Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
Command History Chronology - 1966

January 1966
1US military strength in SVN approximately 184,000. (U)
1The 173rd Abn Bde, including the 1st Bn, Royal Australian Regt (1/RAR), and ARVN units launch Operation MARAUDER/AN DAN 564, a seven-day sweep against two VC bns in t:he Hau Nghia Province Delta Region near the Cambodian border (LOSSES: Frd-15 US/AUS KIA, 72 US/AUS WIA, ARVN 31 KIA 112 WIA; En-268 KIA, 96 VCC). (C)
1ARVN and ROK forces launch 17-day Operation JEFFERSON in Phu Yen Province (LOSSES: Frd-45 KIA, 94 WIA; En-391 KIA, 14 VCC). (C)
1First overseas switch voice circuit operational between Saigon/ Tan Son Nhut and Hawaii. (S)
2VC device exploded at 5th Special Forces Headquarters in Nha Trang (LOSSES: Frd-US 4 WIA, VN 2 WIA). (C)
3MACV J4 Ammunition Div commences operations assuming supervisory responsibility for all RVN ammunition requirements, storage, and distribution. (U)
4In first confirmed use of 120-mm mortars in RVN, enemy attacks Khe Sanh Special Forces Camp in Quang Tri Province. About 25 of 75 rounds fired during the attacks are 120-mm, the heaviest crew-served weapon employed in-country by enemy to date. (LOSSES : Frd-11 KIA, 30 WIA; Equipment two O-1 aircraft destroyed). (C)
5First elements of 2d Bde, 25th Inf Div arrive in RVN. (U)
6Claymore mine exploded outside Tan Son Nhut main gate (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, VN 1 KIA, 5 WIA) . (U)
6MACV COC communications center operational with 10 secure circuits . (S)
8173rd Abn Bde units, including the 1/RAR, and 1st US Inf Div units launch Operation CRIMP, a seven-day search-and-destroy operation in Hau Nghia and Binh Duong Provinces. Extensive enemy tunnel systems and a secret headquarters are uncovered, and large quantities of weapons and ammunition captured (LOSSES: Frd-US 23 KIA, 122 WIA, AUS 4 KIA, 16 WIA; En-151 KIA, 91 VCC). (C)
8Senior representatives of US Mission, Saigon, the Vietnam Coordinating Committee, WashIngton, and other USG agencies meet for four days at Warrenton, Virginia, to determine the course of joint US-GVN Revolutionary Development program. Conference takes measures to eliminate manpower, material, and transport shortages in Vietnam and designates priorities and machinery for resources control and allocation. (U)
8VC ambush RF convoy in Phuoc Tuy Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 3 KIA, RF 31 KIA, 30 WIA, 10 MIA) . (C)
9ROK units launch two-day Operation FLYING TIGER VI in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-ROK 11 KIA, 42 WIA; En-192 KIA, 69 VCC). (C)
13Estimated VC bn ambushes ARVN regt in Hau Nghia Province. (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, 2 WIA, ARVN 25 KIA, 17 WIA). (C)
15Premier Ky tells the 2nd Armed Forces Congress in Saigon that a national referendum on a constitution will be held in October 1966 and that general elections will be held in 1967 and that general elections will be held in 1967. He lists the GVN's 1966 targets as: winning the war; pacifying the countryside, stabilizing the economy and building democracy. (U)
15Cam Ranh Bay seadrome established for anti-infiltration aircraft patrolling the northern coast (Red Track) of RVN. (C)
16SECSTATE departs after 26-hour Saigon visit for talks with GVN leaders. (U)
16Month-long logistic and deployment conference on RVNAF operations at CINCPAC HQ. (C)
16500 MAP-supported television sets issued to ARVN. (U)
16LTG Jean E. Engler, USA, succeeds BG John Norton, USA as Deputy Commanding General, USARV. (U)
17Headquarters, Regimental Landing Team, and other USMC elements begin landing at Chu Lai from Okinawa. (U)
17VC overrun CIDG outpost at Bien Hiep in Binh Long Province (CIDG 39 MIA). (C)
17USAD representative Douglas Ramsey captured by VC near Cu Chi in Hau Nghia Province. (U)
18United States Operation Mission (USOM) Vietnam redesignated United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission. (U)
19Elements of 1st Bde, 101st Abn Div, and 2d ROK Marine Bde begin Operation VAN BUREN, a 33-day rice-security operation in Phu Yen Province. More than 30,000 metric tons of harvested rice secured (LOSSES: Frd-US 54 KIA, 194 WlA; ROK 45 KIA, 115 WIA, 2 MIA; En-679 KIA, 49 VCC, 130 ind wpns, 18 C/S Wpns) . (C)
19Several RVNAF junior officers arrested after Premier Ky declares that a "small group of people" are working toward a military coup. (U)
20US, Free World and RVN forces undertake an 84-hour ceasefire over the Lunar New Year (TET) holiday. Enemy-initiated incidents of violation of the cease-fire total 106 -- 77 against Free World forces and 29 against RVNAF units. Friendly losses over the period: 13 KIA, 36 WIA, 1 MIA. The holiday sees the climax of an intensive US-GVN psychological warfare campaign to encourage enemy defections under the Chieu Hoi program. (U)
21All crewmen rescued by US and RVNAF units after Panamanian merchant ship BRIGHT STAR goes aground near Chu Lai. (U)
21COMUSMACV decided Tuy Hoa expeditionary airfield construction should be postponed indefinitely because of difficulty in building suitable supporting port facility. (S)
21Approximately 400 VC attack ROK Marine platoon outpost 15 km SW of Tuy Hoa in Phu Yen Province. (LOSSES: Frd-ROK 5 KIA, 13 WIA, 8 MIA; En-46 KIA). (C)
243rd Bde, 1st Cav Div (AM), a ROK battalion and RVNAF units launch 42-day combined Operation MASHER/WHITE WING/THANG PHONG II near Bong Son in Binh Dinh Province which produces the largest number of VC casualties to date in the war. The primary enemy unit is 18th VC Main Force Regt (LOSSES: Frd-US 245 KIA, 876 WIA, 6 MIA; RVNAF 119 KIA, 359 WIA, 6 MIA; ROK 10 KIA, 24 WIA; En-2,389 KIA, 701 VCC, 1,937 VCS, 313 ind wpns, 41 C/S wpns). (C)
24An intensive psychological warfare campaign begins against NVA infiltrators along routes from NVN through Laos to RVN. (C)
25CINCPAC advises COMUSMACV of decision to build expeditionary airfield at Qui Nhon instead of Tuy Hoa. (S)
25VC attack Da Nang airfield and nearby I Corps HQ with 120-mm mortar, inflicting minor damage (LOSSES: Frd-5 KIA, 25 WIA). (C)
25All 46 aboard killed when USAF C-123 crashes near An Khe in worst air crash in Vietnam to date involving US troops. (U)
25Curtailment of SNIPE HUNT night helicopter operations reported because of serious shortage of flares in SVN. (S)
28VC attack Special Forces outpost in Quang Ngai Province and ambush friendly reaction force (LOSSES: Frd-35 KIA, 14 WIA, 81 MIA, more than 100 ind wpns lost). (C)
28In largest amphibious landing of the war to date, USMC units launch 32-day search-and-destroy Operation DOUBLE EAGLE, in Quang Ngai Province. Operation which enters a second phase on 19 February, is directed against at least two VC Main Force battalions and eventually covers a 500 square-mile area in Quang Ngai and Quang Tri Provinces, complementing the simultaneous MASHER/WHITE WING/THANH PHONG II to the south. (LOSSES: Frd-US 27 KIA, 252 WIA; En-437 KIA, 34 VCC, 434 VCS, 8 VC ralliers). (C)
29Two companies attack Thanh Tri Land Development Center in Kien Tuong Province (LOSSES: Frd-25 KIA, 16 WIA, 1 MIA; En-7 KIA). (C)
30VC overrun Thuy Lien outpost in Chuong Thien Province (LOSSES: Frd-RF/PF 64 MIA). (C)
31US aircraft resumes bombing in NVN after 37-day lull. (U)
31VC detonate two charges at US BEQ in Dalat (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, 10 WIA, 1 MIA; 1 VN WIA). (C)
31USCG Sqdn 1 HQ established on USS KRISHNA off Phu Quoc Island. (C)
31Estimated 2 VC bns attack ROK Marine bivouac area in Phu Yen Province (LOSSES: Frd-5 KIA, 50 WIA; En-217 KIA). (C).

February 1966
1US military strength in RVN reaches 201,000. (U)
5VC detonate claymore mine in bar in Vinh Long City (LOSSES: Frd-US 2 KIA, 6 WIA, VN 5 KIA, 10 WIA; En-1 KIA, 2 VCS detained). (C)
6ARVN units begin month-long operation THUA THIEN 177 in Thua Thien Province (LOSSES : Frd-17 KIA, 44 WIA; En-183 KIA, 34 VCC). (C)
7President Johnson, Premier Ky and Chief of State Thieu meet at Honolulu in a two-day conference with heavy emphasis on the political, social and economic aspects of the war. A "Declaration of Honolulu" outlines the joint US-GVN goals of determined military effort along with attacks on hunger, ignorance and disease in Vietnam. (U)
7Television formally begins in SVN. (U)
7VC bn ambushes ARVN bn in Dinh Tuong Province (LOSSES: Frd-74 KIA, 44 WIA, 46 MIA). (C)
8VC ambush RF company and RF platoon in Tay Ninh Province (LOSSES: Frd-RF/PF 40 KIA, 47 WIA, 55 wpns lost; En-12 KIA). (C)
10Vice President Humphrey arrives in Saigon for three-day visit. (U)
101st Inf Div begins a 19-day Operation ROLLING STONE in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 15 KIA, 101 WIA; En-148 KIA, 16 TOC, 39 VCS). (C)
11MACV Directorate of Construction established under BG Carroll H. Dunn to handle all Vietnam construction responsibilities previously under J4. (U)
13ARVN forces conduct one-day Operation AN DAN 14/66 in Long An Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 21 KIA, 5 WIA; En-150 KIA, 9 VCC, 4 VCS, 10,000 bushels of paddy rice captured). (C)
14USN swift boat sunk by VC mine off Kien Giang Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 4 KIA, 2 WIA). (C)
15B-52's strike COSVN HQ in Tay Ninh Province twice within an hour. (S)
15ARVN units launch six-day Operation THANG LONG 234 in Darlac Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 62 KIA, 143 WIA, 12 MIA; En-270 KIA). (C)
17Deputy US Ambassador Porter assumes responsibility for all aspects of US support of Revolutionary Development in RVN. (U)
17VC detonate 2 claymore mines near JGS compound in Saigon (LOSSES: Frd-VN 12 killed, 51 wounded). (C)
18USAF undertakes laying of RVN coastal communications cable by September 1966. (C)
20VC attack 1st Cav Div (AM) base camp at An Khe (LOSSES: Frd-US 7 KIA, 51 WIA, 8 CE-47's damaged; En-7 KIA). (C)
211st Bde, 101st Abn Div begins Operation HARRISON, a 32-day area security operation in Phu Yen Province, superseding Operation VAN BUREN (LOSSES: Frd-US 42 KIA, 249 WIA, 2 MIA; En-285 KIA, 29 VCC, 165 ind wpns, 16 C/S wpns). (C)
21Premier Ky shuffles cabinet, creating Veterans's Affairs and Transport-Communications Ministries and a high court to handle corruption and black marketeering. (U)
21VC attack Trieu Phong District Town in Quang Tri Province with mortars and grenades (LOSSES: Frd-PF 22 KIA, 18 WIA, 30 ind wpns lost). (C)
22VC attack RF company and PF platoon north of Trieu Phong in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-20 KIA, 14 WIA, 7 MIA, 20 ind wpns lost). (C)
22Estimated 2 VC co attack security force at Binh Long bridge in Quang Nam Province; ARVN ranger reaction force engages VC (LOSSES: Frd-18 KIA, 46 WIA, 10 MIA; En-114 KIA). (C)
22Two regiments of 1st ARVN Div launch Operation LAM SON 235, a nine-day search-and-destroy operation in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 35 KIA, 185 WIA, 3 MIA; En-444 KIA, 12 VCC, 53 ind wpns, 5 C/S wpns). (C)
22USMC aircraft over Quang Tri Province receives fire from suspected enemy radar-controlled AA gun. (S)
253rd Bde, 25th Inf Div launches 29-day Operation GARFIELD in Darlac Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 17 KIA, 63 WIA; En-124 KIA, 17 VCS). (C)
26Phu Cat US jet airbase site selected northwest of Qui Nhon, to be completed by 31 December 1966. (S)
27USMC elements begin six-day Operation NEW YORK (joining ARVN Operation THUA THIEN 177) in Thua Thien Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 15 KIA, 32 WIA; En-122 KIA, 7 VCC, 15 VCS). (C)
27Philippine freighter SS LORINDA temporarily grounded 15 km SE of Nha Be after receiving VC small arms, machine gun and 57-mm RR fire (3 WIA). (C)
28Estimated reinforced VC bn attacks ARVN bn at Vo Xu in Binh Tuy Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 32 KIA, 60 WIA, 17 MIA; En-48 KIA, 3 VCC). (C)

March 1966
1US military strength in SVN reaches 213,000. (U)
1BG Donald H. McGovern, USA, named MACV ACofS, J1, replacing MG Ben Sternberg, USA. (U)
31st Inf Div launches four-day Operation COCOA BEACH in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 15 KIA, 15 WIA, 3 MIA, 1 F-100 and 1 UH-1D destroyed, 2 UH-1D damaged; En-199 KIA, 10 VCC). (C)
3Panamanian vessel. SS Paloma receives VC machine gun and 57-mm RR fire 12 km SE of Nha Be (4 WIA). (C)
4USMC and ARVN forces begin coordinated Operation UTAH/LIEN KET 26 near Quang Ngai City in Quang Ngai Province. In four days of heavy fighting, VC Main Force and NVA elements defending well fortified positions are decisively defeated (LOSSES: Frd-US 83 KIA, 204 WIA, ARVN 32 KIA, 136 WIA; En-632 KIA, 29 VCC, 29 ind wpns, 11 C/S wpns). (C)
71st Bde, 1st Inf Div, and 173rd Abn Bde, including 1/RAR, launch Operation SILVER CITY, a 17-day search-and-destroy operation along the Song Be River in the Binh Duong-Long Khanh Provincial border area. Major enemy unit encountered is 271st VC Main Force Regt. Important VC supply, training and hospital installations destroyed. (LOSSES: Frd-US 22 KIA, 232 WIA, AUS 2 KIA, 11 WIA, 1 UH-1D destroyed, 1 APC and 7 UH-1D damaged; En-336 KIA, 1 VCC, 115 ind wpns, 36 C/S ns, 4 trucks, 531 tons of rice and 800 gallons of fuel). (C)
7VC chemical grenade used for first time in Phu Yen Province. (S)
9Estimated NVA regiment, taking advantage of bad weather which hampers air strikes and friendly reinforcements, attacks A Shau Special Forces Camp in Thua Thien Province. After three days of heavy fighting, friendly forces evacuate the strategically located camp near an enemy infiltration corridor from Laos (LOSSES: Frd-261 KIA or MIA (5 US), 103 WIA (12 US) 375 ind wpns, 43 C/S wpns and more than 30 radios lost. Enemy losses can not be accurately assessed. (C) [After Action Report - Battle of A Shau]
9VC motor junk rammed and sunk by USCGC POINT WHITE tar mouth of Vam Sat River (LOSSES: En-7 KIA, 4 VCC). (U)
9Enemy early-warning GCI radars detected in Laos warning convoys of impending US air strikes; new infiltration trail discovered in southern Laotian Panhandle. (TS)
10GVN National Leadership Committee votes to remove LTG Nguyen Chanh Thi from his post as I Corps Commander. BG Nguyen Van Chuan named to replace Thi, widely regarded as Premier Ky's major potential political rival. (U)
10US Naval units begin river mine-sweeping operations in RVN. (U)
11About 2,000 persons demonstrate in Da Nang against Thi's removal. (U)
11B-52's using M-35 fire bomblets conduct inconclusive jungle burning test on Chu Pong Mountain. (S)
12Buddhist leaders at Saigon's Vien Hoa Dao (Institute for the Execution of the Dharma) declare RVN is in "period of crisis" and call for the return of generals who supported the anti-Diem revolution of November 1964. Demonstration protesting Thi's ouster held in Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An, and other protests and general strikes called signaling the start of prolonged political turbulence. (U)
12MG John C. F. Tillson III, USA, named MACV ACofS J3 replacing BG William E. Depuy, USA, who takes command of 1st Inf Div. (U)
13General strike in Da Nang closes port as I Corps demonstrations protesting Thi's removal spread. (U)
13Agreement reached with Royal Laotian Government to employ B-52's against Mu Gia Pass infiltration route. (TS)
14Student demonstrators take over Quang Ngai radio station; Hue and Quang Ngai schools close, anti-GVN protests increase. (U)
14COMUSMACV requests development of suitable B-52 targets along Laotian border with I and II CTZ's. (S)
14Convicted economic criminal Ta Vinh executed by GVN firing squad in Saigon. (U)
14First USAF squadron arrives at newly-activated Phan Rang airbase. (U)
14VC attack ARVN bn at Bung Cao in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: Frd-19 KIA, 4 WIA; En-31 KIA, 2 VCC). (C)
15II Field Force Vietnam activated at Bien Hoa under MG Jonathan O. Seaman, USA. Field Force Vietnam redesignated I Field Force Vietnam, remains at Nha Trang under MG Stanley R. Larsen, USA. (U)
15Da Nang 90 per cent paralyzed by general strike; about 1,000 ARVN personnel join 3,500-man protest demonstration. (U)
16Thi arrives in Da Nang from Saigon, begins series of speeches in I Corps. (U)
19USMC and ARVN units launch Operation TEXAS/LIEN KET 28 to recapture An Hoa outpost in Quang Ngai Province from VC Main Force elements in week long engagement (LOSSES: Frd 58 KIA (51 US), 175 WIA, (141 US); En-386 KIA, estimated 780 additional KIA or WIA. (C)
20ARVN units launch four-day Operation CUU LONG 15 in Kien Tuong Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 3 KIA, 30 WIA; En-219 KIA, 17 VCC). (C)
21ARVN Special Forces launch one-day Operation LE LOI 21 in Darlac Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 2 WIA, ARVN 10 KIA, 12 WIA; En-134 KIA). (C)
21VC attack ARVN bn at Vo Xu in Binh Tuy Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 12 KIA, 28 WIA; En-107 KIA, 8 VCC). (C)
21First 11 US River Patrol Boats arrive in Vietnam. (U)
21Three VC bns supported by artillery attack the 1/52d ARVN Regt in Binh Tuy Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 12 KIA, 28 WIA; En-107 KIA, 8 VCC). (C) [Dupe of previous entry - same date?]
22Struggle forces take over Radio Hue, strike anti-American themes in broadcasts. (U)
23ROK Capital Div elements launch Operation MANG HO V a four-day search-and-destroy operation in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-ROK 17 KIA, 48 WIA; En-349 KIA, 281 VCC, 451 VCS). (C)
23VC attack 1st ARVN Armored Cav Sqdn training center in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: Frd-30 KIA, 60 WIA, 1 tank lost; En-70 KIA, 2 VCC, 15 ind wpns). (C)
24ARVN units launch two-day Operation DAN CHI 211/B in Ba Xuyen Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 17 KIA, 20 WIA; En-245 KIA, 5 VCC). (C)
24VC attack Bu Prang RF/PF outpost in Quang Duc Province (LOSSES: Frd-RF/PF 5 KIA, 17 WIA; En-212 KIA). (C)
251st Cav Div (AM) and elements of 3rd Bde, 25th Inf Div begin a 14-day series of search-and-destroy actions called Operation LINCOLN in Pleiku, Darlac and Phu Bon Provinces (LOSSES: Frd-US 41 KIA, 93 WIA, 3 UH- 1D destroyed; En-453 KIA, 12 VCC, 88 ind wpns, 8 C/S wpns). (C)
25Elements of the 1st Bde, 101st Abn Div and the ROK Marine Bde begin Operation FILLMORE, a 119-day search-and-destroy/area security operation in Phu Yen Province. The operation, superseding Operation HARRISON, provides extensive rice harvest protection. US participation terminates on 20 June (LOSSES: Frd-US 10 KIA, 94 WIA; ROK 20 KIA, 50 WlA; En-373 KIA, 73 VCC, 45 VCS, 59 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn). (C)
25President Johnson signs FY 1966 supplemental appropriations bill approving additional SEASIA war budget and transferring MAP funding to the individual services. (S)
26Elements of the ROK Capital Inf Div in Binh Dinh Province begin Operation SU BOK which continues six months until 23 September and becomes the longest operation of the war to date (LOSSES: Frd-23 KIA, 84 WIA; En-299 KIA, 33 VCC, 132 VCS, 88 ind wpns). (C)
26Operation JACK STAY, the southernmost large scale employment of US ground troops in Vietnam to date, begins when USMC units supported by USN, VNN and VNMC units penetrate into the Rung Sat Special Zone. During the 12-day operation a large VC complex is destroyed (LOSSES: Frd-6 KIA; En-63 KIA, 6 VCC, 66 wpns). (C)
27About 20,000 Buddhists in Hue stage largest anti-GVN demonstration to date. (U)
2925th Inf Div launches eight-day Operation CIRCLE PINES in Hau Nghia Province (LOSSES: Frd-32 KIA, 195 WIA; En-170 KIA, 8 VCC, 7 VCS). (C)
291st Marine Div command post established at Chu Lai, relieving 3rd Marine Div of all responsibilities in Chu Lai TAOR. (C)
31A record number of monthly returnees under the Chieu Hoi Program is set at 2,336. (U)

April 1966
1US military strength in SVN reaches 236,000. (U)
1At 0510, VC detonate estimated 450 pounds of explosive at entrance to Victoria BOQ in Saigon/Cholon. First three floors extensively damaged; upper floors and surrounding houses moderately damaged. (LOSSES: US 3 KIA , 107 WIA; AUS 3 WIA; VN 3 KIA, 6 WIA). (U)
12d Air Div redesignated 7th Air Force, continues as the USAF component of USMACV. (U)
1US Naval Forces, Vietnam (NAVFORV) established to exercise operational control of USN forces in RVN as naval component of USMACV. (U)
1USARV Signal Bde (USASTRATCOM Signal Bde, SEA) activated. (U)
1Headquarters Area Command (HAC) activated under BG R. L. Ashworth, USA, to assume support functions formerly performed by HEDSUPPACT. (U)
1Hq, 25th Inf Div closes in RVN. (U)
1MG Pham Xuan Chieu, National Leadership Secretary General, briefly taken hostage by Hue struggle forces. (U)
11st flotilla of Alaska Barge and Transport Company closes Nha Trang to provide lighterage and port management at several RVN ports. (C)
2ROK elements launch 11-day Operation BUN KAE 66-5 in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-23 KIA, 62 WIA; En-292 KIA, 74 VCC, 107 VCS). (C)
2Some US vehicles damaged in wave of violent Saigon demonstrations. (U)
3Premier Ky declares that Da Nang is in communist hands and indicates GVN troop movement to the city is imminent. Ky and Chief of State Thieu announce a National Political Congress will soon convene to discuss creation of a constitution-drafting body. (U)
3Enemy fires 10 British 25-pounder artillery shells from Cambodia into the Cau Cau Special Forces camp in Kien Tuong Province. (S)
4American civilians evacuated from Dalat where demonstrators burn radio station and clash with police. US jeep burned in continuing Saigon demonstrations. Martial law declared in Nha Trang. Hue demonstrators threaten US installations. (U)
4COMUSMACV authorized to employ napalm along selected infiltration routes in southern Laos, under FAC control, against moving motorized vehicles and AAA/AW positions firing on aircraft. (TS)
4Converted seaplane tender USS Corpus Christi Bay arrives at Cam Ranh Bay to provide a floating maintenance facility for US Army helicopters. (U)
5Premier Ky flies to Da Nang with two VN Marine battalions beginning a confrontation with the anti-GVN struggle forces. Ky announces that the city has been infiltrated, not taken over by communists. 1st ARVN Div Commander, BG Pham Xuan Nhuan, declares solidarity with the struggle movement. All US advisors to the division withdrawn to base camps. Demonstrators clash with riot police and airborne units in Saigon. (U)
6All non-essential US civilians evacuated from Hue where thousands of demonstrators demand the end of the GVN and its US backing. (U)
6GVN flies two Ranger battalions to Da Nang in an attempt to break the stalemate with an additional show of force against the struggle movement. 1st ARVN Div troops in Hue pass a resolution denouncing the Ky government but pledging to fight with US and FW troops against the communists. (U)
6COMUSMACV refuses JGS request for aircraft to fly the Rangers to Da Nang. (TS)
6At peak of Da Nang crisis, struggle leaders agree to remove two howitzers from range of airbase. More than 200 US and third country civilians evacuated from the city. (TS)
6LTG Ton That Dinh assumes command of I Corps. One VN Marine battalion withdrawn from Da Nang airbase. (U)
6In reaction operation to a VC attack in Kien Tuong Province, ARVN units kill 140 VC, suffer 13 KIA and 8 WIA. (C)
6MACV Provost Marshal discontinued as a separate special staff section, becomes J-15 of MACJ1. (U)
6The Da Nang confrontation ends as the GVN returns the last of its "Task Force" units to Saigon and rowdy demonstrations cease in Da Nang and Hue. The National Political Congress opens in Saigon. (U)
6B-52's used against NVN for the first time, striking the Mu Gia Pass near the NVN-Laos border to augment tactical efforts to close the main infiltration route via the SE Laotian Panhandle. It is the first use of the massive B-52 bombardment pattern for road interdiction. (U)
6VC launch intensive mortar attack on Tan Son Nhut airbase. Approximately 157 rounds of 82-mm mortar and 75-mm recoilless rifle fire kill 7 US personnel and wound 135 US and 14 ARVN. Four aircraft destroyed and 50 damaged. 400,000-gallon fuel storage tank destroyed and some base installations damaged. (C)
6CINCPAC requests reduction in road cratering and radar bombing because of critical air munitions shortages in SEASIA. (TS)
67th Air Force institutes continuous nighttime airborne alert, with four aircraft aloft at all times. (S)
6Estimated VC company attacks ARVN company in Quang Ngai Province (LOSSES: Frd-7 KIA, 13 WIA, 24 MIA; En-1 VCC). (C)
14As the National Political Congress closes, Directorate Chairman Thieu promulgates a decree for an elected constituent assembly within five months. The Buddhist Institute "accepts" the decree and agrees that the Ky government should remain in power until the elections. (U)
14ARVN units launch two-day Operation QUYET THANG 184 in Quang Ngai Province (LOSSES: Frd-11 KIA, WIA 49; En-206 KIA, 3 VCC). (C)
14VC battalion attacks RF/PF training center in Kien Hoa Province (LOSSES: Frd-50 KIA, 40 WlA , 90 MIA, 173 weapons lost; En-12 KIA). (C)
14JCS authorizes CINCPAC to commit any appropriate non-nuclear air munitions in PACOM to operations in SESIA. (TS)
14Reaction time for B-52 strikes reduced as control decentralized to CINCPAC in coordination with 3rd Air Div (SAC) and COMUSMACV. (TS)
15Thi publicly associates himself with the struggle movement, calling for an "immediate change in government" and more struggle demonstrations. (U)
15SECDEF orders the Navy to release and move to SEASIA large stores of air munitions held in CONUS for NATO. (S)
16ROK 26th RCT begins arriving at Qui Nhon to round out ROK division in II Corps. (U)
17US aircraft hit SAM sites 15 and 17 miles from Hanoi in closest strikes to the capital to date. (U)
18USN aircraft strike Uong Bi thermal power plant 14 miles from Haiphong (previously hit during December 1965). (U)
19RADM Norvell G. Ward assumes command as COMNAVFPFV and Naval Component Commander. (U)
20USMC elements begin 20-day clearing Operation GEORGIA around the industrial complex of An Hoa and Nhong Son in Quang Nam Province (LOSSES: Frd-8 KIA, 94 WIA; En-103 KIA, 10 VCC, 408 VCS, 5 ind wpns). (C)
20Royal Australian Army Task Force begins arriving in RVN. (U)
20Estimated 15 VC penetrate An Khe airfield, damage two C-130's with satchel charges. (U)
21USMC and RVNAF units launch three-day Operation HOT SPRINGS/ LIEN KET 36 in the same general area of Quang Ngai Province where Operations TEXAS and UTAH had taken place. (LOSSES: Frd-USMC 5 KIA, 33 WIA; RVNAF 7 KIA, 38 WIA; En-327 KIA, 16 VCC, 23 VCS, 98 ind wpns, 14 C/S wpns). (C)
21ARVN units launch four-day Operation DAN CHI 219C in Chuong Thien Province (LOSSES: Frd-20 KIA, 138 WIA; En-247 KIA, 4 VCC). (C)
21GVN issues decree setting more severe penalties for military desertion. (U)
21Four struggle force demonstrators and three RVNAF personnel killed in continuing violence at Dalat. (U)
22VC mortar and infiltrate new Pleiku airfield, causing light damage and casualties. (U)
23Enemy MiG-21's engage US aircraft for the first time in the war, unsuccessfully attacking a mission-support aircraft during F-105 strike against Bac Giang railroad bridge 25 miles NE of Hanoi. F-4C escort aircraft counter the two MiG-21's and eight MiG-17's. Two MiG-17's downed. (U)
24Elements of the 1st Inf Div launch Operation BIRMINGHAM a 14-day search-and-destroy operation involving the deepest friendly penetration in five years into War Zone C in Tay Ninh Province. Large quantities of enemy supplies captured or destroyed, numerous logistical installations destroyed, and one southern exit of the Ho Chi Minh Trail interdicted during the period (LOSSES: Frd-US 56 KIA, 324 WIA, 1 MIA, 15 UH-1D, 6 CH-47 and 7 APC's damaged; En-119 KIA, 28 VCC, 30 ralliers, 131 wpns). (C)
24VC attack several factories in Gia Dinh Province simultaneously (LOSSES: Frd-PF 4 KIA, 1 WIA, 2 VN KIA). (C)
26First MiG-21 of the war is downed by a USAF F-4C firing Sidewinder missiles in a brief engagement involving two F-4C's (undamaged) and two MiG-21's 65 miles NNE of Hanoi; the pilot ejects. (U)
27The 1,000th NVA truck damaged/destroyed in TIGER HOUND air operation against southern Laos infiltration routes since program began 6 December 1965. (S)
28Premier Ky authorizes construction of new MACV headquarters at the Tan Son Nhut soccer field. (C)
28Thousands of laborers reopen Mu Gia Pass in NVN 18 hours after a B-52 strike closes it. (C)
291st Bde, 25 Inf Div arrives in RVN, completing the division's deployment. (C)
29Col Nguyen Ngoc Loan, MSS Chief, replaces Col Pham Van Lieu as GVN Director General of National Police. (U)
30B-52 strikes on Mu Gia Pass halted by CINCPAC pending JCS decision based on calculated risk of NVN SAM environment. (TS)
301st Inf Div elements engage an enemy unit in Cambodia across the Cai Bac River from Tay Ninh Province. (C)

May 1966
1US military strength in SVN reaches 252,000. (U)
1173rd Abn Bde and 1st Bde, 101st Abn Div launch 18-day Operation AUSTIN VI in Quang Duc and Phuoc Long Provinces (LOSSES: Frd-9 KIA, 18 WIA; En-101 KIA, 6 VCC). (C)
1RADAR WEATHER WATCH a strategic network for SEASIA, inaugurated at Tan Son Nhut to provide excellent weather observation for a 75-mile radius and moderate resolution to 200 miles. (U)
1First three USN Patrol Air Cushion Vehicles (PACV) arrive in RVN. (U)
3MG K. Mackay, MHB assumes command of Australian Forces, Vietnam. (U)
41st Cav Div (AM) and RVNAF elements launch Operation DAVY CROCKETT, a 13-day combined search-and-destroy operation in Binh Dinh Province employing reconnaissance in force and saturation patrolling (LOSSES: Frd-US 27 KIA, 110 WIA, RVNAF 14 KIA, 24 WIA; En-374 KIA, 82 VCC, 40 ind wpns, 12 C/S wpns). (C)
4VC attack An Lac village in Lam Dong Province (LOSSES: Frd-PF 1 KIA, 6 MIA; 18 village council members and 1 civilian kidnapped). (C)
6MG John Norton, USA, assumes command of 1st Can Div (AM). (U)
6COMUSMACV reviews 7th AF inventories, concluding that air munitions should be plentiful by the end of 1966; he declines to reduce the number of B-52 strikes in order to increase bombs available for tactical air support. (TS)
7Premier Ky tells the press that his government will remain in power until the election of a national assembly "some time in 1967," since the forthcoming constituent assembly will only draft a constitution and not be transformed into a legislative body. Ky also says he and his military colleagues will oppose any elected government which turns out to be neutralist or communist. (U)
7OICC officially turns over the Binh Tuy airbase in Phong Dinh Province to the GVN. (U)
8US and VNAF aircraft extend GATE GUARD program of LOC interdiction into southern NVN from SE Laotian Panhandle. (S)
10A 120-foot steel-hulled enemy trawler is detected, attacked and heavily damaged by USCGC Point Gray and US and VNAF planes along the east coast of the Cau Mau Peninsula. Salvage operations yield about 15 tons of weapons and ammunition manufactured in Communist China in 1965, movie projectors, film, and other propaganda material. (C) .
10Elements of the 3rd Bde, 25th US Inf Div and ARVN launch Operation PAUL REVERE/THAN PHONG 14, an 82-day border screening, area-control operation in Pleiku Province which thwarts a VC monsoon season offensive in II CTZ (LOSSES: Frd-US 63 KIA, 301 WIA, 2 MIA; ARVN 16 KIA, 41 WIA, 10 MIA; En-546 KIA, 68 VCC, 39 VCS, 224 ind wpns, 17 C/S wpns) . (C)
10In confused firing after a VC mine explodes near the Brink BOQ in Saigon, 5 VN civilians are killed. 21 VN wounded and 8 US wounded. (U)
10CINPAC recommends JCS approval of air strikes to destroy NVN POL system beginning with Haiphong POL sites. (TS)
11USN jets strike SAM site 10 miles from Haiphong, the closest strike to date. (U)
14ARVN units launch two-day Operation DAN CHI 227 in An Xuyen. Province (LOSSES: Frd-1 KIA, 44 WIA; En-247 KIA, 19 VCC). (C)
14First RC-47 (PHYLLIS ANN) aircraft deployed to Tan Son Nhut to begin USAF program of pinpointing enemy lowerpower HF radio transmitters. (S)
15GVM marines and paratroopers airlifted to Da Nang from Saigon and Quang Ngai take control of I Corps HQ, the Da Nang garrison, city hall, the National Police garrison, and the radio station, encountering only isolated small arms and grenade fire as the struggle forces retreat into pagodas. I Corps Commander Dinh takes asylum in III MAF HQ; GVN names MG Huynh Van Cao to replace him. (U)
16Elements of the 1st Cav Div (AM), the Capital ROK Division and ARVN launch 22-day Operation CRAZY HORSE/BUN KHE 66-7 in Binh Dinh Province against elements of one VC and two NVA regiments (LOSSES: Frd-78 KIA, 213 WIA, I MIA, 18 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn; En-478 KIA, 27 VCC, 114 VCS, 88 ind wens, 15 C/S wpns). (C)
1625th Inf Div launches 12-day Operation WAHIAWA in Hau Nghia Province. (LOSSES: Frd-30 KIA, 240 WIA, 1 MIA; En-157 KIA, 10 VCC). (C)
16AC-47 aircraft authorized to fly night armed reconnaissance missions over Laotian section of the Sihanouk Trail. (TS)
16Estimated VC company attacks RF company in Phu Yen Province (LOSSES: Frd-23 KIA, 20 WIA, 1 MIA, 33 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn lost; En-3 KIA, 1 ind wpn). (C)
17ARVN forces launch one-day Operation DAN CHI 228B in Bac Lieu Province (LOSSES: Frd-6 KIA, 35 WIA; En-265 KIA, 5 VCC). (C)
17ARVN officer fires on helicopter leaving Hue with Gen Cao. C/S III MAF, and DSA I Corps aboard; helicopter gunner kills officer. (U)
17HSAS officially disestablished and the Naval Support Activity, Saigon, simultaneously established under CAPT E. T. King, USN, to provide support to US Naval Forces in II, III, IV CTZ's and coastal waters. (U)
18VC attack Soc Trang airfield in Ba Xuyen Province (LOSSES: Frd- US 1 WIA, 1 a/c severely damaged, 9 a/c lightly damaged. ARVN reaction operation results (LOSSES: En-41 KIA, 5 VCC, 5 VCS). (C)
18CINCPAC directs COMUSMACV to undertake surveillance of Cambodia, taking maximum advantage of oblique photography in areas contiguous to RVN. (TS)
18VC attack ARVN bn in Binh Long Province (LOSSES: Frd-17 KIA, 20 WIA, 6 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn lost; En-15 KIA, 1 VCC, 3 ind wpns). (C)
18CAPT Burton B. Witham, Jr. relieves RADM N.G. Ward as River Patrol Force (GAME WARDEN) Commander at Nha Be. (U)
18After his formal installation as new I Corps Commander, Gen Cao asks for asylum at III MAF HQ, claiming his life is in danger. (S)
19Enemy attacks Gia Linh post in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA; ARVN 42 KIA, 54 WIA, 4 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn; En-8 KIA, 9 ind wpns). (C)
20Vehicular traffic along Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos reaches virtual stand still due to air interdiction, road wash-outs and landslides. TIGER HOUND air strikes concentrate on heavy activity along Sihanouk Trail. (S)
20VC attack Tan Phu RF post in An Xuyen Province (LOSSES: Frd-11 KIA, 7 WIA, 32 MIA, 49 ind wpns). (C)
21US aircraft evacuated from Da Nang airbase after 11 dissident mortar rounds hit base, wounding 4 USAF personnel. VNAF fire strikes new III MAF CP in Da Nang, wounding 11 USMC personnel. (C)
21First class of Revolutionary Development cadre teams trained under revised program graduates from the Vung Tau National Training Center and is deployed in 59-man teams to secure 80 hamlets. (C)
21ARVN units launch two-day Operation LONG PHU 971 in Kien Giang Province (LOSSES: Frd-6 KIA, 47 WIA; En-224 KIA, 22 VCC). (C)
23Da Nang restored to GVN control as the main struggle-force pagoda surrenders without opposition, followed by the final pockets of resistance. Struggle forces in Hue vow to defend that city against a GVN takeover. (U)
26USIS library in Hue burned by student demonstrators as National Police and 1st ARVN Div troops stand aside. (U)
26Panamanian merchant ship Eastern Mariner damaged by mine at Nha Be; French vessel Milos Del Mar undamaged by another mine. No casualties. (U)
26Estimated 2 VC bns attack ARVN/PF position in Kien Phong Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN/PF 51 KIA, 63 WIA, 5 ARVN MIA, 39 ind wpns, 3 C/S wpns lost; En-20 KIA, 9 ind wpns). (C)
27All non-essential US civilians evacuated from Hue. Premier Ky, Gen Thi meet at USMC installation in Chu Lai. (U)
27Estimated 2 VC bns attack Duc Hue district town in Hau Nghia Province (LOSSES: Frd-20 KIA, 30 WIA, 7 MIA; En-20 KIA). (C)
27RF company captures a new CHICOM B-50 anti-tank rocket launcher believed to have been used in the sinking of a SWIFT boat in Gia Dinh Province. (C)
27VC ambush 2 PF platoons in Binh Thuan Province (LOSSES: Frd-7 KIA, 3 WIA, 21 MIA, 29 ind wpns lost). (C)
28BG John F. Freund, USA, appointed Special Assistant to COMUSMACV. (U)
29Buddhist nun commits self-immolation in Hue in first of a series of protests against US and GVN actions. (U)
30ARVN units conduct one-day Operation QUYET THANG 296 in Quang Tin Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 2 MIA; En-100 KIA). (C)
31USAF aircraft heavily damage Yen Bay military storage complex in largest strike against a single target in NVN to date; two US planes lost to ground fire. (U)
31GVN and Buddhist Institute leaders reach apparent agreement to ease crisis, with Directorate to be expanded by 10 civilians. (U)
31JCS confirms decision to drop planned construction of Hue/ Phu Bai airbase because of political situation, instead construct airfield at Tuy Hoa and a third runway at Chu Lao. (S)
312d ARVN Div Commander MG Hoang Xuan Lam becomes acting I Corps Commander. (U)

June 1966
1US military strength in SVN reaches 261,000. (U)
1Struggle-force mobs in Hue sack and burn US Consulate and several residences and seize a large number of weapons; US Army aircraft evacuated to Phu Bai and US personnel confined to Hue MACV compound. (U)
2Elements if 1st US Inf Div and 5th ARVN Div begin Operation EL PASO II, a 41-day search-and-destroy operation in Binh Long Province which deprives the VC of key monsoon season victory in III CTZ. All three regiments of 9th VC Div engaged and defeated; VC base camps and logistical complexes destroyed (LOSSES: Frd-US 125 KIA, 420 WIA; ARVN 22 KIA, 71 WIA, 16 MIA; En-855 KIA, 37 VCC, 79 VCS. 154 ind wpns, 52 C/S wpns). (C)
21st Bde, 101st Abn Div and ARVN units launch Operation HAWTHORNE/DAN TANG 61, a 19-day search-and-destroy operation in Kontum Province which allows removal of the Toumorong outpost to Dak To (LOSSES: Frd-45 KIA, 241 WIA, 1 MIA, 2 105-mm howitzers damaged; En-531 KIA, 22 VCC, 88 ind wpns, 21 C/S wpns). (C)
2GVN requests United Nations observers for the September elections. (U)
2Ten-day Force Development Conference opens at CINCPAC HQ in Hawaii. (U)
51st Australian Task Force becomes operational under II FFORCEV. (U)
6Armed Forces Council names 10 civilians to National Leadership Committee. (U)
7ARVN and CIDG units launch five-day Operation THAN PHONG III in Pleiku Province (LOSSES: Frd-RVNAF 20 KIA, 36 WIA; En-135 KIA, 6 VCC). (C)
73rd Bde, 25th Inf Div uncovers first sizeable amount of Soviet small arms ammunition in cache in Pleiku Province. (S)
8Attempted VC ambush of ARVN battalion in Binh Long Province results in (LOSSES; Frd-25 KIA, 58 WIA, 19 MlA; En-250 KIA, 1 VCC). (C)
8Tri Quang begins extended anti-GVN and anti-US hunger strike as Buddhists block Hue streets with altars. (U)
8VC attack US quarters in My Tho, Dinh Tuong Province, with 60-mm mortar and 57-mm RR (LOSSES: Frd-US1 KIA, 33 WIA, VN 2 KIA, 11 WIA). (C)
8COMUSMACV directs 7th AF to target water buffaloes observed by FAC's in TIGER HOUND area. (S)
9BG Le Nguyen Thang, Saigon Military Governor, becomes III Corps Commander, replacing Nguyen Bao Tri who takes over General Political Warfare Directorate. (U)
9Buddhist altars halt US and ARVN troop movement through Hue, causing 24-hour delay in Operation FLORIDA. (C)
12Bulk of 1st Australian Task Force arrives in SVN. (U)
12VC attack RF company in Quang Ngai Province (LOSSES: Frd-RF 8 KIA, 17 WIA, I MIA, 5 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn lost; 9 Civilians KIA; En-8 KIA, 3 ind wpn). (C)
13Estimated VC/NVA bn attacks 218th RF Company in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES : Frd-32 KIA, 34 WIA, 4O MIA, 3 C/S wpns, 116 ind wpns). (C)
15GVN decree creates predominantly civilian 80-man People Army Council to advise GVN on political, economic and social matters. (U)
15GVN troops and riot police begin formal operation to clear struggle forces from Hue. (U)
16Letter from Tam Chau protesting Tri Quang's actions publicly confirms extremist-moderate split in Buddhist hierarchy. (U) .
16Estimated VC bn attacks USMC reconnaissance platoon in Quang Tin Province (LOSSES: USMC 9 KIA, 15 WIA; En-45 KIA). (C)
18Col Ngo Quang Truong, ARVN Abn Div Commander, replaces BG Pham Xuan Nhuan as 1st ARVN Div Commander. (U)
18VC attack CIDG and RF companies in Phu Yen Province (LOSSES: Frd-17 KIA, 13 WIA, 6 MIA, 29 ind wpns, 3 C/S wpns lost; En-16 VC wpns). (C)
19Hue restored to GVN control as troops and riot police pacify pagodas and other struggle strongholds, remove last Buddhist altars from streets and arrest key dissidents. (U)
19Elements of 1st Cav Div (AM) and the 1st Bde, 101st Abn Div launch Operation NATHAN HALE, 12-day action in Phu Yen Province, exploiting contact by 47th ARVN Regt with 18B NVA Regt (LOSSES: Frd-US 62 KIA, 329 WIA, 4 MIA, 1 UH-1D destroyed; En-444 KIA, 29 VCC, 93 VCS, 130 ind wpns, 28 C/S wpns). (C)
20USCGC Point League shadows and drives 100-foot enemy trawler aground near mouth of Co Chien River in Vinh Binh Province. The trawler is captured intact, with 100 tons of cargo including more than 2,300 weapons, many of 1966 CHICOM manufacture, and new type of 75-mm fin-stabilized HEAT projectile. (C)
21RVNAF units launch three-day Operation LAM SON 283 in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-37 KIA, 104 WIA; En-331 KIA, 40 VCC, 60 VCS). (C)
21Estimated VC bn attacks 345th RF Company in Lam Dong Province (LOSSES : US 2 WIA, RF 31 KIA, 26 WIA, 13 ind wpns, 4 C/S wpns; En-20 KIA, 1 VCC). (C)
22VC attack US airfield at Soc Trang for sixth time in 9 months, with estimated 20 rounds of 75-mm RR fire (LOSSES: US 3 WIA, 3 O-1E's damaged, 1 UH-1D destroyed, 16 UH-1D's damaged). (C)
22Estimated VC bn attack 3 ARVN bns in Quang Ngai Province (LOSSES: Frd-20 KIA, 36 WIA, 20 ind wpns, 2 C/S wpns lost; En-43 KIA, 2 VCC, 15 ind wpns). (C)
23USMC company helilifted into former A Shau Special Forces camp destroys large enemy ammunition cache. (U)
23GVN troops and police enter Saigon Buddhist Institute, seize arms and arrest suspected murderer of policeman. (U)
23MACV Standard Design Committee established to adopt a common tri-service construction standard. (U)
23Estimated 2 VC companies attack Trung Nhi post in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: Frd-11 KIA, 20 WIA, 38 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpns; En-2 KIA, 3 ind wpns). (C)
25USMC and ARVN units launch four-day Operation JAY/LAM SON 284 in Thua Thien Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 23 KIA, 58 WIA; ARVN 1 WIA; En-102 KL1, 264 probable KIA, 9 VCC, 18 VCS). (C)
25VC ambush two CIDG platoons in Kien Tuong Province (LOSSES: Frd-6 KIA, 5 WIA, 16 MIA, 13 ind wpns lost). (C)
26Estimated 2 VC companies attack 884th RF Company in Binh Thuan Province (LOSSES: Frd-23 KIA, 29 WIA) (C)
26VC attack hamlet defended by PF in Quang Duc Province (LOSSES: Frd-27 KIA, 2 WIA, 9 MIA, 9 ind wpns lost). (C)
28VC ambush 745th RF Company in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-20 KIA, 8 WIA, 12 MIA; En-16 KIA, 1 VCC, 8 ind wpns). (C)
28VC attack two CIDG platoons in Dinh Tuong Province (LOSSES: Frd-PF 6 KIA, 5 WIA, 17 MIA, 13 ind wpns lost). (C)
29USAF and USN aircraft bomb POL facilities at Hanoi and Haiphong for first time, inflicting heavy damage. One USAF F-105 downed by ground fire. Four MIG-17's encountered and one probably destroyed during dog-fight. No SAM's sighted. (U)
29Estimated VC bn ambushes 2d VNMC convoy in Thua Thien Province (LOSSES: Frd-43 KIA, 83 WIA, 4 trucks destroyed). (C)
30First instance of enemy booby-trapping of dead body reported in Pleiku Province. (C)
30Construction completed of 170,000 barrel POL tank storage farm at Cam Ranh Bay. (U)
30VC ambush 4/520 ARVN Regt in Long Khanh Province (LOSSES: Frd-19 KIA, 31 WIA, 35 MIA, 2 C/S wpns lost). (C)

July 1966
1US military strength in RVN reaches 274,000. (U)
1USN aircraft sink three NVN PT boats in Gulf of Tonkin, capture 19 NVN seamen (U).
1SAC quick reaction force of six B-52's at Guam initiates continuous alert for strikes against urgent targets in SVN. (S)
1LTG William A. Momyer succeeds LTG Joseph H. Moore as Commander, 7th Air Force and DEPCOMUSMACV for Air. (U)
1-- BG Carroll H. Dunn, USA, replaces BG John D. Crowley, USA, as ACofS, J4, MACV; PG Daniel A. Raymond, U3A, succeeds Gen Dunn as Director of Construction., MACV. (U)
1A C-141 aircraft flies from Saigon to Travis AFB, Calif. in the first direct USAF Medevac from RVN to the US. (U)
2COMUSMACV approves location of 2d Bde, 4th Inf Div at Pleiku. (U)
2VC ambush ARVN company in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: Frd-8 KIA, 17 WIA, 8 MIA, 20 wpns). (C)
2Construction of new MACV headquarters at Tan Son Nhut soccer field begins. (U)
324-hour all-weather bombing authorized against targets in Laos validated by RLAF [illegible] utilizing MSQ-77 ground director bombing system (SKY SPOT). (TS)
4Director USAID and GVN Economy and Finance Minister sign agreement providing for US military operation of Saigon port. BG Pham Dang Dan appointed Director General of Ports and USMACV agrees to provide advisory assistance for port management. (C)
4USMC elements begin 116-day security Operation MACON for An Hoa industrial complex in Quang Nam Province (LOSSES: Frd-USMC 24 KIA, 172 WIA; En-507 KIA, 5 VCC, 53 VCS, 26 ind wpns). (C)
5Gens Thi, Dinh, Cao, Nhuan, and Chuan detained by GVN authorities in Saigon. (U)
5US aircraft successfully elude 26-28 SAM's over NVN - record number to date launched in one day. (U)
5RVNAF units launch two-day search-and-destroy operation in Vinh Binh Province (LOSSES: Frd-20 KIA, 55 WIA; En-109 KIA, 4 VCC, 40 ind wpns, 3 C/S wpns). (C)
5West Germany pledges 14.6 million piaster aid credit to help improve social welfare facilities in SVN. (U)
5B-52's under the QUICK RUN concept utilize new MSQ-77 SKY SPOT bombing system and COMUSMACV rapid-response targeting for first time. (S)
5ARVN units conduct one-day search-and-destroy Operation CUU LONG 32/66 in Kien Hoa Province (LOSSES: Frd-4 KIA, 10 WIA; En-155 KIA, 32 ind wpns). (C)
5ARVN units launch six-day search-and destroy Operation BINH PHU 9/10/11 in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-15 KIA, 19 WIA; En-137 KIA, 3 VCC, 17 VCS). (C)
7USMC, ARVN and USMC units launch Operation HASTINGS, a 27-day search-and-destroy operation against 324B NVA Division which had infiltrated into Quang Tri Province through DMZ. 7th Fleet SLF operates in supporting Operation DECKHOUSE II in eastern Quang Tri Province from 16-30 July (LOSSES: Frd-147 KIA, 488 WIA, 7 ind wpns; En-882 KIA, 15 VCC, 254 ind wpns, 26 C/S wpns). (C)
7MiG-21's attack US jets 25 miles NE of Hanoi, firing air-to-air missiles for first time but with no hits. (U)
7VC attack Binh Thuy airbase in Phong Dinh Province with estimated 40 rounds of mortar fire (LOSSES: US 1 KIA, 4 WIA, I H-43 destroyed, 1 H-43 and 1 C-47 damaged, 2 vehicles and various installations damaged). (C)
8ARVN units launch four-day search-and-destroy Operation THANG LONG 243 in Darlac Province (LOSSES: Frd-17 KIA, 39 WIA; En-107 KIA, 4 VCC, 17 ind wpns). (C)
9Former I Corps generals Thi, Dinh, Cao, Nhuan, and Chuan sentenced to 60 days confinement and removed from military service by special Armed Forces Disciplinary Council. (U)
9Elements of CRMD Cavalry Regt begin 44-day search-and-destroy Operation BUN KAE 66-9 in Pleiku Province in conjunction with Operation PAUL REVERE (LOSSES: Frd-ROK 7 KIA, 42 WIA; En-106 KIA, 6 VCC, 73 ind wpns, 6 C/S wpns). (C)
13Four new civilians named to reshuffled and expanded GVN cabinet. (U)
14USAF F-4C's down two MiG-21's over NVN using Sidewinder missiles. (U)
14Philippine President Marcos signs bill providing for dispatch of 2,000-man Philippine Engineer Battalion (PHILCAG) to RVN. (U)
14Terrorist explosive device kills 1 US,. wounds 13 US and 5 VN in Vung Tau, Phuoc Tuy Province. (C)
15ARVN element ambushed by VC near Ben Cat in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: Frd-37 KIA, 22 WlA, 21 MIA, 57 ind wpns, 2 C/S :runs, 15 radios lost). (C)
16US units discover 20-mm AA weapons and ammunition in Binh Duong and Quang Tri Provinces, first indication that enemy possesses this caliber weapon. (C)
17VC attack RF company guarding waterworks near Phan Thiet in Binh Thuan Province (LOSSES: Frd-9 KIA, 12 WIA, 6 MIA, 12 ind wpns, 5 radios). (C)
17Maj Gen Nguyen Bao Tri replaces Dinh Trinh Chinh as GVN Minister of Information. (U)
17Ho Chi Minh proclaims partial mobilization of NVN, reiterates intransigent stand on settlement of the war. (U)
17VC attack RF platoon and 2 RD Cadre teams in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-VN 8 KIA, 15 WIA, 13 MIA, 41 wpns). (C)
17ARVN elements conduct one-day search-and-destroy Operation LAM SON 290 in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES : En-135 KIA, no ARVN casualties). (C)
17US pilots sight record 29 SAM's over NVN. (U)
17USN F-8E downed by SAM 20 miles south of Hanoi, first US aircraft lost to a SAM since 24 April despite enemy firing of 140-150 missiles. (S)
17TALLY HO program of round-the-clock air interdiction begins in southern NVN Panhandle. (TS)
17USN pilot LtJg Dieter Dengler airlifted from jungle after escaping from enemy prison camp and evading recapture for 20 days. (U)
17USAF RB-66 downed by SAM over NVN, the second SAM kill in two days. (S)
171st Bde, 101st Abn Div and ROK units launch 46-day operation JOHN PAUL JONES in Phu Yen Province (LOSSES: Frd-20 KIA, 118 WIA; En-177 KIA, 35 VCC, 359 VCS, 49 ind wpns, 5 C/S wpns). (C)
17SECSTATE and SECDEF agree to ARC LIGHT B-52 strikes against selected remote Laos targets, to be executed without knowledge or concurrence of the RLG, with public cover in form of strike in nearby SVN territory. (TS)
17VC attack USMC Marble Mountain Air Facility, Da Nang, and adjacent USN hospital with approximately 30 rounds of 81-mm mortar (LOSSES: US 27 WIA, 10 helicopters damaged, 9 01-E's damaged, 2 U-6A's and 3 U-1A's damaged. (C)
23First civilian Philippine medical team arrives in SVN. (C)
24US tactical air strikes commence in DMZ. (U)
24Royal Thai Air Force squadron arrives in SVN to aid VNAF airlift mission. (U)
25Premier Ky declares in magazine interview that invasion of NVN is necessary to win war. (U)
25USAID Public Safety Advisor Normal L. Clowers killed by VC in ambush in Khanh Hoa Province, 8th USAID employee killed in RVN. (U)
26VC twice attack 25th US Inf Div base camp at Cu Chi in Hau Nghia Province with total of 175 rounds of 82-mm mortar and 75-mm RR fire (LOSSES: 23 US WIA) . (C)
27US pilots fly record 542 combat sorties in RVN. (U)
28US pilots fly record 375 combat sorties in NVN. (U)
29First British medical team arrives in RVN. (U)
30B-52's bomb enemy facilities in DMZ for first time. (U)
31Former I Corps Commander Thi flies to the US. (U)

August 1966
1US military strength in RVN reaches 285,000. (U)
11st Cav Div (AM) and ARVN units launch 25-day search-and destroy Operation PAUL REVERE II in Pleiku Province (LOSSES: Frd-94 KIA, 337 WIA, 2 MIA; En-809 KIA, 104 VCC, 78 VCS, 157 ind wpns, 41 C/S wpns). (C)
1VC ambush ARVN convoy in Phuoc Tuy Province (LOSSES: Frd-32 KIA, 14 WIA, 5 MIA, 21 ind wpns, 2 C/S wpns lost; En- 1 KIA, I ind wpn). (C)
1VC launch simultaneous attacks on ARVN position and RF convoy near Long Thanh District Town in Bien Hoa Province (LOSSES: Frd-9 KIA, 14 WIA, 5 MIA, 21 ind wpns, 2 C/S wpns lost; En-1 KIA). (C)
2Premier Ky reaffirms that he will leave politics after formation of constitutionally elected government. (U)
2Thi says in Lynchburg, Virginia that he will be a candidate for RVN Premier when elections are held. (U)
3USMC launches Operation PRAIRIE which was carried into the New Year; cumulative results at the end of the year: En-1,316 KIA, 12 VCC, Frd-209 KIA, 998 WIA, 1 MIA. (C)
3Political Warfare Advisory Directorate (MACPD) redesignated Psychological Operation Directorate (MACPD), remaining under staff supervision of ACofS, J3. (U)
5Crop-destruction operations authorized in Laos to deter local food to infiltrating enemy forces. (TS)
6Crop-destruction operations authorized in Laos to deter local food to infiltrating enemy forces. (TS)
6Elements of 4th US Inf Div land at Qui Nhon. (U)
7Seven US aircraft downed over NVN (five USAF F-105's, 1 USAF F-101, 1 USN A-1H) - record loss to date for one day. (U)
9In case of mistaken targeting, USAF aircraft bomb hamlet near Can Tho in Phong Dinh Province (LOSSES: VN 15 KIA, 102 WIA). (U)
9VC mine truck carrying ARVN recruits near Sadec in Dinh Tuong Province (LOSSES: 19 KIA, 5 WIA, 5 MIA). (C)
10Premier Ky flies to Manila for three-day official visit. (U)
11VC attack VN Special Forces base in Phu Yen Province (LOSSES: Frd-CIDG 10 KIA, 12 WIA, 17 MIA, 2 C/S wpns, 2 ind wpns lost). (C)
11VC attack ARVN training center in Vinh Long Province (LOSSES; Frd-RF 14 KIA, 9 WIA, 3 MIA, 10 ind wpns lost; En-5 KIA). (C)
11USAF aircraft mistakenly attack USCGC Point Welcome at night off DMZ (LOSSES: USCG 2 KIA, 5 WlA). (U)
11VC detonate explosive device at Binh Tri Dong US MP firing range outside Saigon (LOSSES: US 2 KIA, 17 WIA). (C)
14VC bn attacks two ARVN co's near Mo Duc District Town in Quang Ngai Province (LOSSES: Frd-5 KIA, 11 WIA, 8 MIA; En-50 KIA). (C)
14196th US Light Inf Bde lands at Vung-Tau. (U)
14President Johnson and COMUSMACV confer at LBJ Ranch in Texas. (U)
15VC attack 1st US Inf Div position near Ben Cat District Town in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: 5 KIA, 33 WIA). (C)
15Vietnam Support Expediting Task Force disbanded and FLAG POLE supply-shortage reporting system discontinued. (U)
17VC terrorist device set off at fair in Hue (LOSSES: Frd-VN 26 KIA, 151 WIA). (C)
17VC burn refugee hamlets of Pho An and Tan My in Quang Ngai Province, destroying estimated 4,600 homes (U)
17VC ambush PF platoon 7 KM south of Saigon (LOSSES: Frd-14 KIA, 12 WIA, 34 ind wpns lost). (C)
17VC attack 1st Australian Task Force CP in Phuoc Tuy Province with 67 rounds of 82-mm mortar fire (LOSSES: 24 WIA). (C)
17VC place heavy weapons fire on 1st US LOG Com motorpool at Tan Son Nhut (LOSSES: Frd-US 3 WIA, ARVN 3 KIA, 9 WIA, 3 trucks destroyed). (C)
17Advance elements of the 2,000-man Philippine Civic Action Group (PHILCAGV) arrive in SVN. (U)
181st Australian Task Force launches four-day search-and-destroy Operation SMITHFIELD in Phuoc Tuy Province during which VC battalion is annihilated after attempting ambush in most significant Australian victory of war to date (LOSSES: Frd-17 KIA, 22 WIA; En-245 KIA, 37 ind wpns, 16 C/S wpns). (C)
18RVNAF units launch two-day search-and-clear Operation QUANG DIEN in Thua Thien Province (LOSSES: Frd-21 KIA, 16 WIA; En-100 KIA, 9 VCC, 18 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn). (C)
18Two VC co's ambush RF company in Thua Thien Province (LOSSES: Frd-28 KIA, 2 WIA, 3 MIA, 40 ind wpns lost). (C)
18In three separate attacks on US vehicles in NE environs of Saigon, 4 US are KIA and 5 WIA. (C).
19VC overrun two outposts in Vinh Long Province (LOSSES: Frd-12 KIA, 10 WIA, 3 civilians KIA, 11 ind wpns lost). (C)
20USMC units launch nine-day search-and-destroy Operation ALLEGHENY in Quang Nam Province (LOSSES: Frd-7 KIA, 59 WIA; En-113 KIA, 3 VCC, 25 VCS). (C)
20VC throw 5 grenades into Da Nang US NCO club (LOSSES: Frd-US 8 WIA, 2 Civs WIA; VN 2 WIA; En-1 KIA, 4 VCC). (C)
21VC attack Dong Thai RF post in Kien Giang Province (LOSSES: Frd-38 MIA, 28 ind wpns. 2 C/S wpns lost). (C)
23MSTS freighter Baton Rougé Victory carrying military equipment to Saigon damaged by command-detonated mine and grounded on bank of Long Tau River, temporarily closing this main shipping channel (US 7 KIA, 3 WIA). (U)
231st Bde, 1st US Inf Div begins nine-day road-clearing -Operation AMARILLO in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: Frd-43 KIA, 248 WIA; En-102 KIA, 6 VCC, 4 ind wpns, 4 C/S wpns). (C)
24Estimated VC bn attacks Phu Hoi outpost in Binh Thuan Province (LOSSES: Frd-RF 59 KIA, 22 WIA, 1 MIA, 58 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn lost; 10 Civs KIA; En-11 KIA, 3 ind wpns). (C)
25Hq I FFORCEV begins Operation BYRD in Binh Thuan and Lam Dong Provinces, which was carried into the new year. Cumulative results at end of year: En-282 KIA, 130 POW, 1,362 Det, 218 ind wpns, 27 C/S wpns; Frd149 KIA, 522 WIA, 6 MIA. (C)
25ARVN elements launch two-day search-and-destroy Operation LONG PHI 984 in Kien Giang Province (LOSSES: Frd-30 KIA, 54 WIA, 1 MIA; En-132 KIA, 7 VCC, 16 VCS). (C)
26VC detonate mine in bus in Vinh Long Province (LOSSES: Frd-VN 16 KIA, 10 WIA). (C)
272d ROK Marine Bde (-) after deploying to Chu Lai comes under operational control of III MAF. (C)
28VC fire 7 rounds of 75-mm RR fire on Vinh Long airfield in Vinh Long Province (7 helicopters damaged, 3 heavily). (C)
29VC ambush CIDG company in [illegible] (LOSSES: Frd-6 KIA, 13 WIA, 11 MIA; En-[illegible] KIA)
29CAPT Tran Van Phan removed as VNN Commander. LTG Ca Van Vien, Chief JGS assumes interim command of VNN.

September 1966
1US military strength in RVN reaches 306,000. (U)
1USMACV logistics advisory effort transferred to USARV as result of transfer of RVNAF support [illegible] MAP to the individual services.
2RVNAF elements launch Operation DAN CHI 261, a four-day search-and-destroy action in An Xuyen and Bac Lieu Provinces (LOSSES: Frd-21 KIA, [8]1 WIA; En-[illegible], 104 VCC, 50 VCS, 244 ind wpns, 11 C/S wpns). (C)
2VC platoon ambushes bus in Bien Hoa Province (LOSSES: Frd-VN 10 KIA, 18 WIA). (C)
3VC attack US Camp Radcliff support area in Binh Dinh Province with approximately 40 rounds of 82-mm mortar (LOSSES: Frd-4 KIA, 61 WIA, 19 H-13, [illegible] CH-47, 4[4] UH-1 damaged or destroyed). (C)
3VC claymore mine detonated in CIDG forward [illegible] in Hau Nghia Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 5 WIA, CIDG [illegible] KIA, [illegible] WIA, 1 civilian WIA). (C)
51st Bde, 101st Abn Div launches 21-day Operation SEWARD in Phu Yen Province (LOSSES: Frd-27 KIA, 179 WIA; En-[illegible] KIA, 34 VCC, 880 VCS, 79 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn). (C)
5First elements of 9th ROK Inf [illegible] at Nha Trang. (U)
5VC attack ARVN co and one USMC [illegible] in Quang Nam Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 3 KIA, 37 WIA; ARVN 8 KIA [illegible]; En-20 KIA). (C)
6ARVN units begin three-day guard-and-[illegible] Operation MANH HO 3, 4, 5, 6 in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-[illegible], 23 WIA, 17 MIA; En-147 KIA, 8 ind wpns, 1 AA MG, [illegible] rounds of ammo captured). (C)
6VC throw explosive devices into [illegible] Hue (26 civilians wounded). (C)
711th USA Armored Cavalry Regt arrives at Vung Tau. (U)
8VC attack ARVN 40th Regt in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 17 KIA, 19 WIA, 8 MIA, 1 Civ KIA, 35 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn lost). (C)
8Spanish medical team arrives in Saigon. (U)
9First deep-water pier in Da Nang harbor opens with arrival of USS Aludra (AF-55). (U)
10The first US aircraft, USAF A1-E, shot down in DMZ by NVA AA fire. (U)
11Elections held throughout RVN for Constituent Assembly. (U)
11VC fire 12 rounds of 81-mm mortar on Que Son District Town Quang Nam Province (LOSSES: Frd-Civ 15 KIA, 10 WIA). (C)
11VC attack Phan Thiet airfield in Binh Thuan Province with mortar and SA fire (LOSSES: 2 MEDEVAC UH-1B's, 13,000 gal JP-4 and 3,000 gal AV gas destroyed). (C)
12One bn of 25th US Inf Div deployed to Long An Province in pilot project to determine feasibility of employing US forces in Mekong Delta. (U)
12First Brazilian contribution, medical supplies, arrives in RVN. (U)
131st Cav Div (AM) launches 40-day search-and-destroy Operation THAYER I in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-32 KIA, 243 WIA; En-230 KIA, 66 VCC, 681 VCS, 104 ind wpns, 20 C/S wpns). (C)
13VC attack Nui Vang outpost In Quang Ngai Province (LOSSES: Frd-ARVN 31 KIA, 32 WIA, 16 MIA, 64 ind wpns, 4 C/S wpns, 2 105-mm howitzers seized, fired at another outpost and then destroyed; 4 VC KIA, 5 ind wpns). (C)
14196th Lt Inf Bde begins 72-day search-and-destroy Operation ATTLEBORO in Tay Ninh Province, which grows into largest US operation of war to date. Other US units: 1st, 2d, 3rd Bdes of 1st Inf Div; 2d Bde, 25th Inf Div; 3rd Bde, 4th Inf Div; and one bn of 173rd Abn Bde. This operation credited with largest enemy rice haul to date: 1,121 tons captured, 1,263 tons destroyed. 9th VC Div suffered heavy casualties (LOSSES: Frd-115 KIA, 447 WIA; En-1,106 KIA, 42 VCC, 60 VCS, 128 ind wpns, 19 C/S wpns). (C)
14VC demolition squad [illegible] compound four miles NE of Saigon [illegible] (LOSSES: VN WIA, 38 trucks destroyed, [illegible]
14West German hospital ship Helgoland arrives in Saigon to treat VN civilians. (U)
16Tri Quang announces end of his hunger strike after [illegible] declares his continuing opposition to US-supported Thieu-Ky government. (U)
17USMC elements begin 11-day rice-security Operation GOLDEN FLEECE 1-7 in Quang Ngai Province (LOSSES: Frd-1 KIA, 19 WIA; En-244 KIA, 1 VCC, 30 VCS, 6 ind wpns). (C)
17VC attack base camp of 1/1/51st ARVN Regt in Quang Nam Province (LOSSES: Frd-9 KIA, 24 WIA, [2]1 ind wpns lost). (C)
19Second class of Revolutionary Development [illegible] graduated from Vung Tua school. (U)
19Advance party of 3rd Bde, 4th Inf Div arrives at Bien Hoa. (U)
21MiG-21's engage US aircraft over NVN for first time in [illegible] months as US and NVN jets clash many times. Two MiG-[illegible]'s shot down, at least two others damaged, one MiG-21 damaged, no US losses. (U)
21VC mortar Chu Lai airstrip in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 16 WIA, 5 aircraft damaged).
22VC 57-mm RR fire damages USN minesweeper in [illegible] 27 km SE of Saigon (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, 9 WIA).
22ARVN units begin six-day search-and-destroy Operation [BINH] PHU 27 in Binh Dinh Province
23ROK Capital Inf Div launches 48-day search-and-destroy Operation MAENG HO 6 in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-30 KIA, 115 WIA; Eng-1,161 KIA, 518 VCC, 633 VCS, [illegible] wpns, 43 C/S wpns). (C)
23VC attack Hammond airfield in Binh Dinh Province with 60-mm mortar, AW and SA (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, 25 WIA, [illegible] OH-1's, 4 UH-1B, 4 UH-1D damaged. (C)
24101st Abn Div unit liberates 11 VN from a VC PW camp in Phu Yen Province. (U)
27RVN's 117-member constituent assembly inaugurated. (U)

October 1966
1US military strength in RVN reaches 321,000. (U)
2Multi-brigade force of the 1st Cav Div (AM) in coordination with RVNAF and ROK units launch 22-day search-and-destroy Operation IRVING in longtime enemy area of Binh Dinh Province. NVA 610th Div decisively defeated (LOSSES : Frd-29 KIA, 135 WIA, 2 MIA; En-681 KIA. 690 VCC, 4,136 VCS, 191 ind wpns, 19 C/S wpns). (C)
2ARVN, US and ROK units launch 22-day search-and-destroy Operation DAI BANG 800 in Binh Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-3 KIA, 13 WIA; En-240 KIA, 891 VCC, 1,096 VCS, 107 ind wpns, 7 C/S wpns). (C)
2VNN LCI strikes mine and sinks in branch of Long Tau River in Rung Sat Special Zone (LOSSES: Frd-US 3 KIA, 10 WIA; VNN 5 WIA). (C)
3GVN Secretary of State for Health Nguyen Ba Kha resigns in dispute between southerners MSS/ National Police Chief BG Loan. (U)
3ARVN units launch 44-day search-and-destroy Operation LAM SON 318 in conjunction with Operation PRAIRIE in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, 5 WIA; ARVN 38 KIA, 251 WIA, 1 MIA; En-179 KIA, 5 VCC). (C)
4ARVN Ranger truck hits mine near Duc My in Khanh Hoa Province (LOSSES: Frd-10 KIA, 15 WIA). (C)
51st Bde, 4th Inf Div lands at Nha Trang. (U)
6Estimated three NVA bns attack ARVN Abn Task Force 400 meters south of DMZ in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, 2 WIA; VN 21 KIA, 161 WIA; En-20 KIA) . (C)
7VC attack and damage USN LCM on Dong Tranh River 23 KM south of Saigon with RR, AW and mortar fire (16 USN WIA). (C)
10SECDEF arrives in Saigon for four-day RVN visit. (U)
103rd USMC Div (FWD) assumes control of Operation PRAIRIE in Quang Tri Province, first division-controlled operation in I CTZ. 1st USMC Div, CP at Da Nang, assumes responsibility for Da Nang TAOR. 3rd USMC Div CP located in Phu Bai. (C)
10VC fire on Seamans commercial truck [illegible] NE of Saigon for second time [illegible] (LOSSES: Frd-US 4 WIA; VN 1 KIA, 3 WIA; ARVN 1 WIA; En-4 KIA).
11VC launch six attacks within 1 1/2 hours against [illegible] and towns in Kien Hoa Province (LOSSES: Frd-27 KIA, 47 WIA, 3 MIA; 1 VC ind wpn captured). (C)
123rd Bde, 4th Inf Div lands at Vung Tau, completing the Division's deployment to RVN. (U)
12VC overrun PF outpost in Dinh Tuong Province (LOSSES: Frd-PF 5 KIA, 5 WIA, 71 ind wpns lost; 13 civilians [illegible] and children killed). (C)
13For second time in week, NVA attack ARVN Abn Task Force near DMZ in Quang Tri Province, using approximately 20 rounds of 60-mm mortar (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 WIA; [illegible] KIA, 29 WIA). (C)
14VC attack 30th ARVN Ranger Bn during RVNAF search-and-destroy operation in Gia Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, 4 WIA; VN 41 KIA, 29 WIA, 30 MIA, 37 ind wpns lost; En-6 KIA, 13 VCC). (C)
14US pilots fly record 175 missions in NVN. (U)
15VC launch four attacks within 1 1/2 hours in Quang Tin Province (LOSSES: Frd-RF/PF 25 KIA, 26 WIA; PF 4 MIA; Civs 3 MIA, 8 WIA, 16 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn lost). (C)
16RVNAF units launch one-day search-and-destroy Operation CUU LONG 22/KT in Dinh Tuong Province (LOSSES: En-14[3] KIA, 17 VCC, 90 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn; No RVNAF casualties). (C)
16Estimated reinforced VC bn attacks district HQ in Binh Thuan Province (LOSSES: Frd-RF/PF 30 KIA, 12 WIA, 4 ind wpns, 2 C/S wpns lost; En-17 KIA, 4 VCS, 5 ind wpns). (C)
16VC attack RF company in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: Frd-5 KIA, 20 WIA, 5 MIA, 5 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn lost; En-6 KIA). (C)
16VC attack two outposts and village in Kien Hoa Province (LOSSES : Frd-6 KIA, 17 WIA , 5 MIA, 29 ind wpns lost; En-6 KIA). (C)
18Elements of 4th Inf Div, 25th Inf Div, 1st Cav Div (AM), launch 74-day Operation PAUL REVERE IV in Pleiku Province (LOSSES: Frd-136 KIA, 466 WIA; En-977 KIA, 90 PW, [illegible], 280 ind wpns, 28 C/S wpns). (C)
18Two ARVN bns encounter estimated two VC bns during heliborne landing in two-day Operation DAN CHI 263 in Chuong Thien Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, 10 WIA -- helicopter crewmen; 1 UH-1B destroyed, 23 helicopters damaged; ARVN 29 KIA, 67 WIA; En-138 KIA, 3 VCC, 10 ind wpns). (C)
1911th Armored Cav Regt launches 50-day Operation ATLANTA in Long Khanh and Phuoc Tuy Provinces (LOSSES: Frd-8 KIA, 41 WIA, 3 APC, 4 trucks destroyed; En-131 KIA, 51 VCC, 276 VCS, 7 ind wpns, 9 C/S wpns). (C)
20MACV accepts as confirmed the presence in RVN of the Nong Truong 5 NVA Div, bring in-country confirmed total to 7 enemy divisions. (C)
20VC ambush VN combat youths and PF near Soc Trang in Ba Xuyen Province (LOSSES: Frd-VN 8 KIA, 15 WIA, 7 civs KIA, 15 ind wpns lost). (C)
21VC simultaneously attack Kien Thien District Town in Chong Thien Province and three nearby outposts (LOSSES: Frd-PF 10 KIA, 23 MIA; RF/PF 20 WIA; 2 Civs KIA, 51 ind wpns lost). (C)
21VC detonate claymore mine in marketplace in Vinh Binh Province (LOSSES: Frd-VN Mil 4 KIA, 15 WIA; civ 5 KIA, 33 WIA). (C)
21VC attack ARVN Ranger bn 10 KM NW of Quang Ngai City (LOSSES: Frd-13 KIA, 10 WIA, 5 MIA, 15 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn lost; En-20 KIA, 5 ind wpns). (C)
21VC attack PF post in Bac Lieu Province (LOSSES: Frd15 KIA, 10 WIA; 19 civs KIA, 30 ind wpns lost; En-3 ind wpns captured). (C)
23BG Donovan F. Smith, USAF, replaces BG Albert W. Schinz, USAF, as Chief, Air Force Advisory Group, Tan Son Nhut AB. (U)
24US, RVN, ROK, Australian, New Zealand, Philippine and Thai Chiefs of State meet in Manila for two-day summit conference on war. (U)
24VN civilian bus hits mine in I Corps (LOSSES: 15 Civ KIA, 19 WIA). (C)
24ARVN unit discovers VC PW camp containing 13 military and 5 civilian prisoners in Vinh Binh Province. (C)
253rd Bde, 1st Cav Div (AM) launches Operation THAYER II in Binh Dinh Province, which was carried into 1967. Cumulative results at end of year: En-980 KIA, 32 VCC, 1,562 VCS, 218 ind wpns, 27 C/S wpns; US 149 KIA, 522 WIA, 6 MIA). (C)
25USN and USAF surface vessels and strike aircraft commence Operation TRAFFIC COP to interdict, investigate and destroy NVN watercraft in waters adjacent to TALLY HO area. (TS)
26Fire aboard USS Oriskany in Tonkin Gulf kills 43 US, injures 16. (U)
26Phan Khac Suu elected Speaker of the GVN Constituent Assembly. (U)
26President Johnson visits Can Ranh Bay. (U)
261st Bde. 4th Inf Div launches Operation ADAMS in Phu Yen Province which carried over into 1967. Cumulative results at end of year: En-164 KIA, 101 VCC, 1,055 VCS, 80 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn; US 13 KIA, 133 WIA). (C)
27Au Truong Thanh resigns as GVN Minister of Economy, replaced by Truong Tai Ton in continuing "southerner" dispute in Cabinet. (U)
28VC attack USARV ammunition dump In Bien Hoa Province with mortar fire and satchel charges (LOSSES: Frd-2 KIA, 9 WIA; 13,000 artillery rounds, 3,700 propellants destroyed). (S)
301st Bde, 101st Abn Div launches 34 day search-and-destroy Operation GERONIMO in Phu Yen Province (LOSSES: Frd-16 KIA, 78 WIA, 1 ind wpn lost; En-150 KIA, 74 VCC, 67 VCS, 111 ind wpns, 31 C/S wpns). (C)
30VN National Police in Saigon capture VC demolition team and cache of 1,746 blocks of TNT and 10 weapons. (C)
31CAPT Tran Van Chin designated Commander-in-Chief, VNN. (U)

November 1966
1US military strength in RVN reaches 350,000. (U)
1VC attack central Saigon with approximately 24 rounds of 75-mm RR fire as National Day celebrations are beginning (LOSSES: Frd-US 1KIA, 5 WIA; VN 12 KIA, 32 WIA). (C)
1VC detonate mine on Long Tau River, sinking a USN minesweeper (LOSSES: 4 WIA, 2 MIA). (C)
4Enemy attacks 196th Lt Inf Bde base camp 5 KM W of Tay Ninh City with estimated 111 rounds of 60-mm and 81-mm mortar (LOSSES: US 2 KIA, 54 WIA, PHILCAG 4 WIA). Reaction to this and other enemy attacks near Tay Ninh City developed into major phase of Operation ATTLEBORO. (C)
5ARVN units launch 3-day search-and-destroy Operation LIEN KET 68 in Quang Tin Province (LOSSES: Frd-64 KIA, 97 WIA, 3 MIA; En-109 KIA). (C)
6VC attack Thuan Thien PF outpost in Phong Dinh Province (LOSSES: Frd-PF 7 KIA, 4 WIA, 18 MIA; civ 12 KIA, 9 WIA, 23 ind wpns lost; En-5 mines captured). (C)
7VC kidnap entire population (107) of Cai Doi hamlet in Vinh Binh Province. (U)
7Advisory Committee for Psychological Operations, composed of senior representatives of JUSPAO, MACV, USAID, CAS and [illegible] Political Section, established to advise Mission Council. (U)
7Revolutionary Development Division (J33) redesignated Revolutionary Development Support Directorate under BG William A. Knowlton, USA to control expanded MACV support for RD. (U)
9ROK Marine units launch 18-day search-and-destroy Operation DRAGON EYE in Quang Ngai Province (LOSSES: Frd-ROK 38 KIA, 97 WIA; USMC 4 WIA; En-154 KIA, 4 VCC, 21 VCS, 7 ralliers, 23 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn). (C)
101st Inf Div patrol Operation ATTLEBORO in Tay Ninh Province encounters first reported enemy tear gas attack of war; gas is CS or CN type, incapacitating men for approximately four minutes. (C)
11VC attack Vi Than RF dependent-housing area in Chuong Thien Province with SA, mortar and RR fire (LOSSES: Frd-RF 3 KIA; 11 civs KIA, 32 WIA). (C)
12Estimated 25 VC infiltrate USMC platoon defensive position in Thua Thien Province and attack with small arms, grenades and satchel charges (LOSSES: Frd-USMC 14 KIA, 28 WIA; ARVN 1 KIA, 4 WIA, 1 MIA, 1 C/S and 4 ind wpns lost; En-3 KIA). (C)
12VC overrun PF outpost near Tay Ninh City (LOSSES: Frd-8 KIA. 18 WIA, 19 MIA, 2 C/S wpns and 31 ind wpns lost). (C)
12Enemy places an estimated 500-600 mortar rounds, heaviest sustained mortar fire of the war, on 4th Inf Div units in Operation PAUL REVERE IV 17 miles W of Plei Djereng in Kontum Province. (U)
14VC attack CIDG unit 20 km E of Moc Hoa in Kien Tuong Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 2 KIA, 4 WIA: CIDG 8 KIA, 17 WIA , 1 MIA, 1 airboat and 6 ind wpns lost; En-86 KIA, 7 sampans destroyed, 1 C/S wpn). (C)
14VC attack Cau Don PF outpost in Long An Province (LOSSES: Frd-PF 9 KIA, 12 WIA, 10 MIA; 9 civ KIA, 2C/S wpns and 35 ind wpns lost). (C)
14Estimated 2 VC companies attack RF outpost in Tay Ninh Province (LOSSES: Frd-PF 15 KIA, 13 WIA, 3 MIA; 16 civ KIA, 5 WIA, 1 MIA, 2 C/S wpns and 33 ind wpns lost). ARVN reaction force approaching outpost strikes mine (LOSSES: Frd-14 KIA, 9 WIA). (C)
15GVN commences armed convoys for all international shipping into and from Cambodia on RVN portions of Mekong/Bassac Rivers. (S)
15Tuy Hoa airbase activated. (U)
17Within 3 1/2 hours in Dinh Tuong Province VC block and mine Highway 4 and attack 5 ARVN and RF/PF positions (LOSSES: Frd-VN 6 KIA, 24 WIA, 1 RF MIA, 16 ind wpns lost). (C)
18Premier Ky announces cabinet changes involving creation of new Cultural Affairs Ministry under Deputy Premier Nguyen Luu Vien, splitting of Economy Ministry into Ministries of Commerce and Industry, and replacement of Secretaries of State for Education, Social Welfare and Youth. (U)
18VC attack USARV Long Binh ammunition dump in Bien Hoa Province with satchel charges (1,265 105-mm arty rounds destroyed). (C)
18VC attack ARVN 51st Ranger Bn in Long An Province (LOSSES: Frd-14 KIA, 9 WIA, 2 MIA, 6 ind wpns; En-10 KIA) (C)
19IV Corps Commander LTG Dang Quang, named to newly created post of Minister of Planning and Development; replaced by 23rd ARVN Div Commander BG Nguyen Van Manh. (U)
192d ARVN Div launches eight-day Operation LIEN KET 70 in Quang Ngai Province (LOSSES: Frd-3 KIA, 33 WIA; En-123 KIA, 30 VCC, 21 ind wpns). (C)
19Enemy releases 59 VN PW's captured at A Shau in March. (U)
19VC engage 60 PF and 2 US advisors in Kien Hoa Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA; PF 17 KIA, 10 WIA, 28 ind wpns lost; En-60 KIA, 9 ind wpns). (C)
24VC kidnap 109 civilians and burn 15 houses in Din Cu New Life hamlet in Vinh Dinh Province (U).
24VC ambush US convoy carrying civilian construction workers 10 km SE of Dalat (LOSSES: Frd-1 US military, 1 US civilian, 7 foreign nationals KIA, 11 WIA, 3 trucks destroyed, 5 trucks damaged). (C)
25VC attack 1st Inf Div and ARVN CP's in Binh Duong Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 41 WIA; ARVN 3 WIA). (C)
28Advance party of 199th Inf Bde arrives at Bien Hoa. (U)
29VC ambush ARVN/RF convoy in Tuyen Duc Province (LOSSES: Frd-24 KIA, 27 WIA, 1 vehicle destroyed, 3 trucks damaged, 31 ind wpns, 3 C/S wpns lost). (C)
30Allies declare 48-hour cease-fire over Christmas and New Year, four-day cease-fire over TET (8-12 February), following communist declaration of Christmas and New Year cease fires. (U)
30410,465 gallons of herbicide expended for defoliation and crop-destruction projects was largest of any month and exceeds average quarterly usage during FY 66. (C)
30By far the highest monthly total (694.5 hrs) of aerial loudspeaker hours were recorded. A total of 1,803 psyops sorties were flown to accomplish this feat. (C)
30US planes scattered record high of more than 272 million psyops leaflets over NVN and SVN, exceeding any previous month's total. (U)

December 1966
1US military strength in RVN reaches 361,000. (U)
1Elements of 1st Inf Div launch Operation FAIRFAX, which was carried into the New Year. Cumulative results at the end of the year were: En-149 KIA, 40 VCC, 867 VCS, 60 ind wpns, 11 C/S wpns; Frd-US 11 KIA, 67 WIA; ARVN 23 KIA, 58 WIA, 1 MIA). (C)
2Eight US aircraft downed over NVN with 13 fliers dead or captured, both one-day records for war to date. (U)
2VC ambush recon plat of 11th Armored Cav Regt in Long Kanh Province; break contact in face of reaction force, artillery and air support (LOSSES: Frd-1 KIA, 22 WIA; En-94 KIA, 1 ind wpns, 3 C/S wpns). (C)
2VC co ambushes RF co in Long An Province (LOSSES: Frd-17 KIA , 6 WIA, 2 MIA; En-1 KIA). (C)
2French merchant ship Sindh receives 10 rounds of VC 75-mm RR fire on Long Tau Fiver 23 km SE of Saigon, reaches Saigon with superstructure considerably damaged (LOSSES: Frd-2 WIA; En-1 KIA). (C)
4VC attack Tan Son Nhut airbase with SA and approximately 40 rounds mortar, 30 VC penetrating perimeter and engaging USAF defenders provided close air support by USA aircraft (LOSSES: Frd-US 3 KIA, 30 WIA; VN 2 WIA; 18 aircraft damaged; En-31 KIA, 4 VCC, 11 ind wpns, 41 grenades, 6 60-mm mortar rounds, 1 claymore mine captured). (C)
4VC satchel charge explodes at PSYOPS billet in USAID compound in Saigon (11 US-WIA). (C)
4US Navy SWIFT boat detains and tows to Nha Trang 80-foot junk carrying 36 males and 7 children identified as Communist Chinese nationals from Tanh Siem, Hainan Island. (C)
7Influential Constituent Assembly member Tran Van Van assassinated in Saigon by man identifying himself as VC. (U)
8US pilots encounter highly disciplined and professional six-MiG formation over NVN believed by Cmdr 7th AF to have been flown by North Koreans. (S)
9Estimated enemy bn attacks two RF co's conducting training exercises in Phuoc Tuy Province (LOSSES: Frd-11 KIA, 18 WIA, 179 MIA, 81 ind wpns lost; En-2 VC KIA). (C)
9SECSTATE Rusk arrives in Saigon for two-day visit. (U)
10VC launch simultaneous attacks on 3rd ARVN Inf near An Lo bridge in Thua Thien Province (LOSSES: Frd-US 1 KIA, 4 WIA; ARVN 23 KIA, 81 WIA, 12 MIA, 103 ind wpns, 6 C/S wpns lost; En-6 KIA, 4 ind wpns). (C)
10VC detonate explosives at USARV ammunition dump in Long Binh, Bien Hoa Province (LOSSES: US 1 KIA, 1.5 tons SA, 80 175-mm propellant charges destroyed). (C)
10US aircraft, acting on erroneous information, strike USMC unit in Quang Tri Province (LOSSES: 17 KIA, 11 WIA). (U)
11VC attack 25th ARVN Div base camp 17 KM SW of Cu Chi in Hau Nghia Province with AW and mortar fire (LOSSES: Frd-7 KIA, 14 WIA, 14 MIA, 22 ind wpns, 1 C/S wpn lost, 7 civ WIA). (C)
11VC ambush platoon of 1/16th US Inf 5 km N of Phu Khuong District Town in Tay Ninh Province (LOSSES: Frd-18 KIA, 10 WIA; En-26 KIA). (C)
12The Dong Nai water supply system inaugurated; when completed will be able to supply 127.5 million gallons of potable water daily to the 2.7 million inhabitants of the Saigon/Cholon/Gia Dinh area. (U)
12The Soviet Union has given 100 new MiG jet fighters to Hanoi, doubling size of NVAF, according to news release. (U)
131/33rd ARVN Inf discovers 64 prisoners of VC during Operation DAN CHI 270B in Chuong Thien Province. (C)
13GVN Constituent Assembly approves first three articles of new constitution, providing for popularly-elected President, and a Prime Minister and Cabinet appointed by the President. (U)
14In Quang Tin Province, 5 km E Tam Ky, 3/6 ARVN Inf attacked by unknown number of enemy (LOSSES: Frd-US 7 WIA; ARVN 34 KIA, 39 WIA; En-35 KIA). (C)
14Seven US planes downed over North Vietnam. (U)
19First contingent of 9th US Inf Div arrived at Vung Tau. (U)
19Bob Hope arrives to start his annual Christmas show. (U)
19Philippine Speaker Cornolio T. Villareal arrives for a four-day visit with GVN leaders. (U)
20Army Chief of Staff Gen. Harold K. Johnson arrives in Vietnam. (U)
22About 25-50 North Korean pilots reported to be in NVAF. (U)
24A C1-4 aircraft belonging to Flying Tiger Lines crashes into a populated area 1 1/2 KM from Da Nang runway. 111 persons were killed (107 VN, 4 US crew members). (U)
26Saigon dock workers on strike. (U)
27ARVN Medical Corps graduates 75 new corpsman. (U)
27VC/NVA troops overrun position of 1st Cav Div artillery and inflict heavy casualties. (U)
27US and ARVN units launch Operation DAN CHI 270D in Chuong Thien Province, a 3-day search-and-destroy operation (LOSSES: Frd-2 KIA, 24 WIA, 1 APC damaged; En-124 KIA, 12 VCC, 6 VCS, 37 ind wpns, 3 C/S wpns). (C)
30Saigon dock strike ends. (U)
31III MAF units observe estimated 1,000 VC/NVA troops well armed, moving into position N of Hue in Thua Thien Province during the New Years' cease-fire. Enemy taken under air attack and arty fire by 3d Mar Div and ARVN units; action continued until 010630Z Jan 67. No friendly casualties; enemy losses unknown.
31Grand total of US/FWMAF forces in RVN is 441,190. MACV: 8,794 Army Units: 236,341 Marine Corps Units: 70,405 Navy Units: 19,953 Air Force Units: 52,397 Combined Studies: 6 DODSPECREP: 137 DEF COM AGCY: 40 SOG: 595 Total US Forces: 388,568 Australia: 4,533 Rep of China: 30 Rep of Korea: 45,605 New Zealand: 155 Philippines: 2,063 Spain: 12 Thailand: 224 Total FWMAF: 52,622 Grand Total: 441,190

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. 1966 Command History

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