Air-to-Air Encounters in Southeast Asia
Volume II. F-105 Events Prior to 1 March 1967


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Background - Goals and Limitations7
Description of Interview Procedure11
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Event Date/Time Aircraft Involved
    U.S. Enemy U.S. Enemy
II-14 Apr 1965/1215H4 F-105D4 MIG-172/00/0
II-224 Jun 1965/1600H4 F-1052 MIG-150/00/0
II-35 Oct 1965/day1 F-105MIGS1/00/0
II-4Oct 1965/4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
II-516 Nov 1965/1540H6 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
II-628 Nov 1965/1212H1 F-1052 MIG-?Sighting 
II-716 Dec 1965/1630H4 F-1055 MIG-17Sighting 
II-816 Dec 1965/1625H3 F-1052 MIG-?Sighting 
II-920 Dec 1965/1600H4 F-1052 MIG-17?0/00/0
II-1016 Mar 1966/1433H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
II-1123 Apr 1966/1532H4 F-105D3 MIG-170/00/0
II-128 May 1965/1605H4 F-105D2 MIG-170/00/0
II-1310 May 1966/1621H4 F-105D4 MIG-17Sighting 
II-1410 May 1966/1800H4 F-1053 MIG-17Sighting 
II-1529 Jun 1966/1310H4 F-1054 MIG-170/21/0
II-16Jun 1966/4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
II-17Jun-Jul 1966/1500H2 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
II-187 Jul 19664 F-105D4 MIG-170/00/0
II-197 Jul 1966/1615H1 F-105D
1 F-105F
2 MIG-210/00/0
II-2012 Ju1 1966/4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
II-2111 Jul 1966/0705H1 F-105
1 F-105
2 MIG-21
2 MIG-21
II-2214 Jul 1966/4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
II-2319 Jul 1966/1611H8 F-1054 MIG-171/10/3
II-24Jul 19664 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
II-2520 Jul 1966/0842H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
II-26Jul 1966/1300H1 F-1055 MIG-17Sighting 
II-2720 Jul 1966/0850H4 F-1052 Unid.0/00/0
II-2820 Jul 1966/1446H4 F-1051 MIG-210/00/0
II-2920 Jul 1966/1602H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
II-3022 Jul 1966/1630H4 F-1053 MIG-17Sighting 
II-3125 Jul 1966/1020H4 F-1052 MIG-190/00/0
II-3212 Aug 1966/1088H4 F-1052 MIG-170/10/1?
II-3317 Aug 1966/1516H2 F-105D1 MIG-170/00/0
II-3417 Aug 1966/1502H2 F-105D2? MIG-170/00/0
II-3518 Aug 1966/1528H2 F-1052 MIG-170/11/0
II-3618 Aug 1966/1603H4 F-105D2 MIG-170/00/0
II-3718 Aug 1966/1603H2 F-105D3 MIG-170/00/0
II-3822 Aug 1966/1626H4 F-105D4 MIG-170/20/0
II-399 Sep 1966/0900H1 F-105F
1 F-105D
3 MIG-210/00/0
II-4011 Sep 19663 F-1051 Unid.Sighting 
II-4114 Sep 1966/1643H4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
II-4214 Sep 1966/1636H4 F-105D3 MIG-170/00/0
II-4314 Sep 1966/1638H4 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
II-4415 Sep 1966/1555H3 F-1052 MIG-?Sighting 
II-4516 Sep 1966/1645H4 F-1054 MIG-21Sighting 
II-4616 Sep 1966/1650H4 F-105D2 MIG-170/00/0
II-4716 Sep 1966/1647H4 F-105D4 MIG-170/00/0
II-4817 Sep 1966/0927H3 F-1051 MIG-19
3 MIG-?
II-4918 Sep 1966/0931H3 F-105D3 MIG-170/00/0
II-5018 Sep 1966/1648H2 F-105D4 MIG-170/00/0
II-5118 Sep 1966/1644H4 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
II-5218 Sep 1966/1646H4 F-105D4 MIG-170/00/0
II-5320 Sep 1966/1645H11 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
II-5421 Sep 1966/1027H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
II-5521 Sep 1966/1015H4 F-1051 MIG-170/00/1
II-5621 Sep 1966/1000H4 F-1052 MIG-170/01/0
II-5721 Sep 1966/1015H4 F-105D2 MIG-170/01/0
II-5821 Sep 1966/1025H4 F-105D4 MIG-17
2 MIG-21
II-5921 Sep 1966/1032H4 F-1053 MIG-170/00/1
II-6021 Sep 1966/1030H2 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
II-6122 Sep 1966/0845H4 F-1051 MIG-?Sighting 
II-6228 Sep 1966/4 F-1051 MIG-21?Sighting 
II-6328 Sep 1966/1725H4 F-105D4 MIG-21Sighting 
II-648 Oct 1966/1545H4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
II-658 Oct 1966/1545H4 F-1054 MIG-210/00/1?
II-668 Oct 1966/1543H4 F-1053 MIG-17
2 MIG-21
II-678 Oct 1966/1541H4 F-1054 MIG-17Sighting 
II-68Oct 1966/4 F-1051 MIG-19
II-693 Nov 1966/1556H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
II-70 [Missing]Nov 1966/4 F-1056 MIG-17Sighting 
II-71Nov 1966/4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
II-72Nov 1966/4 F-105D3 MIG-21Sighting 
II-73Nov 1966/4 F-105D1 MIG-21Sighting 
II-74Nov 1966/4 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
II-752 Dec 1966/1425H4 F-1054 MIG-210/00/0
II-762 Dec 1966/1430H4 F-1051 MIG-210/00/0
II-773 Dec 1966/1220H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
II-783 Dec 1966/1240H4 F-1052 MIG-15/17Sighting 
II-793 Dec 1966/1213H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
II-804 Dec 1966/1040H4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
II-814 Dec 1966/4 F-105D1 MIG-?Sighting 
II-824 Dec 1966/1040H4 F-1052 MIG-?Sighting 
II-834 Dec 1966/1637H4 F-1058-10 MIG-170/00/0
II-844 Dec 1966/1642H4 F-10516 MIG-170/01?/0
II-854 Dec 1966/1645H4 F-1052 MIG-17
2 MIG-21
II-864 Dec 1966/1706H4 F-105D4 MIG-17Sighting 
II-874 Dec1966/1705H4 F-1054 MIG-170/01/0
II-884 Dec 1966/1715H4 F-1059 MIG-170/00/0
II-894 Dec 1966/1713H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
II-905 Dec 1966/1012H4 F-105D2 MIG-210/00/0
II-915 Dec 1966/1015H4 F-1054 MIG-210/00/0
II-925 Dec 1966/1530H3 F-105D1 MIG-170/00/0
II-935 Dec 1966/1630H2 F-105F
2 F-105D
4 MIG-210/00/0
II-945 Dec 1966/1652H1 F-105F
3 F-105D
2 MIG-171/00/0
II-955 Dec 1966/1655H4 F-1058 Unid.Sighting 
II-968 Dec 1966/1615H8 F-1058 MIG-210/00/0
II-9713 Dec 1966/1610H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
II-9813 Dec 1966/1600H16 F-105D? MIGS0/00/0
II-9914 Dec 1966/1625H4 F-105D6 MIG-211/00/0
II-10014 Dec 1966/1530H4 F-105D6 MIG-21
6 MIG-17
II-10114 Dec 1966/1707H4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
II-10214 Dec 1966/1615H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
II-10314 Dec 1966/1704H2 F-1052 MIG Poss0/00/0
II-10414 Dec 1966/1650H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
II-10514 Dec 1966/1613H4 F-105? MIGS0/00/0
II-10614 Dec 1966/1 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
II-10719 Dec 1966/1548H4 F-105D2 MIG-17
2 MIG-21
II-10819 Dec 1966/1600H4 F-1051 MIG-21C
4 MIG-?
II-10919 Dec 1966/1605H4 F-105D4 MIG-?Sighting 
II-11019 Dec 1966/1603H4 F-105D6 MIG-170/00/0
II-11119 Dec 1966/1600H4 F-105D4 MIG-21Sighting 
II-11219 Dec 1966/1603H4 F-1052 MIG-17
2 MIG-?
II-11319 Dec 1966/1549H4 F-105D2 MIG-210/00/0
II-11419 Dec 1966/1545H4 F-10514 MIG-170/00/0
II-11519 Dec 1966/1547H4 F-105D9 MIG-17Sighting 
II-11619 Dec 1966/1545H4 F-105D4 MIG-210/00/0
II-117Dec 19664 F-105D2 MIG-210/00/0
II-1182 Jan 1967/1510H2 F-105D
2 F-105F
2 MIG-21Sighting 
II-1196 Jan 1967/1534H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
II-1207 Jan 1967/late afternoon4 F-1054 MIG-210/00/0
II-1217 Jan 1967/late afternoon4 F-1054 MIG-210/00/0
II-1227 Jan 1967/0830H20 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
II-1238 Jan 1967/0825H4 F-105D4 MIG-21Sighting 
II-12415 Jan 1967/1615H8 F-1054 MIG-210/00/0
II-12515 Jan 1967/1645H4 F-105D1 MIG-21Sighting 
II-12616 Jan 1967/0818H4 F-1054? MIG-?Sighting 
II-12716 Jan 1967/0838H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
II-12816 Jan 1967/0825H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
II-12916 Jan 1967/0825H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
II-13017 Jan 1967/0759H4 F-1054 MIG-210/00/0
II-13116 Jan 1967/1538H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
II-13217 Jan 1967/0838H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
II-13317 Jan 1967/0715H4 F-105? MIGS0/00/0
II-13417 Jan 1967/1609H3 F-1051 MIG-?Sighting 
II-13517 Jan 1967/0820H4 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
II-13621 Jan 1967/0844H4 F-105D4 MIG-210/00/0
II-13721 Jan 1967/0442H4 F-105D3 MIG-210/00/0
II-13821 Jan 1967/1605H4 F-1058 MIG-17
2 MIG-21
II-13921 Jan 1967/0844H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
II-14021 Jan 1967/1525H4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
II-14121 Jan 1967/08404 F-105D10? MIG-210/00/0
II-14221 Jan 1967/1522H4 F-105D5 MIG-170/00/0
II-14321 Jan 1967/1621H4 F-105D2 MIG-190/00/0
II-14421 Jan 1967/1620H4 F-1055-8 MIG-170/10/0
II-14522 Jan 1967/0936H4 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
II-14627 Jan 1967/4 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
II-14729 Jan 1967/4 F-105D3 MIG-210/00/0
II-1484 Feb 1967/0848H4 F-1054 MIG-21Sighting 
II-1494 Feb 1967/0730H4 F-1056 MIG-21Sighting 
II-1504 Feb 1967/0859H4 F-1053 Unid.Sighting 
II-1514 Feb 1967/1600H4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0