Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

A&AFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Service
A&DSLAdministrative and Direct Support Logistics
AAAir-to-Air weapon
AAAAir Assault Ambush Flight Operation
AAAAntiaircraft Artillery
AACAutonomous Administrative Committee
AACTAerial Aviation Control Team
AADARVN Associated Depot
AAD-LBARVN Associated Depot Long Binh
AAEArmy Aviation Element
AAEOIAssociated American Engineers Overseas, Incorporated
AAFArmy Airfield
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange System
AAFPSArmy Air Force Postal Service
AAFRESAir Force Regional Exchange System
AAGArmy Advisory Group
AAMAir-to-Air missile
AAOSArmy Aviation Operations Section
AASAutomatic Addressing System
AATTAustralian Army Training Team
AATTVAustralian Army Training Team, Vietnam
AAVSCOMArmy Aviation Support Command (United States)
AAWCAnti-Air-Warfare Commander
ABAir Base
AB&TAlaska Barge & Transport, Inc.
ABCAirborne Communication
ABCAmerican Broadcasting Company
ABCCAirborne Communications Center
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command and Control Center
ABDAccumulated Bomb Damage
ABTAlaska Barge & Transport
AC&WAircraft Control and Warning
ACAAircraft Clearance Authority
ACATArmored Cavalry Assault Troop
ACAVArmored Cavalry Assault Vehicle
ACCArmy Calibration Center
ACCArmy Component Command (er)
ACEArchitectural and Engineering
ACIAirborne Communication Intercept
ACMAir Chief Marshal
ACMAir Combat Maneuvering
ACMArmy Commendation Medal
ACOAdministrative Contracting Officer
ACofS/ACOSAssistant Chief of Staff
ACRArmored Cavalry Regiment
ACSAir Commando Squadron
ACSArmored Cavalry Squadron
ACSFORAssistant Chief of Staff for Force Development
ACTAir Combat Tactics
ACTIVArmy Concept Team in Vietnam
ACTOVAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese
ACTOVCARDAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese Automated Records
ACTOVCOMMAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese Communications
ACTOVINTAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese Intelligence
ACTOVLOGAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese Logistics
ACTOVMED/DENTAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese Medical/Dental
ACTOVOPSAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese Operations
ACTOVPLANAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese Plan
ACTOVPOWAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese Prisoners of War
ACTOVRADAccelerated Turnover to Vietnamese Radar
ACWAir Commando Wing
ACYArmed Combat Youth
ADAir Defense
ADAir Division
AD(2)2d Air Division
ADAAir Defense Artillery
ADBAgriculture Development Bank
ADFAutomatic Direction Finder
ADIZAir Defense Identification Zone
ADLMSAerial Delivered Land Mines System
ADMAp Doi Moi (New Real Life Hamlet)
ADMIN & FINAdministration and Finance
ADPAutomatic Data Processing
ADPEAutomatic Data Processing Equipment
ADPSAutomatic Data Processing System
ADSIDAir Deliverable Seismic Intrusion Detectors
ADSRSAutomatic Document Storage and Retrieval System
ADTATAir Defense Technical Assistance Team
ADVONAdvanced Echelon
AEAdvisory Element
AESFAmphibious Evacuation Security Force
AEWAirborne Early Warning
AFAir Force
AFAGAir Force Advisory Group
AFAKArmed Forces Assistance to Korea
AFATAir Force Advisory Team
AFBAir Force Base
AFCAir Force Cross
AFCArmed Forces Council
AFCAutomatic Frequency Control
AFCCAir Force Component Command (er)
AFCCCAir Force Command and Control Center
AFCMAir Force Commendation Medal
AFDArmed Forces Directory
AFDLAuxiliary Floating Dry Dock
AFESAir Force Evaluation System (SEER)
AFGPAir Force Advisory Group
AFGP/DOAir Force Advisory Group Directorate of Operations
AFLCAir Force Logistics Command (United States)
AFLSArmed Forces Language School
AFLSTArmed Forces Language Screening Test
AFMAir Force Manual
AFPAnnual Funding Program
AFPArmed Forces of the Philippine
AFPCSAir Force Postal and Courier Service
AFRSArmed Forces Radio Service
AFRTSAmerican Forces Radio and Television Service
AFRTSArmed Forces Radio and Television Service
AFSCAir Force Specialty Code
AFSCAir Force Systems Command
AFTFAir Force Task Force
AFTU-VAir Force Test Unit, Vietnam
AFVAustralian Force, Vietnam
AFVNAir Force Vietnam
AFVNAmerican Forces Vietnam Network
AGAdjutant General
AGEAerospace Ground Equipment
AGILAirborne General Illumination Light Set
AGLAbove Ground Level
AGMAir to Ground Missile
AGPMotor Torpedo Boat Tender (Auxiliary General Purpose)
AHBAssault Helicopter Battalion
AHCAssault Helicopter Company
AIAssistant Instructor
AI RadarAirborne Intercept Radar
AIDAgency for International Development (See USAID)
AIGAddress Indicator Group
AIKAide- in- Kind
AIMAir Intercept Missile
AIM-7 (D&E models) (SPARROW)Semiactive radar type, air-to-air missile.
AIM-9 (B&D models) (SIDEWINDER)Passive IR type, air-to-air missile.
AIM-9C (SIDEWINDER)Radar guided air-to-air missile.
AIMIArmy Intensified Management Item
AIMIArmy Intensified Management Item
AIMIAviation Intensely Managed Item(s)
AIRAAir Attache
Aircraft commanderDesignated pilot-in-command of a given aircraft (Air Force name for front seater in F-4).
AIRDEVRON EIGHT WPDAir Development Squadron Eight, Western Pacific Detachment
AITAdvanced Individual Training
AKAutomatic Rifle (Soviet or CHICOM)
AKLAuxiliary Cargo Lighter/Auxiliary Light Cargo Ship
ALCArea/Air/Army Logistics Command
ALCCAirlift Control Center
ALKALISoviet air-to-air missile - radar beam rider type.
AllianceThe Alliance of National and Democratic Peace forces of Viet-Nam. A front organization designed to unite communist and non-communist forces in the political struggle in South Vietnam. Specifically appealed to intellectuals in urban areas.
ALOAir Liaison Officer
ALQ-51Broadband deception ECM system.
ALQ-71Noise jamming ECM pod (production model of QRC-160-1).
ALUSNAAmerican Legation United States Naval Attache
AMAir Medal
AMAluminum Matting
AMAmplitude Modulated
AMAAir Materiel Area
AMAMBAmerican Ambassador
AMCAir/Army Materiel Command
AMC/PACArmy Material Command/Pacific Area Command
AMCONGENAmerican Counsul General
AMCONSULAmerican Consulate
Amemb/AMEMBAmerican Embassy
AMFESArmy and Marine Forces Evaluation System (SEER)
AMMAirman's Medal
AMMCAviation Materiel Management Center
AMMINavy Pontoon Barge
AMSArmy Map Service
AMSF-VArea Maintenance Supply Facility-Vietnam
AMTAerial Mail Terminals
AMTRACAmphibious Tractor
AN/APA-157CW radar illuminator and fire control computer for SPARROW missile system.
ANCHOR (Various colors - GREEN, ORANGE, RED, WHITE, BROWN)Code names for specific aerial refueling tracks
ANDPFAlliance for National Democratic and Peace Forces
Angle-offAngular position off the tail of the reference aircraft.
ANGLICOAir & Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
ANLNet Laying Ship
ANZACAustralian and New Zealand Army Corps
ANZUSAustralia, New Zealand and the United States
AOArea of Operation(s)
AOAAmphibious Objective Area
AOBAir Order of Battle
AOCAir Operations Center
AOCArmy Operations Center
AOSAFDAO Air Force Division
AOSAF-EDAO Air Force Division Civil Engineering Branch
AOSND-LNavy Division Logistics
AOSOP-OTDAO Operations & Plans Division Training Management Branch
APArmed Propaganda
APAssociated Press
APAAdvance Political Action
APAAmphibious Assault Transport Ship
APAAssistant Province Advisor
APACLAsian Peoples Anti-Communist League
APBBarrack Ship (Self-Propelled)
APCAccelerated Pacification Campaign
APCAerial Photo Center
APCArmored Personnel Carrier
APDAirborne Personnel Detector
APIArmor Piercing-Incendiary
APLAuxiliary Personnel Lighter
APLBarracks Barge
APOArmy Post Office
APOEAerial Port of Embarkation
APOGAerial Port Group
APQ-100/109Airborne intercept radar in F-4C/D aircraft.
APQ-72Airborne intercept radar in F-4B aircraft.
APQ-94Airborne intercept radar in F-8E aircraft.
APR-25Vector homing and warning system - providing 360 degree directional warning of threat signals in certain bands with instantaneous bearing to radiating source.
APR-26Crystal video airborne warning receiver to detect SA-2 guidance signals.
APR-27Airborne radar warning receiver.
APSAerial Port Squadron
APTArmed Propaganda Team
APTArmor Piercing Tracer
AQ/4Drone Aircraft
ARAccommodation Rate
ARArmy Regulation
ARAAerial Rocket Artillery
ARAAVArmored Reconnaissance Airborne Assault Vehicle
ARCAmerican Red Cross
ARC LAPESSingle Parachute Low Altitude Extraction System
ARC LIGHTB-52 Strategic Bomber Strike
ARCOMArmy Commendation Medal
ARCOVUS Army Combat Operations in Vietnam (Study Group)
ARDEMsAnalysis of Revolutionary Development Evaluation and Measurement System
ARDFAirborne Radiation Detection and Fixing
ARDFAirborne Radio Direction Finding
ARGAmphibious Ready Group
ARG/SLFAmphibious Ready Group/Special Landing Force
ARLAuxiliary Landing Craft Repair
ARLRepair Ship
ARMAArmy Attache
ARMCOMArmament Command
Armed ReconnaissanceAir mission flown with the primary purpose of locating and attacking targets of opportunity.
ARMOROCCOArtillery/Mortar/Racket Countermeasures
ARPAero-Rifle Platoon
ARPAAdvanced Research Projects Agency (OSD)
ARPA-RDFU-VAdvanced Research Project Agency, Research and Development Field Unit, Vietnam
ARRGAerospace Rescue and Recovery Group
ARRGPAerospace Rescue Recovery Group
ARRSAerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
ARVNArmy of the Republic of Vietnam
ASAviation Support
ASAAssistant Secretary of the Army
ASBAdvanced Support Base
ASBAmphibious Support Battalion
ASCArmy Supply Center
ASCAutomatic Switching Center
ASD (Comptroller)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
ASD (I&L)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installation and Logistics)
ASD (PA)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
ASD/PAAssistant Secretary of Defense/Public Affairs
ASE circleAllowable Steering Error - circle on radar display provided by fire control computer.
ASHCAssault Support Helicopter Company
ASIDAir-Deliverable Seismic Intrusion Detector
ASLAuthorised Stock List or Stockage Lists
ASOCAir Support Operations Center
ASPAmmunition Supply Point
ASPBAdvanced Support Patrol Boat
ASPBArmored Support Patrol Boat
ASPBAssault Support Patrol Boat
ASPRArmed Services Procurement Regulations
ASRAmmunition Supply Rate
ASRAvailable Supply Rate
ASRTAir Support Radar Team
ASTAAerial Survey and Target Acquisition
ASTDArmy Strategic Technical Detachment
ASWAntisubmarine Warfare
ATCAir Training Command/Center
ATCArmored Troop Carrier
ATCOAir Traffic Coordinating Office
ATCOAir Transport Coordinating Office
ATFAmphibious Task Force
ATFAustralian Task Force
ATGAmphibious Task Group
ATLCAir Technical Logistics Command
ATOLLSoviet air-to-air missile, infrared seeker type
ATPArmy Training Program
ATSBAdvanced Tactical Support Base
ATTArmy Training Test
AttitudeA learned tendency to behave positively or negatively toward persons and situations.
AUTODINAutomatic Digital Data Network
AUTODINAutomatic Digital Network
AUTOSEVCOMAutomatic Secure Voice Communications
AUTOSEVOCOMAutomatic Secure Voice Communications
AutotrackAutomatic tracking in which a servo mechanism keeps the radar beam trained on the target.
AUTOVONAutomatic Voice Network
AVGASAviation Gasoline
AVLBArmored Vehicle Launch Bridge
AVNKAviation Nationale Khmer (Cambodian Air Force)
AWAutomatic Weapon(s)
AWCAerial Weapons Company
AWOLAbsent Without Leave
AWSPAutomatic Weapons Self-Propelled

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