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Ground Operations
1966 - 1972

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Operations in 1969 (Commenced, ongoing or terminated)

NameCorps/MRProvince(s)Commenced/TerminatedAdditional Links
MACARTHUR/BINH TAY2Kontum671011 to 690131 
KENTUCKY1Quang Tri671031 to 690228 
WALKER2Binh Dinh680116 to 690131 
MCLAIN2Binh Thuan680120 to 690131 
COCHISE GREEN/DAN SINH2Binh Dinh680305 to 690131 
SCOTLAND II1Quang Tri680414 to 690228 
NEVADA EAGLE1Thua Thien680517 to 690228 
VERNON LAKE II1Quang Ngai681102 to 690228 
DAWSON RIVER1Quang Tri681128 to 690126 
HARDIN FALLS1Quang Tin681201 to 690228 
TAYLOR COMMON1Quang Nam681206 to 690307 
MARSHALL MOUNTAIN1Quang Tri681209 to 690228 
FAYETTE CANYON1Quang Nam681214 to 690228 
VICTORY DRAGON VII1Quang Nam690104 to 690201 
MASSACHUSETTS BAY1Quang Tri690110 to 690618 
DEWEY CANYON1Quang Tri690122 to 690318 
LINN RIVER1Quang Nam690127 to 690206 
DARBY CREST II2Binh Dinh690131 to 690325 
DARBY MARCH II2Phu Yen690131 to 690306 
GREENE BLUE2Darlac690131 to 690225 
GREENE THUNDER2Pleiku690131 to 690217 
HANCOCK KNIGHT2Lam Dong690131 to 690407 
WAYNE ARROW2Binh Dinh690131 to 690208 
PUTNAM PANTHER2Kontum690201 to 690621 
VICTORY DRAGON VIII1Quang Nam690202 to 690228 
WAYNE DART2Pleiku690202 to 690207 
HANCOCK EAGLE2Binh Thuan690203 to 690220 
GREENE CYCLONE2Pleiku690207 to 690312 
WAYNE GREEN2Kontum690210 to 690228 
GREENE TORNADO2Pleiku690225 to 690227 
GREENE THUNDER II2Quang Nam690228 to 690402 
VICTORY DRAGON IX1Quang Nam690228 to 690331 
HANCOCK QUEEN2Lam Dong690304 to 690322 
FREDERICK HILL1Quang Tin690317 to 700627 
GENEVA PARK1Quang Ngai690317 to 690924 
IRON MOUNTAIN1Quang Ngai690317 to 700627 
MONTANA MAULER1Quang Tri690322 to 690403 
HANCOCK EAGLE III2Binh Thuan690323 to 690331 
ELLIS RAVINE1Quang Tri690407 to 690415 
WAYNE JAVELIN2Binh Dinh690413 to 691018 
WASHINGTON GREEN2Binh Dinh690415 to 710101 
GREENE TYPHOON2Pleiku690417 to 690621 
GREENE LION2Pleiku690421 to 690422 
BRISTOL BOOTS1Thua Thien690426 to 690515 
GREENE ORANGE2Pleiku690426 to 690427 
GREENE QUEEN2Darlac690426 to 690506 
KENTUCKY JUMPER1Thua Thien690426 to 690809 
MAINE CRAG1Quang Tri690426 to 690502 
OKLAHOMA HILLS1Quang Nam690426 to 690529 
PURPLE MARTIN1Quang Tri690426 to 690508 
PUTNAM TIGER2Kontum690426 to 690922 
RUSSELL BEACH1Quang Ngai690426 to 690721 
VICTORY DRAGON 101Quang Nam690426 to 690430 
VICTORY DRAGON 111Quang Nam690430 to 690524 
VIRGINIA RIDGE1Quang Tri690430 to 690716 
GREENE ORANGE 22Pleiku690502 to 690510 
APACHE SNOW1Quang Tri690510 to 690607 
GREENE ORANGE 32Pleiku690510 to 690809 
HERKIMER MOUNTAIN1Quang Tri690510 to 690716 
GREEN BASKET2Pleiku690516 to 691119 
LAMAR PLAIN1Quang Ngai690516 to 690813 
DARING REBEL1Quang Nam690517 to 690521 
VICTORY DRAGON 121Quang Nam690524 to 690702 
PIPESTONE CANYON1Quang Nam690525 to 691107 
CAMERON FALLS1Quang Tri690529 to 690623 
GREENE GALLOP2Pleiku690601 to 690802 
MONTGOMERY RENDEZVOUS1Quang Tri690607 to 690816 
UTAH MESA1Quang Tri690611 to 690709 
IROQUOIS GROVE1Quang Tri690618 to 690924 
GREENE AX2Pleiku690621 to 690809 
TENNESSEE PRIDE1Thua Thien690623 to 690701 
CLEMENS GREEN2Darlac690626 to 690630 
FORSYTHE GROVE1Quang Nam690630 to 690703 
ARLINGTON CANYON1Quang Tri690702 to 690921 
VICTORY DRAGON 131Quang Nam690702 to 690719 
WILLIAMS GLADE1Quang Tri690711 to 690725 
CAMPBELL STREAMER1Thua Thien690712 to 690813 
GEORGIA TAR1Quang Tri690716 to 690924 
IDAHO CANYON1Quang Tri690716 to 690920 
DURHAM PEAK1Quang Nam690720 to 690813 
NANTUCKET BEACH1Quang Ngai690720 to 700627 
VICTORY DRAGON 141Quang Nam690801 to 690831 
GAFFEY BLUE2Binh Dinh690804 to 690824 
GREENE ACE2Pleiku690804 to 691016 
CAROLINA BLASTER1Thua Thien690814 to 690816 
LOUISIANA LEE1Thua Thien690815 to 690928 
RICHLAND SQUARE1Thua Thien690816 to 690928 
CUMBERLAND THUNDER1Thua Thien690818 to 690928 
WAYNE BOULDER2Binh Dinh690911 to 691011 
PUTNAM COUGAR2Binh Dinh690921 to 691027 
HANCOCK FLAME2Binh Thuan690927 to 691007 
REPUBLIC SQUARE1Quang Tri690928 to 691206 
VICTORY DRAGON 161Quang Nam690930 to 691030 
DARBY TRAIL 32Binh Dinh691001 to 691005 
NORTON FALLS1Quang Tri691001 to 691108 
HARTLE GREEN2Binh Dinh691014 to 691124 
GREENE BEAR2Kontum691016 to 700130 
KRAMER WHITE2Pleiku691016 to 700104 
WAYNE BREAKER2Binh Dinh691018 to 700104 
HODGES BLACK2Pleiku691020 to 691119 
FULTON SQUARE1Quang Tri691022 to 700118 
PUTNAM WILDCAT2Binh Dinh691030 to 700118 
VICTORY DRAGON 171Quang Nam691031 to 691201 
SPRAGINS WHITE2Darlac691111 to 691230 
WALDRON BLUE2Pleiku691124 to 700130 
VICTORY DRAGON 181Quang Nam691201 to 700101 
RANDOLPH GLEN1Thua Thien691206 to 700404 
HUGHES BLACK2Binh Dinh691231 to 700104 
VICTORY DRAGON 191Quang Nam691231 to 700228 

SOURCE: Situation Report Army File (SITRA), 1966-73

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