Selected Free World Military
Ground Operations
1966 - 1972

Note: This page is currently primarily for testing styles and layout. It should not be regarded as a completely accurate or complete source of data. The information has been extracted from over 250,000 records related to large scale ground operations from the SITRA electronic data file. DCB is cross-checking these records against other sources. We will add additional operations and updated and corrected data as we develop and refine this process. In the meantime, we welcome visitors' comments, suggestions and corrections regarding this page. We are particularly interested in additional sources of information on ARVN, ROKA and RTA operations in Southeast Asia. Anyone with such information is encouraged to contact DCB Software at

Letter: M

NameCorps/MRProvince(s)Commenced/TerminatedAdditional Links
MACARTHUR/BINH TAY2Kontum671011 to 690131 
MACON1Quang Nam660704 to 661028 
MADISON1Quang Nam661021 to 661023 
MAENG HO 62Binh Dinh660922 to 661009 
MAENG HO 72Binh Dinh661110 to 661125 
MAENG HO 82Binh Dinh670103 to 670303 
MAENG HO 92Binh Dinh671217 to 680130 
MAENG HO 102Binh Dinh680216 to 680401 
MAENG HO 112Binh Dinh680419 to 680426 
MAENG HO 122Binh Dinh680611 to 680719 
MAENG HO 162Binh Dinh710423 to 710514 
MAENG HO 172Binh Dinh710625 to 710711 
MAINE CRAG1Quang Tri690426 to 690502 
MAKALAPA3Gia Dinh670318 to 670421 
MALHEUR1Quang Ngai670510 to 670607 
MALHEUR II1Quang Ngai670607 to 670801 
MAMELUKE THRUST1Quang Nam680518 to 681023 
MANCHESTER3Bien Hoa671217 to 680217 
MANHATTAN3Binh Duong670422 to 670607 
MANITOWOC3Binh Duong660811 to 660813 
MARSHALL MOUNTAIN1Quang Tri681209 to 690228 
MARYLAND1Thua Thien670624 to 670627 
MASSACHUSETTS BAY1Quang Tri690110 to 690618 
MAUI PEAK1Quang Nam681005 to 681019 
MCLAIN2Binh Thuan680120 to 690131 
MEADE RIVER1Quang Nam681120 to 681209 
MEDINA1Quang Tri671010 to 671020 
Quang Ngai
710301 to 710701 
MINGO1Thua Thien680302 to 680307 
MISSISSIPPI1Quang Nam661129 to 661207 
MONTANA MAULER1Quang Tri690322 to 690403 
MONTANA MUSTANG1Quang Tri710409 to 710711 
MONTEREY1Quang Tin660928 to 660929 
MONTGOMERY3Binh Duong660930 to 661003 
MONTGOMERY RENDEZVOUS1Quang Tri690607 to 690816 
MUNCIE3Long Khanh670126 to 670215 
MURRAY BLUE2Binh Dinh700925 to 701010 
MUSCATINE1Quang Ngai671218 to 680610 

SOURCE: Situation Report Army File (SITRA), 1966-73

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