Selected Free World Military
Ground Operations
1966 - 1972

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Letter: C

NameCorps/MRProvince(s)Commenced/TerminatedAdditional Links
CAIRNS3Phuoc Tuy670723 to 670801 
CALHOUN1Quang Nam670624 to 670701 
CALOUNDRA3Phuoc Tuy670109 to 670110 
CAMDEN3Phuoc Tuy670114 to 671231 
CAMERON FALLS1Quang Tri690529 to 690623 
CAMPBELL STREAMER1Thua Thien690712 to 690813 
CANBERRA3Phuoc Tuy661005 to 661010 
CANNON1Quang Nam660907 to 660912 
CANYON1Quang Nam670405 to 670410 
CARENTAN II1Quang Tri680331 to 680517 
CARLISLE I3Phuoc Long680403 to 680407 
CAROLINA BLASTER1Thua Thien690814 to 690816 
CAROLINE HILL1Quang Nam710429 to 710701 
CASTINE3Binh Duong660819 to 660822 
CATTAHOOCHEE SWAMP1Quang Ngai680619 to 680629 
CEDAR FALLS3Binh Duong670107 to 670126 
CHAMPAIGN GROVE1Quang Ngai680903 to 680924 
CHAPMAN3Bien Hoa670216 to 670613 
CHARLESTON3Bien Hoa661127 to 661223 
CHARLTON1Quang Tri680412 to 680416 
CHEADLE BLUE2Pleiku700514 to 700528 
CHEYENNE3Binh Long660801 to 660805 
CHINOOK1Thua Thien661220 to 670216 
CHINOOK II1Thua Thien670216 to 670404 
CHISAGO PEAK1Thua Thien700725 to 700812 
CHOCTAW1Thua Thien670521 to 670709 
CIMARRON1Quang Tri670531 to 670702 
CINCINNATI3Bien Hoa670517 to 670523 
CITRUS1Quang Nam671215 to 671223 
CLARKSVILLE3Bien Hoa680323 to 680407 
CLAY1Quang Tin670131 to 670203 
CLEMENS GREEN2Darlac690626 to 690630 
CLEVELAND1Quang Nam670124 to 670125 
COBURG3Phuoc Tuy680123 to 680301 
COCHISE1Quang Tin670810 to 670827 
COCHISE GREEN/DAN SINH2Binh Dinh680305 to 690131 
COFFEE1Quang Nam660924 to 660924 
COLBY3Bien Hoa670119 to 670127 
COLGATE1Thua Thien670606 to 670611 
COLORADO1Quang Tin660805 to 660822 
COMMANCHE FALLS1Quang Tri680910 to 681107 
CONCORDIA SQUARE1Quang Tri680508 to 680516 
COOK1Quang Ngai670901 to 670910 
COOKTOWN ORCHID3Phuoc Tuy680401 to 680407 
COOPAROO3Phuoc Tuy670621 to 670701 
COP BAY4Choung Thien710503 to 710507 
COP BAY/034An Xuyen710509 to 710526 
CORONADO3Dinh Tuong670531 to 670725 
CORONADO II3Dinh Tuong670726 to 670803 
CORONADO II4An Giang670726 to 670803 
CORONADO III3Bien Hoa670804 to 670817 
CORONADO IV3Long An670819 to 670909 
CORONADO V4Dinh Tuong670911 to 671008 
CORONADO VI3Bien Hoa671010 to 671020 
CORONADO VII3Long An671020 to 671101 
CORONADO IX4Dinh Tuong671101 to 680117 
CORONADO X4Kien Hoa680118 to 680212 
CORONADO XI4Phuong Dinh680212 to 680304 
CORONADO XII4Dinh Tuong680303 to 680306 
CORONADO XII4Dinh Tuong680103 to 680306 
CORTEZ1Quang Tin661207 to 661212 
COUNTY FAIR 1-251Quang Nam670105 to 670108 
COUNTY FAIR 1-281Quang Nam670107 to 670109 
COUNTY FAIR 1-291Quang Nam670109 to 670112 
COUNTY FAIR 1-321Quang Nam670120 to 670122 
COUNTY FAIR 1-301Quang Nam670129 to 670201 
COUNTY FAIR 1-341Quang Nam670419 to 670421 
COVE1Thua Thien671118 to 671121 
CRADDOCK3Binh Duong661016 to 661016 
CRANSTON3Binh Duong660904 to 660906 
CROCKETT1Quang Tri670513 to 670716 
CROWS NEST3Phuoc Tuy660930 to 661003 
CUMBERLAND THUNDER1Thua Thien690818 to 690928 

SOURCE: Situation Report Army File (SITRA), 1966-73

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