MACV Enemy Order of Battle Holdings
I Corps Tactical Zone/Military Region 1
31 JAN 1970


DMZ Front

49 NVA Infantry Battalion - Quang Binh Province
9 NVA Infantry Regiment - 304 NVA Infantry Division
20 NVA Sapper Battalion - 304 NVA Infantry Division
27 NVA Infantry Regiment
33 Independent NVA Sapper Battalion
31 NVA Infantry Regiment
36 NVA Infantry Regiment - 308th NVA Infantry Division
270 NVA Infantry Regiment
84 NVA Rocket Regiment
164 NVA Artillery Regiment
246 NVA Infantry Regiment
126 Naval Sapper Regiment - NVN Sapper Combat Group
20th NVA Transportation Battalion - 325th NVA Infantry Division
24B NVA Infantry Regiment - 304 NVA Infantry Division

Military Region 5

107 NVA Heavy Weapons Support Battalion
120 VC Montagnard Infantry Battalion
406 VC Sapper Battalion
Front 4
31 NVA Infantry Regiment (Independent)
36 NVA Infantry Regiment
3rd NVA Sapper Battalion
D3 NVA Infantry Battalion
90 NVA Infantry Regiment
141 NVA Infantry Regiment
577 NVA Rocket Launcher Battalion
R20 VC Infantry Battalion
T-89 VC Sapper Battalion
42 VC Recon Battalion
V25 VC Infantry Battalion
T-87 VC Sapper Battalion
490 NVA Sapper Battalion
Hai Van VC Main Force Sapper Battalion
573 NVA Rocket Battalion
575 NVA Rocket Battalion
Quang Da Province
Q80 VC Local Force Infantry Battalion - Hieu Nhon District
Quang Ngai Province
38 VC Local Force Infantry Battalion
48 VC Local Force Infantry Battalion
81 VC Local Force Infantry Battalion
Quang Nam Province
V16 VC Local Force Sapper Battalion
70 VC Local Force Infantry Battalion
72 VC Local Force Infantry Battalion
74 VC Local Force Combat Support Battalion (Mortars)
78 VC Local Force Rocket Launcher Battalion
Nong Truong 2 NVA Infantry Division
1 VC Infantry Regiment
21 NVA Infantry Regiment
31 NVA Infantry Regiment
10 NVA Sapper Battalion
17 NVA Signal Battalion
14 NVA Air Defense Battalion
12 NVA Artillery Battalion
18 NVA Medium Battalion
GK40 NVA Engineer Battalion
Nong Truong 3 NVA Infantry Division
22 NVA Infantry Regiment
30 NVA Engineer Battalion
40 NVA Sapper Battalion
200 NVA Air Defense Battalion
300 NVA Artillery Battalion Comp.
500 NVA Transportation Battalion
551 NVA Signal Battalion
600 NVA Medium Battalion
9th NVA Sapper Battalion
95 VC Sapper Battalion
409 VC Sapper Battalion

Tri Thien Hue Military Region

4 NVA Infantry Regiment
5 NVA Infantry Regiment
6 NVA Infantry Regiment
9 NVA Infantry Regiment
29 NVA Infantry Regiment
803 NVA Infantry Regiment
7 NVA Front
812 NVA Infantry Regiment
K11 NVA Sapper Battalion
808 NVA Infantry Battalion
K34 NVA Rocket Battalion
814 NVA Infantry Battalion
1/84 NVA Rocket Launcher Battalion
10 NVA Sapper Battalion
Thua Thien Province
Phu Loc VC Local Force Battalion

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Command History. 1970. Volume 1,  Pages III-115 - III-117

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