Air-to-Air Encounters in Southeast Asia
Volume III. Events From 1 March 1967 to 1 August 1967 and Miscellaneous Events


Data Sources1
Data Presentation3
Background - Goals and Limitations5
Description of Interview Procedure9
General Comments on Data11


Event Date/Time Aircraft Involved
    U.S. Enemy U.S. Enemy
III-13 Apr 1965/1110H4 A-4C1 MIG-170/00/0
III-24 Apr 1965/1150H4 F-100D1 MIG-170/01/0?
III-34 Apr 1965/1150H4 F-100D2 MIG-171/00/0
III-414 May 1965/unknown?? F-104? MIG0/00/0
III-520 May 1965/1235H1 RB-661 MIGSighting0/0
III-620 May 1965/1300HMIGCAP2 MIG0/00/0
III-720 Jun 1965/1835H4 A-1H2 MIG-170/01/0
III-812 Oct 1965/day2 RF-1012 MIG-170/00/0
III-915 Nov 1965/1445H2 RF-1012 MIG0/00/0
III-1016 Nov 1965/1638H2 RF-1012 MIGSighting 
III-1125 Nov 1965/1448H6 A-4E
2 A-4C
3 MIG-17?0/00/0
III-1225 Nov 1965/1510H2 RF-8A2 MIG-19Sighting 
III-1326 Nov 1965/1123H2 RF-1014-6 MIG0/00/0
III-1415 Jan 1966/1200H1 RF-8A
1 F-8C
1 MIG-21Sighting 
III-1519 Jan 1966/0950H2 F-4B
1 EA-3B
III-1619 Jan 1966/0953H1 EA-3B Radar 
III-1720 Jan 1966/0832H1 F-4B
1 EA-3B
III-188 Feb 1966/1000H1 F-4B2 UnidentifiedRadar 
III-1910 Feb 1966/1349H1 EA-3B3 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-2012 Feb 1966/1440H2 RF-1012 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-2120 Feb 1966/Unknown1 EA-3B
1 F-4B
1 MIG-17D (Poss)Radar 
III-2215 Mar 1966/1121H2 RF-1011 MIGSighting 
III-2317 Mar 1966/1222H2 RF-1018 MIGSighting 
III-248 Apr 1966/0906H2 F-4C1 MIG?0/00/0
III-2512 Apr 1966/unknownKA-3BMIGs1/00/0
III-2627 Apr 1966/Unknown2 F-4C? UnidentifiedRadar 
III-2728 Apr 1966/1405H2 F-4B1 UnidentifiedRadar 
III-2829 Apr 1966/1745H1 A-1E1 MIG1/00/0
III-2912 Jul 1966/1135H2 A-4C
1 A-4E
1 MIG-15
1 MIG-15/17
III-3024 Jul 1966/1805HEC-121 M1 MIG-21Radar 
III-3129 Jul 1966/1610H1 RC-47MIGs1/00/0
III-3216 Aug 1966/--56H4 A-42 MIG-170/00/0
III-3323 Aug 1966/1135H2 A-43 MIG-17Sighting 
III-3410 Sep 1966/0830HEC-1211 MIG-170/00/0
III-3510 Sep 1965/0941H1 EB-66B
4 F-4C
2 MIG-21Sighting 
III-3610 Sep 1966/2020H2 F-4BMIGsRadar 
III-3724 Sep 1966/2020H2 F-4B1 UnidentifiedRadar 
III-385 Oct 1966/0235H1 F-4BUnidentifiedRadar 
III-396 0ct 1966/0026H1 E-1BUnidentifiedRadar 
III-409 Oct 1966/1013H4 A-1H4 MIG-170/01/1
III-4110 Oct 1966/UnknownEA-3BUnidentifiedRadar 
III-4210 Oct 1966/1450H4 F-4CUnidentifiedRadar 
III-43Nov 1966/Unknown2 RF-1012 MIG-19Sighting 
III-4428 Nov 1966/1155M2 F-8EMIG (Poss)Radar 
III-4528 Nov 1966/1412H4 F-4C
1 EB-66C
MIG (Poss)Radar 
III-462 Dec 1966/1420H4 F-4BUnidentifiedRadar 
III-474 Dec 1966/0818HEB-66C2 MIG-21Sighting 
III-484 Dec 1966/1130H2 F-4C2 UnidentifiedRadar 
III-495 Dec 1966/1057H2 EB-661 MIG-210/00/0
III-5014 Dec 1966/1602HUSN A/C1 MIG-21 (Poss)Sighting 
III-511 Jan 1967/1545H2 RF-101MIGsRadar 
III-522 Jan 1967/1315H1 RF-4C2 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-533 Jan 1967/0734H1 RF-4C1 UnidentifiedRadar 
III-546 Jan 1967/0919H2 EB-662 MIG0/00/0
III-5515 Jan 1967/0905H1 C-1351 MIG-17Sighting 
III-5616 Jan 1967/1035H1 RF-1011 MIG (Poss)Sighting 
III-5716 Jan 1967/1555H1 EB-662 MIG-17Sighting 
III-5816 Jan 1967/1855H1 RF-4C2 MIG0/00/0
III-5917 Jan 1967/1539H1 EB-66B1 MIG-21Sighting 
III-6017 Jan 1967/1540H2 RF-1012 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-6120 Jan 1967/0955H4 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
III-6221 Jan 1967/0825H2 F-4C2 MIG-21Sighting 
III-6321 Jan 1967/1613H3 F-4C2 Unidentified0/00/0
III-6421 Jan 1967/1620H4 F-1031 MIG-17Sighting 
III-6522 Jan 1967/1600H2 F-1024 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-6622 Jan 1967/1130H1 B-661 MIG-170/00/0
III-6728 Jan 1967/1620H2 RF-1012 MIG-17Sighting 
III-6828 Jan 1967/1629H4 F-1053 MIG-21Sighting 
III-6928 Jan 1967/1632H4 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
III-704 Feb 1967/Unknown3 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
III-715 Feb 1967/1154H3 F-4C1 Unidentified0/00/0
III-7210 Feb 1967/1418H2 RF-101
1 IL-14
1 MIG-19/21
1 MIG 6
III-7316 Feb 1967/1624H4 F-105
4 F-4C
2 MIG-?Sighting 
III-7419 Feb 1967/0859H3 F-1053 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-7519 Feb 1967/0902H4 F-4C2 MIG-?0/00/0
III-7622 Feb 1967/1624H4 F-1054 MIG-21Sighting 
III-7723 Feb 1967/1500H2 RF-4C2 MIGsSighting 
III-7823 Feb 1967/1532H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
III-7925 Feb 1967/0948H1 RF-1012 Unidentified0/00/0
III-8025 Feb 1967/1105H1 RF-4C2 Unidentified0/00/0
III-815 Mar 1967/0703H1 RF-4C? MIG0/00/0
III-825 Mar 1967/1615H4 F-1051 MIG-15Sighting 
III-837 Mar 1967/1618H2 RF-4C2 MIG-17 (Poss)Sighting 
III-848 Mar 1967/1400H2 RF-4C1 MIG-17
4 Unidentified
III-858 Mar 1967/1603H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
III-869 Mar 1967/0351H1 RF-4C1 MIG (poss)Radar 
III-8710 Mar 1967/1553H4 F-4C
4 F-105
1 MIG-210/00/0
III-8810 Mar 1967/1556H4 F-1053 MIG-17Sighting 
III-8910 Mar 1967/1556H12 F-1052 MIG-21
4 MIG-17D
III-9010 Mar 1967/Afternoon2 F-1054 MIG-210/00/0
III-9110 Mar 1967/1558H4 F-1051 MIG-170/00/0
III-9211 Mar 1967/Unknown4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-9312 Mar 1967/4 F-4C1 MIGSighting 
III-9416 Mar 1967/1650H2 RF-4C2 MIG-17Sighting 
III-9526 Mar 1967/1616H4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-9626 Mar 1967/1613H4 F-1054 MIG-17
1 MIG-21
III-9726 Mar 1967/1017H4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-9826 Mar 1967/1620H1 B-662 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-9926 Mar 1967/1645H2 RF-4C1 MIG-210/00/0
III-10026 Mar 1967/1620H4 F-1051 MIG-170/00/0
III-10126 Mar 1967/Unknown4 F-4C3 MIG-170/00/0
III-10226 Mar 1967/1615H3 F-4C8 MIG-170/00/0
III-10327 Mar 1967/1617H1 B-661 MIG-21Sighting 
III-10429 Mar 1967/1641H4 F-1052 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-10529 Mar 1967/Unknown4 F-4CUnidentified0/00/0
III-10630 Mar 1967/0945H4 F-1053 MIG-21Sighting 
III-10730 Mar 1967/1641H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
III-1086 Apr 1967/1610H2 RF-4C2 MIG-210/00/0
III-1098 Apr 1967/1635H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
III-11011 Apr 1967/1325H2 F-1041 MIGSighting 
III-11111 Apr 1967/1615H4 F-105D3 MIG-210/00/0
III-11212 Apr 1967/1239H4 F-1052 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-11313 Apr 1967/1415H2 F-4B1 MIG0/00/0
III-11419 Apr 1967/1655H4 F-1058-10 MIG-171/0 (Prob)1/0
III-11519 Apr 1967/Unknown2 RF-4C2 MIG0/00/0
III-11619 Apr 1967/1658H4 F-10511 MIG-170/12/0
III-11719 Apr 1967/1702H4 F-105D
2 A-1E
11 MIG-171/01/4
III-11819 Apr 1967/1700H4 F-105D2 MIG-170/00/0
III-11919 Apr 1967/1700H4 F-105D7 MIG-170/00/0
III-12019 Apr 1967/1709H4 F-4C
4 F-4C
4 F-4C
4 MIG-17 (Poss)
2 MIG-17
2 MIG-17
III-12120 Apr 1967/0856H4 F-1053 MIG-170/00/0
III-12220 Apr 1967/0913H4 F-1051 MIG-210/00/0
III-12321 Apr 1967/1629H4 F-1052 MIG ?
2 MIG-17
III-12421 Apr 1967/1653H4 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
III-12522 Apr 1967/1534H4 F-1056 MIG-170/00/0
III-12622 Apr 1967/1635H2 RF-4C1 MIG-210/00/0
III-12722 Apr 1967/1542H4 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
III-12822 Apr 1967/1635H4 F-1052 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-12922 Apr 1967/1638H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
III-13023 Apr 1967/1622H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
III-13123 Apr 1967/1623H8 F-1056 MIG-21
3 Unidentified
III-13223 Apr 1967/1655H3 F-4C4 MIG-210/00/0
III-13323 Apr 1967/1652H4 F-4C1 MIG-170/00/0
III-13424 Apr 1967/0945H1 F-4C1 MIG-210/00/0
III-13524 Apr 1967/1615H4 F-1051 MIG-17
6 MIG-21
III-13624 Apr 1967/1612H2 F-105D
2 F-105F
4 MIG-170/00/0
III-13724 Apr 1967/1645H2 F-4B7 MIG-170/02/0 (Prob)
III-13824 Apr 1967/1619H4 F-1056 MIG21
1 MIG-17
III-13924 Apr 1967/1700H4 F-4C3 MIG-17Sighting 
III-14024 Apr 1967/1700H1 A-6A1 MIG0/00/0
III-14125 Apr 1967/1002H4 F-10510 MIG-17
2 MIG-21
III-14225 Apr 1967/1005H4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-14325 Apr 1967/1002H4 F-1051 MIG-170/00/0
III-14425 Apr 1967/1000H4 F-105MIGsSighting 
III-14525 Apr 1967/1005H3 F-1053 MIG-170/00/0
III-14625 Apr 1967/1005H4 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
III-14725 Apr 1967/1109H2 F-8E2 MIG-17D0/00/1 (Poss)
III-14825 Apr 1967/1000H4 F-1053 MIG-170/00/0
III-14925 Apr 1967/1017H2 EB-622
2 RF-4C
3 MIG-210/00/0
III-15025 Apr 1967/1112H2 A-4C2 MIG-171/00/0
III-15125 Apr 1967/1006H4 F-105D4 MIG-17Sighting 
III-15226 Apr 1967/1616H4 F-1054 MIG-17Sighting 
III-15326 Apr 1967/1617H4 F-1058 MIG-17
1 MIG-21
III-15426 Apr 1967/1620H4 F-105D8 MIG-170/00/0
III-15526 Apr 1967/1620H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
III-15626 Apr 1967/1620H4 F-105D2 MIG-21Sighting 
III-15726 Apr 1967/1624H4 F-4C10 MIG-210/01/0
III-15828 Apr 1967/1640H4 F-4C2 MIG-21Sighting 
III-15928 Apr 1967/1630H4 F-1058 MIG-17Sighting 
III-16028 Apr 1967/1653H4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
III-16128 Apr 1967/1630H4 F-1058 MIG-170/00/0
III-16228 Apr 1967/1635H2 F-105D9 MIG-170/01/0
III-16328 Apr 1967/1636H4 F-105D1 MIG-170/01/0
III-16428 Apr 1967/1636H4 F-1051 MIG-170/00/0
III-16528 Apr 1967/1648H2 F-105F
1 F-105D
5 MIG-170/00/0
III-16628 Apr 1967/Unknown4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-16728 Apr 1967/1653H4 F-1051 MIG-170/00/0
III-16828 Apr 1967/1700H4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-16929 Apr 1967/1110H1 RF-1011 MIG-21Sighting 
III-17029 Apr 1967/1615H4 F-1052 MIG-21
2 MIG-17
III-17129 Apr 1967/1615H4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-17229 Apr 1967/1615H4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-17329 Apr 1967/1612H4 F-4C13 MIG-170/01/0
III-17429 Apr 1967/1700H2 F-105
2 F-105
2 MIG-17
1 MIG-21
III-17529 Apr 1967/1615H4 F-1051 MIG-170/00/0
III-17630 Apr 1967/0226H1 RF-4C1 MIGRadar 
III-17730 Apr 1967/0900H4 F-1054 MIG-17Sighting 
III-17830 Apr 1967/0900H4 F-1052 MIGSighting 
III-17930 Apr 1967/0905H3 F-4C12 MIGs0/00/0
III-18030 Apr 1967/0906H1 F-1052 MIG-170/01/0
III-18130 Apr 1967/0923H4 F-1051 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-18230 Apr 1967/1521H2 RF-4C2 MIG0/00/0
III-18330 Apr 1967/1648H4 F-1052 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-18430 Apr 1967/1624H2 F-105MIGs2/00/0
III-18530 Apr 1967/1715H4 F-1052 MIG-211/00/0
III-18630 Apr 1967/1713H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
III-1871 May1 1967/1015H4 F-1056-8 MIG-170/00/0
III-1881 May 1967/1250H1 F-4B2 MIG-170/00/0
III-1891 May 1967/1008H4 F-4C8 MIG-17Sighting 
III-1901 May 1967/1021H4 F-4C8 MIG-170/01/0
III-1911 May 1967/1011H4 F-1058 MIG-170/00/0
III-1921 May 1967/Unknown4 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
III-1931 May 1967/Unknown4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
III-1941 May 1967/1245H2 F-8E4 MIG-170/01/1
III-1951 May 1967/1248H4 F-8C2 MIG-170/00/0
III-1961 May 1967/1256H3 A-4CMIG-17s0/00/0
III-1971 May 1967/1255H2 A-4C2 MIG-170/01/0
III-1981 May 1967/1244H4 A-4E3 MIG-170/00/0
III-1991 May 1967/1710H2 F-4C2 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-2001 May 1967/1718H8 F-1053 MIG-17Sighting 
III-2011 May 1967/Unknown? F-4? MIGsSighting 
III-2021 May 1967/1725H4 F-4C3 MIG-170/00/0
III-2032 May 1967/0951H4 F-1051 MIG-21 (Poss)Sighting 
III-2042 May 1967/0917H4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
III-2053 May 1967/1630H2 RF-1011 MIG0/00/0
III-2063 May 1967/1705H3 RF-4C1 MIG-210/00/0
III-2073 May 1967/1435H4 F-4C2 MIG-21
5 MIG-17
III-2083 May 1967/1710H4 F-4C2-3 Unidentified0/00/0
III-2094 May 1967/1425H4 F-4C2 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-2104 May 1967/1433H4 F-4C4 MIG-17
4 MIG-21
III-2114 May 1967/1435H4 F-1051 MIG-21
2 MIG-17
III-2124 May 1967/1435H4 F-1051 MIG-210/00/0
III-2134 May 1967/1615H2 RF-4C2 MIG-17Sighting 
III-2144 May 1967/1441H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
III-2154 May 1967/1453H1 EB-66C1 Unidentified0/00/0
III-2165 May 1967/1730H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
III-2174 May 1967/14538 F-1051 MIG-210/00/0
III-2185 May 1967/Unknown8 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
III-2198 May 1967/0343H1 RF-4CUnidentified0/00/0
III-22012 May 1967/1638H4 F-4C2 MIG-21Sighting 
III-22112 May 1967/1638H12 F-1052 MIG-21
5 MIG-17
III-22212 May 1967/1644H4 F-4C5 MIG-171/00/0
III-22312 May 1967/1642H4 F-1055 MIG-170/00/0
III-22412 May 1967/1642H4 F-105? MIG-170/00/0
III-22512 May 1967/1643H4 F-1054 MIG-170/01/0
III-22612 May 1967/1645H4 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
III-22712 May 1967/1755H2 F-1051 MIG-210/00/0
III-22812 May 1967/1618H4 F-1056 MIG-170/00/0
III-22913 May 1967/1610H2 RF-4C1 MIG-210/00/0
III-23013 May 1967/1623H1 F-1051 MIG-170/01/0
III-23113 May 1967/1623H4 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
III-23213 May 1967/1610H4 F-4C9 MIG-170/00/0
III-23313 May 1967/1620H5 F-1053 MIG-170/02/0
III-23413 May 1967/1621H4 F-4C10 MIG-170/02/0
III-23513 May 1967/1621H4 F-1055 MIG-170/00/0
III-23613 May 1967/1622H4 F-1053 MIG-170/02/0
III-23713 May 1967/1617H4 F-105D6 MIG-170/00/2
III-23813 May 1967/1623H4 F-1057 MIG-170/00/0
III-23914 May 1967/1605H4 F-4C16 MIG-170/02/0
III-24014 May 1967/1611H4 F-4C10 MIG-170/01/0
III-24114 May 1967/1600H4 F-105D2 MIG-170/00/0
III-24214 May 1967/1600H4 F-105D6 MIG-17Sighting 
III-24314 May 1967/1611H4 F-105D2 MIG-21
4 MIG-17
III-24414 May 1967/1614H1 F-105F
3 F-105D
4-5 MIG-170/00/0
III-24519 May 1967/Unknown2 F-8E2 MIG-170/02/0
III-24619 May 1967/Unknown4 F-8C1 MIG-170/01/0
III-24719 May 1967/A.M.2 F-8C2 MIG-170/01/0
III-24819 May 1967/1140H2 A-6A3 MIG-210/00/0
III-24919 May 1967/1530H2 A-4C5 MIGsSighting 
III-25019 May 1967/1630H3 F-4C1 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-25119 May 1967/1641H4 F-1054 MIG-17Sighting 
III-25220 May 1967/1629H8 F-4C12-15 MIG-171/04/0
III-25320 May 1967/1610H3 F-4C
2 EB-66
1 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-25420 May 1967/1630H3 F-1057 MIG-170/00/0
III-25520 May 67/1630H4 F-4C1 MIG
1 Unidentified
III-25620 May 1967/1630H4 F-105D2 MIG-170/00/0
III-25720 May 1967/1630H4 F-105D8 MIG-170/00/0
III-25820 May 1967/1625H4 F-4C4-5 MIG-210/02/0
III-25920 May 1967/1628H2 F-105
2 F-105D
3 MIG-210/00/0
III-26020 May 1967/1630H4 F-1051 MIG-170/00/0
III-26121 May 1967/0853H4 F-4C1 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-26221 May 1967/0856H8 F-1051 MIG-17
2 Unidentified
III-26321 May 1967/0900H4 F-4C2 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-26421 May 1967/0905H4 F-1052 Unidentified0/00/0
III-26521 May 1967/1420H2 RF-4CUnidentified0/00/0
III-26621 May 1967/1616H3 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
III-26721 May 1967/1620H2 F-4C2 MIG-17Sighting 
III-26821 May 1967/1034H3 EB-661 MIGSighting 
III-26921 May 1967/Unknown4 A-43 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-27022 May 1967/0903H4 F-4C3 MIG-170/00/0
III-27122 May 1967/1351H2 RF-1012 MIG (Prob)Sighting 
III-27221 May 1967/1500H4 A-4E2 MIG-?
1 MIG-17
III-27322 May 1967/1445H2 RF-4C3 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-27422 May 1967/1527H4 F-1052 MIG-170/00/0
III-27522 May 1967/1527H4 F-4C2 MIG-170/00/0
III-27622 May 1967/1605H4 F-1051 MIG-21
1 MIG-?
III-27722 May 1967/1605H4 F-4C4 MIG-21D0/02/0
III-27822 May 1967/1606H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
III-27922 May 1967/1611H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
III-28022 May 1967/Unknown4 F-1051 MIG-210/00/0
III-28124 May 1967/1715H4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-28225 May 1967/0858H3 F-4C1 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-28330 May 1967/1610H6 F-4C2 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-28430 May 1967/1516H4 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
III-28530 May 1967/1612H4 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
III-28620 May 1967/1616H4 F-1054 MIG-17Sighting 
III-28720 May 1967/1616H2 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
III-28820 May 1967/1616H4 F-1051 MIG-170/00/0
III-28930 May 1967/1635H4 F-4C? UnidentifiedSighting 
III-29030 May 1967/1656H4 F-4C6 MIG-17
3 MIG-21
III-29131 May 1967/1551H4 F-4C4 MIG-171/00/0
III-29231 May 1967/1610H4 F-4C1 MIG-170/00/0
III-29331 May 1967/1648H3 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
III-29431 May 1967/1650H4 F-1054 MIG-17Sighting 
III-29531 May 1967/1650H4 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
III-29631 May 1967/1650H4 F-1056 MIG-17Sighting 
III-29731 May 1967/1700H4 F-4C1 MIG-17 (Poss)Sighting 
III-2982 Jun 1967/0930H4 F-1052 MIG-210/00/0
III-2992 Jun 1967/1528H4 F-48-10 MIG-170/03/0 ?
III-3002 Jun 1967/1015H8 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
III-3012 Jun 1967/1630H4 F-4C1 MIG-17Sighting 
III-3022 Jun 1967/1633H2 F-1054 MIG-170/00/0
III-3032 Jun 1967/1628H4 F-48-10 MIG-170/00/0
III-3043 Jun 1967/1640H2 F-4D
2 F-4C
5 MIG-170/00/0
III-3053 Jun 1967/1650H2 F-4C
2 F-4D
2 MIG-17
1 MIG-21
III-3063 Jun 1967/1651H2 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
III-3073 Jun 1967/1653H4 F-1052 MIG-21
1 MIG-17
III-3083 Jun 1967/1652H3 F-1053 MIG-170/02/0
III-3096 Jun 1967/1638H4 F-1055 MIG-17
3 MIG-21
III-3105 Jun 1967/1643H4 F-1056 MIG-21Sighting 
III-3115 Jun 1967/1646H4 F-1053 MIG-21
6 MIG-17
III-3125 Jun 1967/1742H2 F-4D
2 F-4C
6-7 MIG-170/01/0
III-3135 Jun 1967/1545M4 F-4C4 MIG-170/01/0
III-3145 Jun 1967/1535H2 F-4D
2 F-4C
8-12 MIG-170/01/0
III-3156 Jun 1967/0412H1 RF-4C1 MIG (Poss)Radar 
III-3166 Jun 1967/1540H4 F-1051 MIG-17Sighting 
III-3177 Jun 1967/2137H1 F-105F1 Unidentified0/00/0
III-31811 Jun 1967/0900H4 F-1051 MIG-210/00/0
III-31910 Jun 1967/1312H2 RF-4C1 MIG-210/00/0
III-32011 Jun 1967/0909H1 F-1052 MIGSighting 
III-32111 Jun 1967/0915H4 F-1052 MIG-17
2 MIG-21
III-32211 Jun 1967/0930H1 RF-1011 MIG-210/00/0
III-32311 Jun 1967/1645H4 F-1053 Unidentified0/00/0
III-32411 Jun 1967/1634H3 F-1052 MIG-17Sighting 
III-32511 Jun 1967/1658H2 F-1052 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-32612 Jun 1967/1604H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
III-32713 Jun 1967/1636H4 F-105? MIGSighting 
III-32813 Jun 67/1639H8 F-10510-11 MIG-21Sighting 
III-32916 Jun 1967/1615H2 RF-4C1 MIG-17Sighting 
III-33018 Jun 1967/0902H4 F-1051 MIG-21Sighting 
III-33119 Jun 1967/0931H4 F-1052 MIG-21Sighting 
III-33220 Jun 1967/1635H4 F-4C2 UnidentifiedSighting 
III-33321 Jun 1967/0900H4 F-1052 MIGSighting 
III-33423 Jun 1967/0050H1 F-1051 MIGSighting 
III-33523 Jun 1967/0050H4 F-1051 Unidentified0/00/0
III-33627 Jun 1967/0916H3 F-4C1 MIG-21
1 Unidentified
III-33726 Jun 1967/1732H1 F-4C2 MIG-171/00/0
III-33827 Jun 1967/0920H? F-105
? F-4C-D
2 MIG-17Sighting 
III-33929 Jun 1967/1710H2 EA-1F2 Unidentified0/00/0
III-34011 Jul 1967/0838H4 A-45 MIG-210/00/0
III-34117 Jul 1967/0900H4 F-8
1 A-4E
2 MIG-210/00/0
III-34218 Jul 1967/1402H4 A-4E4 MIG-210/00/0
III-34319 Jul 1967/1650Z4 F-4D8 MIG-170/00/0
III-34420 Jul 1967/1652H4 F-4C1 MIG-210/00/0
III-34521 Jul 1967/1519H1 A-4C
4 F-8C
8 MIG-17D0/21/2
III-34627 Jul 1967/1600H2 F-4C2 MIG-210/01/0