and development programs for future high-performance fighter aircraft". Data was derived from official reports and personal interviews with the participating pilots.

The three volumes presented in this collection were downgraded to unclassified in 2001. The documents related to air-to-air encounters in Southeast Asia after 1967 (RED BARON II and RED BARON III) remain classified. Carr's Compendiums plans to launch a concerted declassification effort before the end of 2003 to get these reports, and other Vietnam War era documents, released to the public.

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