Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

BABase Area (VC/NVA)
BAARINCBooze-Allen Applied Research, Inc.
BackThe individual occupying the back seat of the F-4; in Navy called RIO, in Air Force called pilot or GIB.
BARBrowning Automatic Rifle
BARCAPBarrier combat air patrol - a MIGSCREEN for one or more missions.
Barrel Roll360 degree rolling maneuver in which the flight path of the aircraft describes a helix about the-intended direction of the flight
BASBasic Allowance for Subsistence
BCTransportation Barge
BCATBattalion Combat Assistance Team
BCCRBorder Control Center Regions
BCEBase Civil Engineer/Engineering
BCEBulk Construction Equipment
BCMBase/Bulk Construction Material
BCTBasic Combat Training
BDABomb Damage Assessment
BEQBachelor Enlisted Men's Quarters
BEQBarrack Enlisted Quarters
BERBudget Executive Review
BG/BGENBrigadier General
BIASBattlefield Illumination Airborne System
BIG MACKViet Cong Infrastructure Periodic Report
BIILBasic Issue Item List
BINGO (fuel)Minimum fuel quantity reserve established for a given geographical point to permit aircraft to return safely to home base or aerial refueling point.
Binh Van"Action against the enemy troops." This was a program of the National Liberation Front to degrade and demoralize the enemy's armed forces - the troop proselyting program.
Binh VramEquivalent to a logistics regiment headquarters
Black PonyOV- 10 Twin Engine Turboprop Counter-Insurgency Aircraft
BLSGBrigade Logistic Support Group
BLTBattalion Landing Team
BMTBasic Military Training
BNDDBureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
BNHBien Hoa
BNRBody Not Recovered
BOABasic Ordering Agreement
BOBSBeacon Only Bombing System-Seek Point
BOCBarrier Operations Center
BOCBureau of Customs
BODBeneficial Occupancy Date(s)
BogeyUnidentified aircraft
BOHBalance on Hand
BOMBill of Materials
BOPBill of Projects
BOQBachelor Officers' Quarters
Boresight modeIn the boresight mode the radar antenna is aligned and locked to the roll axis of the aircraft.
BPOBase Post Office
BPOBudget Project Officer
BPSBalanced Pressure System
BRBody Recovery
BreakEmergency turn in which maximum performance is desired instantly to destroy an attackers tracking solution.
Break XMinimum range indication for missile launch. X appears in the radar scope at minimum range.
BRIAMBritish Advisory Mission
Brig GenBrigadier General
BSBachelor or Science
BSABase Support Area
BSBBudget Screening Board
BSMBronze Star Medal
BTBinh Tram (Enemy Logistical Command and Control Agency)
BTVBig Test Vehicle
BTYBinh Tuy
BUDCBarrio United Defense Corps
BufeVietnamese Ceramic Elephant
BUMEDBureau of Medicine
BWBoston Whaler

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