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Ground Operations
1966 - 1972

Note: This page is currently primarily for testing styles and layout. It should not be regarded as a completely accurate or complete source of data. The information has been extracted from over 250,000 records related to large scale ground operations from the SITRA electronic data file. DCB is cross-checking these records against other sources. We will add additional operations and updated and corrected data as we develop and refine this process. In the meantime, we welcome visitors' comments, suggestions and corrections regarding this page. We are particularly interested in additional sources of information on ARVN, ROKA and RTA operations in Southeast Asia. Anyone with such information is encouraged to contact DCB Software at

Operations in 1966 (Commenced, ongoing or terminated)

NameCorps/MRProvince(s)Commenced/TerminatedAdditional Links
FARRAGUT2Lam Dong660126 to 670323 
BOLLING2Phu Yen660211 to 680119 
PERSHING2Binh Dinh660211 to 670119 
PAUL REVERE I2Pleiku660509 to 660731 
MACON1Quang Nam660704 to 661028 
HASTINGS1Quang Tri660707 to 660803 
EL PASO III3Binh Long660712 to 660903 
KAHANA II3Binh Tuy660714 to 660801 
AURORA II3Long Khanh660716 to 660803 
HAYES2Kontum660717 to 660817 
BENNING III2Binh Dinh660720 to 660731 
JOHN PAUL JONES2Phu Yen660721 to 660904 
KOKO HEAD3Hau Nghia660722 to 660806 
SPRINGFIELD II3Binh Long660726 to 660801 
BENNING IV2Binh Dinh660731 to 660902 
PAUL REVERE II2Pleiku660731 to 660825 
CHEYENNE3Binh Long660801 to 660805 
OAHU3Tay Ninh660801 to 660831 
PRAIRIE1Quang Tri660803 to 670131 
EVANSVILLE3Binh Duong660804 to 660815 
COLORADO1Quang Tin660805 to 660822 
HOLSWORTHY3Phuoc Tuy660807 to 660818 
LAHAINA3Hau Nghia660807 to 660901 
AIEA3Hau Nghia660808 to 660901 
WILCOX1Quang Nam660810 to 660812 
MANITOWOC3Binh Duong660811 to 660813 
EL DORADO3Hau Nghia660812 to 660814 
SUWANNEE1Quang Nam660813 to 660821 
BELFAST3Binh Duong660815 to 660817 
GALLUP3Binh Duong660815 to 660819 
BROOME3Binh Duong660818 to 660820 
SMITHFIELD3Phuoc Tuy660818 to 660821 
CASTINE3Binh Duong660819 to 660822 
ALLEGHENY1Quang Nam660820 to 660829 
OTTAWA1Thua Thien660820 to 660822 
AMARILLO3Binh Duong660822 to 660901 
POLESTAR1Quang Ngai660823 to 660923 
BYRD2Binh Thuan660825 to 671209 
DARLINGHURST3Phuoc Tuy660825 to 660901 
PAUL REVERE III2Pleiku660825 to 661018 
PAWNEE1Thua Thien660826 to 660906 
JACKSON1Quang Ngai660827 to 660829 
KIPAPA3Binh Duong660831 to 660912 
ALICE3Tay Ninh660901 to 660907 
SUNSET BEACH3Hau Nghia660901 to 661011 
TROY1Quang Nam660901 to 660904 
BENNING V2Binh Dinh660902 to 660929 
DECATUR3Binh Long660903 to 661008 
BATON ROUGE3Bien Hoa660904 to 661008 
CRANSTON3Binh Duong660904 to 660906 
NAPA1Quang Tin660904 to 660915 
SEWARD2Phu Yen660904 to 661025 
BANGOR3Binh Duong660906 to 660912 
CANNON1Quang Nam660907 to 660912 
FRESNO1Quang Ngai660908 to 660916 
PAWNEE II1Thua Thien660908 to 660913 
SEASIDE3Gia Dinh660908 to 660908 
WILTON3Binh Duong660908 to 660909 
LINCOLN3Binh Duong660909 to 660911 
ATLANTIC CITY3Tay Ninh660912 to 660922 
THAYER2Binh Dinh660912 to 661001 
ATTLEBORO3Thua Thien660914 to 661125 
DANBURY3Binh Duong660915 to 660921 
GOLDEN FLEECE 711Quang Ngai660916 to 660927 
KALIHI3Hau Nghia660916 to 661114 
KAMUELA3Tay Ninh660919 to 661004 
HUNTSVILLE3Bien Hoa660920 to 660922 
VAUCLUSE3Phuoc Tuy660920 to 660924 
MAENG HO 62Binh Dinh660922 to 661009 
GOLDEN FLEECE 15-661Quang Ngai660923 to 660928 
LONGVIEW3Binh Duong660923 to 661001 
COFFEE1Quang Nam660924 to 660924 
SIOUX CITY3Binh Duong660925 to 661009 
LEE1Quang Ngai660928 to 661025 
MONTEREY1Quang Tin660928 to 660929 
BENNING VI2Binh Dinh660929 to 660930 
CROWS NEST3Phuoc Tuy660930 to 661003 
MONTGOMERY3Binh Duong660930 to 661003 
DAZZLEM2Binh Dinh661001 to 680116 
IRVING2Binh Dinh661001 to 661024 
LITTLE ROCK3Binh Duong661001 to 661004 
BATHURST3Phuoc Tuy661002 to 661027 
NORWALK3Binh Duong661004 to 661008 
CANBERRA3Phuoc Tuy661005 to 661010 
TULSA3Binh Long661008 to 661016 
KAILUA3Hau Nghia661011 to 661114 
TETON1Quang Nam661011 to 661020 
CRADDOCK3Binh Duong661016 to 661016 
LEEDS3Binh Duong661016 to 661202 
SHENANDOAH3Binh Long661016 to 661102 
DOVER1Quang Nam661018 to 661030 
PAUL REVERE IV2Pleiku661018 to 661231 
BETHLEHEM3Binh Duong661020 to 661024 
ALLENTOWN3Binh Duong661021 to 661026 
KERN1Quang Nam661021 to 661025 
MADISON1Quang Nam661021 to 661023 
BREMERTON3Bien Hoa661024 to 661127 
THAYER II2Binh Dinh661024 to 670211 
ADAMS2Phu Yen661025 to 670402 
PAWNEE III1Thua Thien661029 to 661224 
GERONIMO I2Phu Yen661030 to 661204 
SHASTA1Quang Nam661105 to 661119 
FORT NISQUALLY3Binh Duong661106 to 670514 
YASS3Phuoc Tuy661106 to 661107 
HAYMAN3Phuoc Tuy661107 to 661112 
ARCADIA1Quang Nam661108 to 661114 
DRAGON EYE1Quang Ngai661109 to 661127 
MAENG HO 72Binh Dinh661110 to 661125 
BULLDOZER 52Khanh Hoa661114 to 661121 
INGHAM3Phuoc Tuy661117 to 661203 
RIO BLANCO1Quang Ngai661120 to 661127 
WACO3Bien Hoa661124 to 661202 
BISMARK3Binh Duong661125 to 661209 
FITCHBURG3Tay Ninh661125 to 670408 
KELLEY HILL3Bien Hoa661125 to 670108 
CHARLESTON3Bien Hoa661127 to 661223 
HEALDSBURG3Binh Duong661129 to 661205 
MISSISSIPPI1Quang Nam661129 to 661207 
ALA MOANA3Hau Nghia661130 to 670514 
DAWN1Quang Ngai661130 to 661207 
FAIRFAX3Gia Dinh661130 to 671214 
SUTTER1Quang Tin661130 to 661206 
TRINIDAD1Quang Nam661206 to 661207 
CORTEZ1Quang Tin661207 to 661212 
TRINIDAD II1Quang Nam661207 to 661211 
PICKETT2Kontum661208 to 670119 
STERLING1Quang Nam661211 to 661216 
SIERRA1Quang Ngai661212 to 670121 
LANIKAI3Long An661214 to 670213 
GLENN1Quang Nam661217 to 661221 
SANTA CRUZ3Binh Duong661219 to 661222 
SHASTA II1Quang Nam661219 to 661221 
CHINOOK1Thua Thien661220 to 670216 
NASHVILLE3Bien Hoa661228 to 661230 
SAM HOUSTON2Pleiku661229 to 670405 

SOURCE: Situation Report Army File (SITRA), 1966-73

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