Selected Free World Military
Ground Operations
1966 - 1972

Note: This page is currently primarily for testing styles and layout. It should not be regarded as a completely accurate or complete source of data. The information has been extracted from over 250,000 records related to large scale ground operations from the SITRA electronic data file. DCB is cross-checking these records against other sources. We will add additional operations and updated and corrected data as we develop and refine this process. In the meantime, we welcome visitors' comments, suggestions and corrections regarding this page. We are particularly interested in additional sources of information on ARVN, ROKA and RTA operations in Southeast Asia. Anyone with such information is encouraged to contact DCB Software at

Letter: I

NameCorps/MRProvince(s)Commenced/TerminatedAdditional Links
IDAHO CANYON1Quang Tri690716 to 690920 
INDEPENDENCE1Quang Nam670201 to 670209 
INGHAM3Phuoc Tuy661117 to 661203 
INTOSH JOYCE 23Bien Hoa670116 to 670117 
INTOSH JOYCE3Long Khanh670124 to 670126 
INTOSH JOYCE 43Long Khanh670318 to 670323 
INTOSH JOYCE 53Bien Hoa670331 to 670403 
INTOSH-JOYCE 63Phu Yen670513 to 670514 
INTOSH-JOYCE 73Long Khanh670627 to 670702 
INTOSH-JOYCE 93Long Khanh670717 to 670718 
INTOSH-JOYCE 103Long Khanh670726 to 670727 
INTOSH-JOYCE 113Long Khanh670728 to 670731 
INTOSH-JOYCE 123Long Khanh670816 to 670818 
INTOSH-JOYCE 143Kien Phong670821 to 670825 
INTOSH-JOYCE 153Bien Hoa670907 to 670911 
INTOSH-JOYCE 163Long Khanh670912 to 670919 
INTOSH-JOYCE 193Long Khanh670930 to 671001 
INTOSH JOYCE 233Long Khanh671004 to 671005 
INTOSH-JOYCE 243Binh Tuy671005 to 671006 
INTOSH-JOYCE 293Long Khanh671013 to 671018 
IOLA3Long Khanh670127 to 670203 
IRON MOUNTAIN1Quang Ngai690317 to 700627 
IROQUOIS GROVE1Quang Tri690618 to 690924 
IRVING2Binh Dinh661001 to 661024 

SOURCE: Situation Report Army File (SITRA), 1966-73

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