Selected Free World Military
Ground Operations
1966 - 1972

Note: This page is currently primarily for testing styles and layout. It should not be regarded as a completely accurate or complete source of data. The information has been extracted from over 250,000 records related to large scale ground operations from the SITRA electronic data file. DCB is cross-checking these records against other sources. We will add additional operations and updated and corrected data as we develop and refine this process. In the meantime, we welcome visitors' comments, suggestions and corrections regarding this page. We are particularly interested in additional sources of information on ARVN, ROKA and RTA operations in Southeast Asia. Anyone with such information is encouraged to contact DCB Software at

Operations in 1970 (Commenced, ongoing or terminated)

NameCorps/MRProvince(s)Commenced/TerminatedAdditional Links
FREDERICK HILL1Quang Tin690317 to 700627 
IRON MOUNTAIN1Quang Ngai690317 to 700627 
NANTUCKET BEACH1Quang Ngai690720 to 700627 
GREENE BEAR2Kontum691016 to 700130 
KRAMER WHITE2Pleiku691016 to 700104 
WAYNE BREAKER2Binh Dinh691018 to 700104 
FULTON SQUARE1Quang Tri691022 to 700118 
PUTNAM WILDCAT2Binh Dinh691030 to 700118 
WALDRON BLUE2Pleiku691124 to 700130 
VICTORY DRAGON 181Quang Nam691201 to 700101 
RANDOLPH GLEN1Thua Thien691206 to 700404 
HUGHES BLACK2Binh Dinh691231 to 700104 
VICTORY DRAGON 191Quang Nam691231 to 700228 
WAYNE THRUST2Binh Dinh700103 to 700130 
GREENE RIVER1Quang Tri700119 to 700627 
PUTNAM POWER2Binh Dinh700121 to 700207 
GREENE DEUCE2Pleiku700130 to 700317 
PUTNAM SHARK2Binh Dinh700130 to 700311 
VICTORY DRAGON 201Quang Nam700204 to 700211 
PARKS SILVER2Binh Dinh700301 to 701119 
EARHART WHITE2Binh Dinh700311 to 700318 
EICHELBERGER BLACK2Binh Dinh700320 to 700425 
TEXAS STAR1Quang Tri700331 to 700905 
WAYNE WIND2Binh Dinh700422 to 700425 
BARBER GLADE1Quang Tri700514 to 700613 
CHEADLE BLUE2Pleiku700514 to 700528 
WAYNE JUMP2Kontum700515 to 700525 
FREDENHALL GOLD2Pleiku700518 to 700530 
PUTNAM PARAGON2Binh Dinh700518 to 700627 
BRYAN WHITE2Darlac700519 to 700627 
WAYNE HURDLE2Binh Dinh700531 to 700620 
ROBERTSON WHITE2Binh Dinh700601 to 700608 
HANCOCK HAWK2Binh Thuan700616 to 700627 
PENNSYLAVANIA SQUARE1Quang Tri700620 to 700704 
BARBER GLADE PHASE II1Quang Tri700623 to 700627 
WRIGHT BLUE2Pleiku700624 to 700628 
WAYNE FAST2Binh Dinh700628 to 700713 
Con Son
700701 to 700722 
Binh Thuan
Long Khanh
700705 to 700721 
PICKENS FOREST1Quang Nam700716 to 700824 
CHISAGO PEAK1Thua Thien700725 to 700812 
GREENE JACK2Binh Dinh700728 to 700816 
GOLDEN DRAGON 6/111Quang Nam700806 to 700809 
Binh Dinh
700828 to 701012 
MURRAY BLUE2Binh Dinh700925 to 701010 
WAYNE SABRE2Binh Dinh701010 to 700311 
PUTNAM VALLEY2Binh Dinh701012 to 701021 
DARBY SWING2Binh Dinh701202 to 701224 
HANCOCK DRAGON2Binh Dinh701223 to 710315 

SOURCE: Situation Report Army File (SITRA), 1966-73

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