Selected Free World Military
Ground Operations
1966 - 1972

Note: This page is currently primarily for testing styles and layout. It should not be regarded as a completely accurate or complete source of data. The information has been extracted from over 250,000 records related to large scale ground operations from the SITRA electronic data file. DCB is cross-checking these records against other sources. We will add additional operations and updated and corrected data as we develop and refine this process. In the meantime, we welcome visitors' comments, suggestions and corrections regarding this page. We are particularly interested in additional sources of information on ARVN, ROKA and RTA operations in Southeast Asia. Anyone with such information is encouraged to contact DCB Software at

Operations in 1968 (Commenced, ongoing or terminated)

NameCorps/MRProvince(s)Commenced/TerminatedAdditional Links
BOLLING2Phu Yen660211 to 680119 
DAZZLEM2Binh Dinh661001 to 680116 
NAPOLEON1Quang Tri670211 to 680228 
ENTERPRISE3Long An670213 to 680309 
KITTYHAWK3Long Khanh670518 to 680321 
RILEY3Bien Hoa670721 to 680407 
NARASUAN3Bien Hoa671020 to 680407 
OSCEOLA1Quang Tri671020 to 680120 
LANCASTER1Quang Tri671031 to 680121 
NEOSHO1Thua Thien671031 to 680121 
SCOTLAND1Quang Tri671031 to 680330 
CORONADO IX4Dinh Tuong671101 to 680117 
SANTA FE I3Phuoc Tuy671102 to 680105 
FORREST3Phuoc Tuy671122 to 680105 
SARATOGA3Hau Nghia671207 to 680309 
YELLOWSTONE3Tay Ninh671207 to 680224 
MAENG HO 92Binh Dinh671217 to 680130 
MANCHESTER3Bien Hoa671217 to 680217 
MUSCATINE1Quang Ngai671218 to 680610 
FARGO3Binh Long671221 to 680120 
BADGER TOOTH1Quang Tri671226 to 680102 
AUBURN1Quang Nam671228 to 680103 
KLAMATH FALLS2Lam Dong671230 to 680108 
CORONADO XII4Dinh Tuong680103 to 680306 
AKRON V3Bien Hoa680111 to 680121 
ALTOONA3Bien Hoa680113 to 680124 
HAVERFORD3Gia Dinh680113 to 680202 
SAN ANGELO3Phuoc Long680115 to 680209 
WALKER2Binh Dinh680116 to 690131 
CORONADO X4Kien Hoa680118 to 680212 
PERSHING II2Binh Dinh680119 to 680229 
ATALLA3Binh Long680120 to 680127 
LANCASTER II1Quang Tri680120 to 681122 
MCLAIN2Binh Thuan680120 to 690131 
NEOSHO II1Thua Thien680120 to 680124 
OSCEOLA II1Quang Tri680120 to 680216 
JEB STUART1Quang Tri680121 to 680330 
BADGER CATCH1Quang Tri680123 to 680126 
COBURG3Phuoc Tuy680123 to 680301 
SALINE1Quang Tri680130 to 680228 
HAVERFORD II3Gia Dinh680204 to 680218 
CORONADO XI4Phuong Dinh680212 to 680304 
MAENG HO 102Binh Dinh680216 to 680401 
HOUSTON1Thua Thien680226 to 680912 
NAPOLEON/SALINE1Quang Tri680228 to 681209 
PATRICK2Binh Dinh680229 to 680330 
MINGO1Thua Thien680302 to 680307 
CORONADO XII4Dinh Tuong680303 to 680306 
WATERFORD I3Binh Long680303 to 680407 
COCHISE GREEN/DAN SINH2Binh Dinh680305 to 690131 
PINNAROO3Phuoc Tuy680305 to 680407 
ROCK1Quang Nam680306 to 680310 
HARRISBURG3Bien Hoa680307 to 680323 
VALLEY FORGE3Bien Hoa680307 to 680316 
WILDERNESS3Tay Ninh680310 to 680407 
WORTH1Quang Nam680312 to 680326 
FORD1Thua Thien680313 to 680320 
BOX SPRINGS3Binh Duong680316 to 680328 
PEOPLES ROAD4Dinh Tuong680317 to 680521 
ALCORN COVE3Long Khanh680321 to 680407 
CLARKSVILLE3Bien Hoa680323 to 680407 
CARENTAN II1Quang Tri680331 to 680517 
PEGASUS1Quang Tri680331 to 680414 
BRILLIANT DRAGON1Quang Nam680401 to 680417 
COOKTOWN ORCHID3Phuoc Tuy680401 to 680407 
ATLAS I3Binh Long680403 to 680407 
CARLISLE I3Phuoc Long680403 to 680407 
NORFOLK VICTORY1Quang Ngai680407 to 680419 
BURLINGTON TRAIL1Quang Tin680408 to 681111 
JASPER SQUARE1Quang Nam680409 to 680414 
CHARLTON1Quang Tri680412 to 680416 
SCOTLAND II1Quang Tri680414 to 690228 
BRILLIANT DRAGON II1Quang Nam680417 to 680422 
RICE1Quang Tri680417 to 680517 
BAXTER GARDEN1Thua Thien680418 to 680427 
DELAWARE/LAM SON 2161Quang Tri680418 to 680517 
MAENG HO 112Binh Dinh680419 to 680426 
BRILLIANT DRAGON III1Quang Nam680427 to 680518 
BALLARD VALLEY1Quang Nam680429 to 680503 
KUDZU4Dinh Tuong680430 to 681120 
ALLEN BROOK1Quang Nam680503 to 680824 
CONCORDIA SQUARE1Quang Tri680508 to 680516 
GOLDEN VALLEY1Quang Tin680510 to 680512 
JEB STUART III1Quang Tri680517 to 681103 
NEVADA EAGLE1Thua Thien680517 to 690228 
MAMELUKE THRUST1Quang Nam680518 to 681023 
BRILLIANT DRAGON V1Quang Nam680526 to 680601 
DRAGON PALACE I1Quang Nam680601 to 680628 
SWIFT SABER1Quang Nam680606 to 680613 
BANJO ROYCE2Tuyen Duc680607 to 680618 
MAENG HO 122Binh Dinh680611 to 680719 
HARMON GREEN2Lam Dong680618 to 680701 
CATTAHOOCHEE SWAMP1Quang Ngai680619 to 680629 
VANCE CANYON1Quang Ngai680620 to 680702 
DRAGON PALACE II1Quang Nam680703 to 680715 
POCAHONTAS FORREST1Quang Nam680705 to 680804 
EAGER YANKEE1Thua Thien680708 to 680716 
DRAGON PALACE III1Quang Nam680715 to 680718 
SOMERSET PLAIN1Thua Thien680803 to 680819 
DODGE VALLEY1Quang Nam680812 to 680816 
VICTORY DRAGON I1Quang Nam680812 to 680911 
SUSSEX BAY1Quang Nam680829 to 680909 
CHAMPAIGN GROVE1Quang Ngai680903 to 680924 
COMMANCHE FALLS1Quang Tri680910 to 681107 
VICTORY DRAGON II1Quang Nam680911 to 681001 
OWEN MESA1Thua Thien680925 to 681014 
VICTORY DRAGON III1Quang Nam681001 to 681031 
DUKES GLADE1Quang Nam681002 to 681009 
MAUI PEAK1Quang Nam681005 to 681019 
LOGAN FIELD1Quang Ngai681006 to 681012 
DALE COMMON1Quang Ngai681018 to 681019 
HENDERSON HILL1Quang Nam681023 to 681205 
VERNON LAKE I1Quang Ngai681024 to 681101 
GARRARD BAY1Quang Nam681025 to 681116 
SABINE DRAW1Quang Nam681027 to 681101 
VICTORY DRAGON V1Quang Nam681031 to 681130 
VERNON LAKE II1Quang Ngai681102 to 690228 
NICOLLET BAY1Quang Nam681107 to 681113 
WHEELER/WALLOWA1Quang Nam681110 to 681111 
KUDZU II4Dinh Tuong681120 to 681216 
MEADE RIVER1Quang Nam681120 to 681209 
DAWSON RIVER1Quang Tri681128 to 690126 
VICTORY DRAGON VI1Quang Nam681130 to 681231 
HARDIN FALLS1Quang Tin681201 to 690228 
TAYLOR COMMON1Quang Nam681206 to 690307 
MARSHALL MOUNTAIN1Quang Tri681209 to 690228 
FAYETTE CANYON1Quang Nam681214 to 690228 

SOURCE: Situation Report Army File (SITRA), 1966-73

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