Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
Command History Chronology - 1965

January 1965
1US military strength in Vietnam is approximately 23,000.
22Buddhists demonstrate against RVN Government at US Embassy Saigon.
25Martial law imposed in Hue after serious disturbances.
27Lt Gen Nguyen Khanh takes over SVN government from Premier Tran Van Huong in bloodless coup.

February 1965
7VC attack US compound at Pleiku.
7First 1965 US air strike against NVN hits Dong Hoi Barracks.
8President Johnson orders evacuation of US government sponsored dependents from SVN.
8President Johnson orders Hawk air defense missiles to SVN.
9First elements of USMC 1st LAAM Bn operational at Da Nang.
9Gen Khanh names Nguyen Xuan Oanh acting premier.
10VC blow up US BEQ at Qui Nhon.
15Dr. Phan Huy Quat named premier, replacing Oanh.
16Largest VC weapons cache of war to date seized at Vung Ro Bay.
19Jets used for first time in SVN as USAF B-57's attack VC in Binh Dinh sector.
19Last US government sponsored dependents flown out of SVN.
22Maj Gen Tran Van Minh replaces Khanh as CINCRVNAF.
25600 ROK troops arrive in SVN.
27US White Paper accuses NVN of deliberate campaign of aggression.

March 1965
8First USMC unit (3d Bn, 9th Marines) lands at Da Nang.
15Highway 19 from Qui Nhon to Pleiku reopened after almost two months without traffic.
19716th MP Bn arrives in SVN to provide security for US installations.
21USMACV publicly confirms riot-control agents have been used in SVN.
22US aircraft hit first NVN radar site.
27About 30 Claymore type mines accidentally detonated at Plei-Do-Lim Special Forces Camp with heavy casualties.
287th BLT undertakes SVN coastal surveillance.
30US Embassy in Saigon damaged by VC explosives.
30USAF aircraft strike Dong Hoi airfield, first NVN airfield hit.

April 1965
1U.S. 1st Log Comd is established.
4First US planes are shot down by MIG's over NVN.
5Pacification program renamed Rural Reconstruction under new GVN Central Rural Reconstruction Council.
9USN jet shoots down MIG over South China Sea southwest of Hainan Island with Sidewinder missile; one USN jet downed by MIG in same dogfight.
14VNAF planes fly first night attack mission over NVN.
16First NVN SAM site reported under construction near Hanoi.
19SECDEF, CINCPAC, CJCS, COMUSMACV at Honolulu conference.

May 1965
3Initial elements of 173d Abn Bde arrive in SVN.
4US begins 2-day halt of ROLLING THUNDER aerial armed reconnaissance and strike missions over NVN while conducting intensive aerial photo reconnaissance missions.
5POLNAR Advisory Directorate established within the USMACV staff.
6SVN Armed Forces Council dissolves itself, votes confidence in Premier Quat.
7US Marines and Seabees land and begin construction at Chu Lai.
7III MAF activated under command of Maj Gen W. R. Collins, USMC.
11VC attack provincial capital of Song Be.
13US begins 5-day peace move and standdown of ROLLING THUNDER aerial armed reconnaissance and air strike missions over NVN.
141st ANGLICO units deployed in SVN.
14US Embassy announces creation of Joint US Public Affairs Office (JUSPAO).
16Bien Hoa airbase rocked by series of accidental explosions.
18US resumes NVN air raids.
20USS Hamner fires Navy's first NGF mission in SVN.

June 1965
2Advance party of 1st Bn RAR arrives in SVN.
4Brig Gen L. W. Walt assumes command of III MAF replacing Maj Gen W. R. Collins.
9USA combat engineers begin construction of base at Cam Ranh Bay.
10Battle of Dong Xoai begins with heavy casualties on both sides.
11Premier Quat resigns.
14Generals form National Leadership Committee under Maj Gen Nguyen Van Thieu.
16Explosive charge damages TSN civilian passenger terminal.
17First MIG's shot down by USN aircraft over NVN.
18First B-52 bomber raid in SVN.
19Air Vice Marshall Nguyen Cao Ky assumes premiership.
25VC mines blast My Canh floating restaurant in Saigon.
27173d Abn brigade-sized operation in Zone D with ARVN and RAR is first major US ground combat offensive of war.

July 1965
1VC attack Da Nang and Soc Trang air bases.
78,000 additional Marines land at Da Nang end Qui Nhon.
8Gen Taylor resigns as Ambassador to SVN; Henry Cabot Lodge named as successor.
8SFC Isaac Camacho escapes after 20 months as VC prisoner.
122d Bde, 1st Inf Div, begins landing in SVN.
15USMACV confirms presence of a NVA 101st Regiment in SVN.
16B-52's used in support of ground operation for first time.
16SECDEF and Ambassador-designate Lodge arrive in Saigon.
20US Army Support Command, Vietnam redesignated US Army, Vietnam, with General Westmoreland as commander and Gen Norton as Deputy CG.
20SECDEF departs for Washington.
20First USCG vessels to see action in combat zone since WW II arrive in SVN.
21New Zealand Field Artillery Btry arrives in SVN.
24First US aircraft downed by SAM over NVN.
27US aircraft hit SAM sites in NVN for first time.
28President Johnson announces US troop strength in Vietnam will rise to 125,000.
28USMC and ARVN forces begin LIEN KET 4, the first combined land operation in the war.
291st Bde, 101st Abn. Div, lands at Cam Ranh Bay.
30Ambassador Taylor leaves RVN at end of his tour of duty.
30Rural Reconstruction renamed Rural Construction under new GVN Ministry of Rural Construction.
30Operational control of USN coastal surveillance (MARKET TIME) shifted from COMSEVENTHFLT to COMUSMACV.

August 1965
1USA Task Force Alpha activated as the first USA field force HQ in SVN.
1Battle at Du Co Special Forces Camp begins.
2COMUSMACV and CINCPAC at Honolulu conference.
7CG III MAF designated Senior Advisor, I Corps, and assumes opcon over I Corps Advisory Group.
9VNAF receives first USAF B-57's.
147th Marine Regt (Rein) begins landing at Da Nang and Chu Lai.
18III MAF begins Operation STARLIGHT.
20Ambassador Lodge arrives in Saigon to begin his second tour.
24VC mortar attack hits Bien Hoa air base.
31Military Payment Certificates introduced to replace US currency is SVN.

September 1965
7US and SVN Marines begin five-day Operation PIRANHA
11Group of Montagnard tribesmen disarmed in Darlac Province in GVN move against FULRO.
12First elements of the USA 1st Cav Div (AM) land at Qui Nhon.
15Group of Montagnards reaffirms loyalty to .GVN at Ban Me Thuot ceremony.
18101st Abn, 1st Cav Div (AM), and ARVN units begin four-day Operation GIBRALTER.
25Task Force Alpha redesignated Field Force Vietnam and assumes opcon over II Corps Advisory Group and all USA units in II CTZ.
28CINCPAC and COMUSMACV at Honolulu conference.
30VC suffer heavy losses in week-long battle at Phu Cu Pass.

October 1965
7Elements of the USA 1st Inf Div arrive at Vung Tau.
8Initial elements of the ROK Capital Division land at Cam Ranh Bay.
17USN jets destroy first SAM mobile site in NVN.
19Battle of Plei Me begins.
21CG, FFORCEV, designated Senior Advisor, II Corps.
27VC attack USMC air installations at Da Nang and Chu Lai.

November 1965
11st Cav Div (AM) in its first offensive combat mission, SILVER BAYONET, near Plei Me.
1CG, 1st Inf Div, assumes opcon over all USA units and Free World attachments in III CTZ.
2Air base at Cam Ranh Bay operational for tactical jet aircraft.
2Lt Gen J. L. Throckmorton: DEPCOMUSMACV, leaves Vietnam.
6Lt Gen J. A. Heintges, USA,.replaces Lt Gen Throckmorton as DEPCOMUSMACV.
7USMACV publicly confirms presence of five NVA regiments in SVN.
9173d Abn Bde concludes five day Operation HUMP.
10US and SVN Marines join in Operation BLUE MARLIN, first combined amphibious landing in RVN.
14Battle of Ia Drang Valley begins.
22VC mortar Soc Trang airfield.
27VC overran ARVN 7th Regt at Michelin plantation.
27VC release USA PW's Smith and McClure in Cambodia.
28Defense Secretary McNamara arrives in Saigon for two day visit.

December 1965
1CG, 1st Inf Div, designated Senior Advisor, III Corps, and assumes opcon over III Corps Advisory Group.
2USS Enterprise enters combat, sending sorties against VC targets in SVN.
4VC terrorists bomb Métropole BEQ in Saigon.
8US Marine and ARVN elements begin 11-day Operation HARVEST MOON.
10CINCPAC and COMUSMACV at Honolulu conference.
14USAF hits Uong Bi thermal power plant near Haiphong.
18FULRO briefly seizes control of Quang Duc provincial headquarters at Gia Nghia.
24US FWMAF and RVN forces begin 30-hour Christmas cease-fire. Bombing of NVN ceases.
293d Bde, USA 25th Inf Div, begins arriving in SVN.

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. 1965 Command History

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