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A Study of Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam

Status: Available for Ordering
Date of Publication: 17 August 2003
Estimated Number of Pages: 3,639
Price: $125.00 (SE) and $25.00 (LE)
ISBN 0-9743733-0-3 (Standard Edition)

A Study of Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam is an analytical study commissioned by the U.S. Army and written by the BDM Corporation. It was completed in April 1980. The goal of the study was to provide U.S. military and civilian policy makers with lessons which were, or should have been learned from the three decades of U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. It is organized in eight volumes and an executive summary presenting the principle insights and lessons. The study was declassified in March 1981. There are approximately 3,639 pages in this collection.

The table of contents for each volume in this collection can be viewed by clicking its link below.


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