Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
Command History Chronology - 1964

January 1964
2Council of Notables convenes to draft new constitution.
3Buddhist convention promulgates charter of Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Church.
4Cambodian forces attack RVN unit in An Gian Sector.
6Major General Don becomes Commander-in-Chief of RVN Armed Forces.
14General Westmoreland named deputy to General Harkins.
17RVN dissolves the special Saigon command, puts capital under III Corps.
18Largest helilift of war: 115 helicopters carry 1100 troops into Zone D. VC avoid contact.
21US Naval team fights cholera epidemic in Saigon.
30General Khanh replaces General Minh in a bloodless coup.

February 1964
3Kontum city MAAG compound attacked with grenades, 1 US wounded, 1 building burned.
7Playboy bar bombed, five US killed.
9Pershing Field bleachers bombed, two US killed, 25 wounded.
10General Khanh names himself as Premier; General Minh as Chief of State.
11Capitol Kinh Do Theater bombed, 3 US killed, 50 wounded.
25Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs Hilsman resigns under fire.
27Supposedly trapped, VC battalion fights through 2500-man ARVN ring, Dinh Tuong Sector.

March 1964
3RVN airborne troops kill 110 VC out of estimated enemy battalion near Cambodian border, Kien Phong Sector.
6General Khanh replaces three of four cocps commanders and five of nine division commanders.
8Secretary of Defense McNamara visits Vietnam.
14300 VC captured in operation in Kien Phong Sector.
20RVN forces mistakenly hit Cambodian town of Chantreau.
23Operation PHUONG HOANG 13-14/10, Dien Phong Sector, finds VC battalion in fortified village, kills 126.

April 1964
7General Khanh makes Saigon a special zone and splits III Corps.
13District Capital Kien Long (near U Minh Forest) overrun; about 300 ARVN KIA, 200 civilian casualties.
25President announced General Westmoreland to replace General Harkins.
25ARVN ambush near Plei Ta Nag kills 84 VC.

May 1964
2USNS Card, aircraft ferry, damaged by VC shaped charge in Saigon River.
3VC bombing at USNS Card dock injures 8 US.
7Cambodians charge GVN armored troop attacked village of Taey two miles inside border. RVN claims Cambodians interfere with hot pursuit of VC.
10Terrorist plot to explode bridge along Secy Def's route discovered and foiled.
12Secy of Def visits Vietnam.
12Two Cambodian jets strafe RVN units in Tay Ninh Province.

June 1964
5RVN bombs and burns a 20-mile strip-on Vai Co Orient River along Cambodian border.
20Gen Harkins departs MACV.
21UN Mission departs from NY to investigate VN-Cambodian border incidents.
23Ambassador Lodge resigns; General Taylor named to replace him.
24Operation THANG LANG-HAI YEN 79 on the Dinh Tuong-Kien Phuong Sector border kills 99 VC.
25Successful attack on VC training camp in Quang Ngai kills 50 VC.
28Amb Lodge departs Saigon.
29New Zealand Army Engineers Detachment arrives.

July 1964
1Mr William Sullivan named minister-counselor of Embassy. Senate confirms Taylor-Johnson appointments.
3Mr Millen appointed to direct USOM.
4Special Forces camp at Polei Krong overrun, 50 friendly killed.
4DRV charges that RVN guerrillas attacked in Laos on 27 June and the DRV coast on 30 June.
6Nam Dong SF- camp hit, 58 friendly (2 US, 1 Australian) killed.
15Secy McNamara informs press conference that no PAVN units are operating in RVN.
19Gen Khanh leads a mass meeting and shouts "Bac Tien!" ("To the North!")
209th Regt, PAVN 304th Div, cut up in battalion encounters with ARVN in Thua Thien, Quang Nam and Quang Tri Sectors.
22National VN Student Association demands nationalization of French property, severance of diplomatic ties.
22Gen Ky confirms guerilla raids on DRV to press.
23Gen Taylor meets Gen Khanh, disagrees over Khanh's call to go North.
27Pentagon announces several thousand additional advisors will go to VN.

August 1964
2USS Maddox on patrol in Gulf of Tonkin attacked by 3 DRV PT boats.
5US carrier planes hit PT pens and Vinh oil tanks in DRV.
16Gen Khanh removed; the Chief of State, Gen Minh, and assumes the RVN presidency.
19VC inter-province headquarters in Mekong Valley bombed. VC begin effective 20mm AA fire.
21VC ambush in previously cleared area of Mekong Delta disturbs US.
25Gen Khanh resigns presidency.
26Rioters attack US-supported hospital in Da Nang when guard shoots over heads.
27Gens Khanh, Minh, Khiem, agree to lead nation as triumvirate.
28RVN proposed to UN Security Council that UN Commission be established to investigate border incidents.
29Military triumvirate appoints Dr Oanh to head government.
29General Khanh "ill" in Dalat.
29Buddhist leaders announce they will pressure for all-civilian government.

September 1964
2Under Buddhist pressure, government releases 309 rioters arrested week before.
3Khanh replaces triumvirate with 15-member committee, to elect a temporary Chief of State and Prime Minister.
4Taylor goes to Washington.
4Khiem resigns as Defense Minister.
4Khanh announces army people will resign their posts in caretaker government.
54 Cambodian jets cross border and fire on RVN aircraft and miss.
61 Cambodian aircraft fires on Chu Muong outpost.
6150,000 Buddhists parade in Saigon at funeral for victims of Buddhist-Catholic rioting.
8Government reorganized: Khanh retains Premiership; Minh becomes Chairman.
9Khanh abolishes internal press censorship.
12State Dept announces no plans for international negotiations on Vietnam.
13Abortive coup begins.
14Abortive coup ends.
15Khanh arrests 5 coup leaders.
15Operation TU LUONG 134 near Quang Ngai City results in 80 VC killed.
162d Tonkin Gulf incident: DRV PT boats attack destroyers Edwards and Morton.
20Centering in Bon Sal Pa SF Camp, Quang Duc Sector, Montagnard soldiers begin rebellion against RVN authority.
20Opn LAM SON 129, Quang Tri Sector, results in 77 VC killed.
21Labor strike cripples Saigon public services.
22Korean non-combatant military assistance group arrives.
24Strike ends with compromises between labor leaders and Khanh Government.

October 1964
1Bac Lien and Chou Doc sectors reinstituted from subsectors of two neighboring sectors.
2Khanh announces he will accept a draft call to head government; threatens force to crush further labor protests.
3An Xuyen Operation DAN CHI 73, 150 VC killed.
4Riot police disperse workers in Saigon.
4VC kill 1 US, 40 VN 18 miles from Saigon.
7RVN complains to ICC about DRV infiltration.
9Brig Gen Vien becomes III Corps commander.
113 VC battalions, RVN forces, engaged near Go Dau Ha; heavy losses.
14Gen Khiem named Ambassador to US.
15September 13 coup leaders go on trial.
17DAN CHI 80: RVN troops kill 123 VC in 2 day operation on Ba Xuyen-Bac Lien border.
18DRV charges US-RVN aircraft bombed DRV village Oct 16 and 17.
20RVN gets new constitution.
21Khanh's government makes way for new civilian government.
23Coup leaders acquitted.
24Coup leaders re-arrested.
24Suu elected RVN President; Huang Prime Minister.

November 1964
1VC shell Bien Hoa Airbase with 81mm mortars, kill 4 US and 2 VN soldiers.
4Typhoon Iris hits Central Vietnam causing widespread disruption of communications, and destruction of crops.
17USOM allocates flood relief supplies; Marine helicopters begin shuttling supplies from the USS Princeton.
21Opn THANG LONG 27, Dinh Tuong Sector, wrests Ba Dua from VC control, kills 136 VC.
22Opn PHONG HOAI, Tay Ninh Sector, concludes with destruction of a VC base area and arms factory, 157 VC killed.

December 1964
5Gen Ky gives ultimatum to Gen Khanh - support Prime Minister Huong or else; VNAF 100% alert.
6Opn DAN CHI 92, IV Corps, 138 VC killed.
7VC overrun battalion command post on hill 193, threatens An Lao Subsector hqs, stay in area to fight. Two companies of ARVN missing.
9RVN forces retake hill 193, and secure An Lao Subsector hqs.
9VC attack 3d Regt hqs and arty position in Quang Tin Sector: RVN reaction forces kill 162 VC.
20Bloodless coup; High National Council dissolved.
25Brink BOQ bombed; 2 (US) killed, 108 (US and VN) wounded.
28RVN reaction force runs into 2-4 hard core VC bns in Ba Xuyen Sector, kill 87 VC, make largest capture of enemy weapons to date, including two 75mm recoilless-rifles and four anti-aircraft machine guns.

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. 1964 Command History

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