Selected Free World Military
Ground Operations
1966 - 1972

Note: This page is currently primarily for testing styles and layout. It should not be regarded as a completely accurate or complete source of data. The information has been extracted from over 250,000 records related to large scale ground operations from the SITRA electronic data file. DCB is cross-checking these records against other sources. We will add additional operations and updated and corrected data as we develop and refine this process. In the meantime, we welcome visitors' comments, suggestions and corrections regarding this page. We are particularly interested in additional sources of information on ARVN, ROKA and RTA operations in Southeast Asia. Anyone with such information is encouraged to contact DCB Software at

Letter: P

NameCorps/MRProvince(s)Commenced/TerminatedAdditional Links
PADDINGTON3Phuoc Tuy670709 to 670716 
PALM BEACH3Dinh Tuong670106 to 670531 
PARKS SILVER2Binh Dinh700301 to 701119 
PATRICK2Binh Dinh680229 to 680330 
PAUL REVERE I2Pleiku660509 to 660731 
PAUL REVERE II2Pleiku660731 to 660825 
PAUL REVERE III2Pleiku660825 to 661018 
PAUL REVERE IV2Pleiku661018 to 661231 
PAWNEE1Thua Thien660826 to 660906 
PAWNEE II1Thua Thien660908 to 660913 
PAWNEE III1Thua Thien661029 to 661224 
PECOS1Quang Nam670719 to 670726 
PEGASUS1Quang Tri680331 to 680414 
PENG MA 12Khanh Hoa670129 to 670305 
PENG MA 22Khanh Hoa670331 to 670416 
PENNSYLAVANIA SQUARE1Quang Tri700620 to 700704 
PEOPLES ROAD4Dinh Tuong680317 to 680521 
PERRY1Quang Ngai670325 to 670327 
PERSHING2Binh Dinh660211 to 670119 
PERSHING II2Binh Dinh680119 to 680229 
PICKENS FOREST1Quang Nam700716 to 700824 
PICKETT2Kontum661208 to 670119 
PIKE1Quang Nam670731 to 670803 
PINNAROO3Phuoc Tuy680305 to 680407 
PIPESTONE CANYON1Quang Nam690525 to 691107 
PITT1Quang Nam671205 to 671211 
PITTSBURG3Bien Hoa670224 to 670302 
POCAHONTAS FORREST1Quang Nam680705 to 680804 
POLESTAR1Quang Ngai660823 to 660923 
PORTLAND3Binh Long670811 to 670821 
PORTSEA3Phuoc Tuy670320 to 670416 
PRAIRIE1Quang Tri660803 to 670131 
PRAIRIE II1Quang Tri670131 to 670318 
PRAIRIE III1Quang Tri670318 to 670419 
PRAIRIE IV1Quang Tri670419 to 670531 
PUCKAPUNYAL3Phuoc Tuy670426 to 670501 
PULASKI1Quang Nam670223 to 670227 
PURPLE MARTIN1Quang Tri690426 to 690508 
PUTNAM COUGAR2Binh Dinh690921 to 691027 
PUTNAM PANTHER2Kontum690201 to 690621 
PUTNAM PARAGON2Binh Dinh700518 to 700627 
PUTNAM POWER2Binh Dinh700121 to 700207 
PUTNAM SHARK2Binh Dinh700130 to 700311 
PUTNAM TIGER2Kontum690426 to 690922 
PUTNAM VALLEY2Binh Dinh701012 to 701021 
PUTNAM WILDCAT2Binh Dinh691030 to 700118 

SOURCE: Situation Report Army File (SITRA), 1966-73

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