Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

C&CCommand and Control
C&CPCollection and Classification Point
C&CSCCommand and Command Staff College (RVN)
C&DCover and Deception
C&GSCCommand and General Staff Course (RVNAF)
C&LCollection and Liaison
C&PCare and Preservation
C&SCCommand and Staff College
C-ECommunications - Electronics
C/NFConfidential/No Foreign Dissemination
C/SCrew-Served Weapon
CACivil Action
CACivil Affairs
CAConstitutent Assembly (RVN)
CAHeavy Cruiser
CA/RICustodian Authorization/Receipt Listing
CABCombat Aviation Battalion
CABOTSCurrency and Black Market Control System
CACCombined Action Company
CACCounterintelligence Advisory Committee
CACCurrent Affairs Committee
CADCorps Advisory Detachment
CAFChina Air Force
CAGCivic Action Group
CAGCivic Action Group
CAGCombat Aviation Group
CALTEXCalifornia Texas Oil Company
Cao DaiOrganized religious sect involved in the political movement (struggle) in South Vietnam, armed by French to resist Viet Minh.
CAPCare and Preservation
CAPCombat Air Patrol - an aircraft patrol provided over an objective area, over the force protected, over the critical area of a combat zone, or over an air defense area, for the purpose of intercepting and destroying hostile aircraft before they reach the
CAPCombined Action Platoon
CAPCountry Assistance Program
CAPTCaptain (Navy O-6)
CARECooperation for American Relief Everywhere, Inc
CARSCEIMP Automated Reporting System
CASCalibrated Air Speed (knots)
CASCombined Area Studies
CASContinental Air Service
CASControlled Agent Source
CASControlled American Source (CIA Field)
CASSCountry Assistance Strategy Statement
CATCivil Affairs Team
CBConstruction Battalion
CBDCrash Battle Damage
CBMUConstruction Battalion Maintenance Unit
CBSColumbia Broadcasting System
CBUCluster Bomb Unit
CBU-24Canister dispensed air-to-ground bomblet type munition. The canister is carried externally on the aircraft and opens after release at a preset altitude.
CC 1Basic Aidman Course (RVNAF)
CCBCommand Communications Boat
CCFCorps Contingency Force
CCPCombined Campaign Plan
CCPCommand Communication Post
CCRSFFCentral Region SEATO Field Force
CCRSFFCommander, Central Region SEATO Field Forces
CCRSFF (D)Commander, Central Region SEATO Field Forces, (Designate)
CCTCombat Control Team
CCTSCombat Crew Training School
CDCombat Development
CD&LDCommunity Development & Local Development
CDECCaptured Documents Exploitation Center
CDECCombined Documentation Exploitation Center
CDICCommittee for the Development of the Industry of Construction
CDLDCommunity Defense and Local Development
Cdr/CDRCommander (USN)
Cdr, 7AFCommander, Seventh US Air Force
CDSContainer Delivery System
CDTC-VCombat Development Test Center, Vietnam
CECivil Engineer/Engineering
CECommunications Electronics
CECCentral Election Council
CEICommunications - Electronics Instructions
CEIMPCommunications - Electronics Improvement and Modernization Plan
CEMCaptured Enemy Material
CEMCommunications Electronic Meteorological Equipment
CEMISCommunications - Electronics Management Information System
CEMTCommand Equipment Management Team
CENCOMCentral Highways and Waterways Committee
Census GrievanceThe use of Vietnamese teams to solicit grievances from the local population, primarily at village level, using open-end question techniques. Grievances are then collated and presented to the lowest administrative level.
Centerline tankFuel tank carried externally on centerline of aircraft.
CENTREGSEATOFFCentral Region SEATO Field Forces
CEPCircular Error Probable
CEROCorps Epidemiological Reference Office
CETSContractor Engineering & Technical Service
CFCorrelation Factor
CFSTContract Field Service Term
CGCivil Guard
CGCoastal Group
CGCommanding General
CGCruiser Guided Missile
CG USARYISCommanding General, US Army Ryukyus Islands
CGFMFPACCommanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific
CGLDCommissariat General for Land Development
CGSCCommand and General Staff College
CGTCensus Grievance Team
CH-47Cargo Helicopter
CHAAGChief, Army Advisory Group
CHAFAGChief, Air Force Advisory Group
ChaffType of confusion reflector, which consist of thin, narrow metallic strips of various lengths to provide different responses, used to create false signals on radarscope.
ChandelleMaximum performance climbing turn in which speed is converted to altitude while reversing direction.
Channel 97TACAN station located during the period of the study at 2027'N/10343'E used for navigational aids.
CHDChieu Hoi Division
CHECOContemporary History/Historical Evaluations of Combat Operations
CHICOMChinese Communist
Chieu HoiOpen Arms Program
CHINATChinese Nationalist
CHJUSMACGPHILChief, Joint United States Military Assistance Command Group, Philippines
CHJUSMAGPHILChief, Joint United States Military Advisory Group, Philippines
CHJUSMAGTHAIChief, Joint United States Military Advisory Group, Thailand
CHKMAGChief, Korea Military Advisory Group
CHMAAGChief, Military Assistance Advisory Group
CHMEDTCChief Military Equipment Delivery Team, Cambodia
CHNAGChief, Naval Advisory Group
CHNAVADGPChief, Naval Advisory Group
CHNAVADGRPChief, Naval Advisory Group.
CHNAVGPChief, Naval Advisory Group
CHPChieu Hoi Program
CICriminal Investigation
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CICCombat Information Center
CICCombined Interrogation Center
CICCorps Interrogation Center
CICCCombined Interdiction Coordinating Committee
CICVCombined Intelligence Center, Vietnam
CIDCommand Information Division
CIDCriminal Investigation Department (Malaya)
CIDCriminal Investigation Division
CIDGCivilian Irregular Defense Group
CIDIVCommand Information Division
CIICCurrent Intelligence and Indications Center
CINCPACCommander in Chief, Pacific
CINCPACAFCommander in Chief, Pacific Air Force
CINCPACFLTCommander in Chief, Pacific Fleet
CINCPACINSTCommander in Chief, Pacific Instruction
CINCPACREPCommander in Chief, Pacific Representative
CINCPACREPPHILCommander in Chief, Pacific Representative Philippine
CINCREPPHILCommander-in-Chief Representative, Philippines
CINCRVNAFCommander in Chief Vietnamese Armed Forces
CINCSACCommander in Chief, Strategic Air Command
CINCSTRIKECommander is Chief Strike Command
CINCTACCommander in Chief, Tactical Air Command
CINCUSAREURCommander in Chief, US Army, Europe
CINCUSARPACCommander in Chief, United States Army, Pacific
CINCVAFCommander in Chief, Vietnamese Armed Forces
CINCVNAFCommander in Chief, Vietnamese Air Force
CINCVNNCommander in Chief, Vietnamese Navy
CINFOChief of Information
CIOCentral Intelligence Organisation
CIOCCCity Intelligence and Operation Coordination Center
CIPCommercial Imports Program
CIPCommodities Import Program
CIRCarrier Intensity Recorder
CJATFCommander, Joint Amphibious Task Force
CJCSChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJGSChief of the Joint General Staff (RVNAF)
CLACentral Logistics Agency
CLASS IRations
CLASS IIClothing and Equipment
CLASS IIIPetroleum, Oil, and Lubricants
CLASS IVOrganisational Equipment and Fortifications Material
CLASS VAmmunitions
CLASSES OF SUPPLY - Class IIClothing and Equipment
CLASSES OF SUPPLY - Class IVOrganizational Equipment and Fortification Material
CLASSES OF SUPPLY - Class VAmmunition
CLCCentral Logistics Command
CLDCentral Logistics Detachment
CLGGuided Missile Cruiser, Light
CLIPCountry Logistics Improvement Plan
CLOPCountry Logistics Offensive Plan
CLVTCCat Lai Vocational Training Center
CMACommunications Management Agency
CMA/DCA-RVNCommunications Management Agency/Defense Communications Agency-Republic of Vietnam
CMACCapital Military Assistance Command
CMAGCambodian Military Assistance Group
CMATCapital Military Assistance Team
CMDCapital Military District
CMECCombined Materiel Exploitation Center
CMECCombined Military Exploitation Center
CMICCombined Military Interrogation Center
CMITCombined Mobile Improvement Team
CMLSCapt Mui Lay Sector
CMMICommand Maintenance Management Inspection Program
CMRCapital Military Region
CMR-312 (Little Ears)Aural radar warning receiver.
CMTTCombined Mobile Training Team
CMUCOMSEC Management Unit
CNRiot Control Agent
CNCCuc Nghien Cuu (North Vietnamese Central Research Agency)
CNDChief, Navy Division
CNOChief of Naval Operations
COCommanding Officer
Co(s)Company (ies)
COAConfirmed Operating Area
COBCombat Operating Base
COCCombat Operations Center
COCCombined Operations Center
COCIOPCoordination of Clandestine Intelligence Operational Proposals
CODELCongressional Delegation(s)
COFATFormer French Factory Building used as a Post Exchange (Compagnie de Fabrication du Tabac)
COFRAMControlled Fragmentation Munitions
CofSChief of Staff
CofS/JGSChief of Staff/Joint General Staff
CofSAChief of Staff, US Army
COGARDACTVCoast Guard Activity, Vietnam
COLACost of Living Allowance
COMAAFVCommander, Australian Army Forces, Vietnam
COMAFVCommander, Australian Force, Vietnam
COMASECommander, Air Support Element
Combat YouthVolunteer hamlet militiamen under the Strategic and New Life Hamlet campaigns.
COMCARDIVCommander Carrier Division
COMCRUDESGPCommander Cruiser Destroyer Group
COMDESDIVCommander Destroyer Division
COMDESRONCommander Destroyer Squadron
COMINTCommunications Intelligence
COMMAGROCVCommander, Military Assistance Group, Republic of China, Vietnam
COMMANDO VAULTOperational Name for 15,000 pound space clearing USAF conventional bomb.
COMNAVFORUREPCommander, Naval Forces, Europe
COMNAVFORVCommander, Naval Forces, Vietnam
COMNAVSUPPACTCommander, Naval Support Activity/Activities
COMNEWZEDVCommander, New Zealand Assistance Detachment, Vietnam
COMNZAFFECommander, New Zealand Army Forces, Far East
COMNZVFCommander, New Zealand Vietnam Force
COMPHIBPACCommander Amphibious Force Pacific Fleet
COMPHILCONVCommander Philippine Contingent, Vietnam
COMPHILMAGVCommander, Philippine Military Assistance Group Vietnam
COMRIVFLOTONECommander, River Flotilla One
COMROCMAGVCommander, Republic of China, Military Assistance Group, Vietnam
COMROKFVCommander, Republic of Korea Forces, Vietnam
COMROKMAGVCommander, Republic of Korea Military Assistance Group, Vietnam
COMRTFVCommander Royal Thai Forces, Vietnam
COMSATCommunications Satellite Corporation
COMSECCommunications Security
COMSERVPACCommander Service Force Pacific
COMSEVENTHFLTCommander, Seventh Fleet
COMSTSFECommander, Military Sea Transportation Service, Far East
COMUSAFVCommander, United States Armed Forces, Vietnam
COMUSAMAAGSUPCOMCommander, US Army Military Assistance Advisory Group Support Command
COMUSJAPANCommander, US Japan
COMUSKOREACommander, United States Forces, Korea
COMUSMACTHAICommander, United States Military Assistance Command, Thailand
COMUSMACVCommander, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
COMUSSAGCommander, US Support Activities Group
COMUSSEASIACommander, US Forces, Southeast Asia
Condition I CAP (Standby)Aircraft ready for immediate (maximum delay of two (2) minutes) takeoff. Aircraft with engine not running (starter batteries plugged in) will be positioned for take-off. Pilots in cockpit and deck crew on alert.
CONEXContainer Express
CONGENConsul General
CONPLANContingency Plan
CONUSContinental United States
COPARSContractor Operated Parts System
COPRORInteragency Committee for Province Rehabilitation
CORContracting Officer's Representative
CORDSCivil Operations and Revolutionary Development
CORDSCivil Operations and Rural (formerly Revolutionary) Development Support
COSALConsolidated Allowance List
COSDIVCoastal Division
COSFLOTCoastal Flotilla
COSURVFORCoastal Surveillance Force
COSVNCentral Office for South Vietnam (VC)
CounterinsurgencyThose military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological and civic actions taken by a government to defeat subversive insurgency.
CPCommand Post
CPACentral Purchasing Authority
CPAFCost Plus Award Fee
CPDCCentral Pacification and Development Council
CPFFCost Plus Fixed Fee
CPRChinese Peoples Republic
CPSACentral Procurement and Supply Authority
CPTCaptain (Army, Air Force, Marine Corps 0-3)
CPWCCentral Prisoner of War Camp
CPXCommand Post Exercise
CQYCuc Quan Y (RVNAF Surgeon General's Office)
CRBCam Ranh Bay
CRCCentral Recovery Committee
CRCCombat Reporting Central
CRCControl and Reporting Center
CRDCCentral Revolutionary Development Council
CRIDCapital ROK Infantry Division
CRIMPConsolidated RVNAF Improvement and Modernization Plan
CRIPCoastal Radar Improvement Plan
CROCCombat Required Operational Capability
CROWNCall-sign for rescue force commander
CRRCCentral Rural Reconstruction Council
CRRIDCapital ROK Infantry Division
CRSCoastal Recovery Service
CRSFFCentral Region SEATO Field Force
CRTCombat Rated Thrust - maximum augmented thrust condition of engine
CSA Riot Control Agent Type of Tear Gas
CSAChief of Staff, US Army
CSAFChief of Staff, US Air Force
CSAF/LGChief of Staff, Air Force Logistics
CSAMChief of Staff Action Memorandum
CSASCommon Services Airlift System
CSBCoastal Surveillance Boat
CSCCoastal Surveillance Center
CSCCommunications Satellite Corporation
CSCComputer Sciences Corporation
CSCComputer System Corporation
CSDCCentral Security and Development Council
CSFCamp Strike Force
CSFCasualty Staging Flight
CSFFCommander, SEATO Field Force
CSICrash Site Inspection
CSOPCombined Strategic Objectives Plan
CSRCamp Sentinel Radar
CSSCombat Sky Spot
CSUCasualty Staging Unit
CSWCrew-served Weapon
CTCalendar Year
CTACentral Training Agency (RVNAF)
CTCCentral Training Command
CTCControl Training Command
CTDCentral Telecommunications Directorate
CTEACombined Telecommunications Engineering Agency
CTFCarrier Task Force
CTFCommander Task Force
CTF-77Commander Task Force 77
CTGCommander, Task Group
CTOCCorps Tactical Operations Center
CTSChina Travel Service
CTUCommander, Task Unit
CTZCorps Tactical Zone
CU-LDCommon User-Long Distance
CUPPCombined Unit Pacification Program
CVAAircraft Carrier, Large Attack
CVANAttack Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Propulsion)
CVSAnti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier
CWContinuous Wave
CWCCivilian War Casualty
CWCHCivilian War Casualty Hospitals
CWCPCivilian War Casualty Program
CWEConstruction Work Estimate
CWTCombined Mobile Improvement Team
CYCalendar Year

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