Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

D&L (DL)Doctrine and Literature
D-1Unit Designator for North Vietnamese Army Regiment
D/SDirect Support
DADepartment of the Army
DADACDepartment of the Army Distribution Allocation Committee
Dai VietGreater Vietnam Nationalist Party
DAMEDefense Against Mechanical Entry
DAMLDirectorate of Army MAP Logistics
Dan VanLiterally translates to "action among the people" This program originated with the Viet Minh and was directed toward gaining popular support from the general population. During NLF days, the program was redefined and limited to the "liberated areas."
DAODefense Attache Office
DARTDeployable Automatic Relay Terminal
DASCDirect Air Support Center
DASDDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
DASEDefense Against Sound Equipment
DASHDrone Antisubmarine Helicopter
DATTDefense Attache
DAVDefense Assistance, Vietnam
DCDamage Control
DCDirect Current
DC/LOWFrequencies Below Microwave
DCADefense Communications Agency
DCADirectorate, Civil Aviation
DCA-PACDefense Communication Agency, Pacific Group
DCA-SAMDefense Communications Agency-Southeast Asia Mainland
DCATDivision Combat Assistance Team
DCDRLOGDeputy Commander Logistics
DCGDeputy Commanding General
DCMDeputy Charge of Mission
DCNODeputy Chief of Naval Operations
DCODial Central Office
DCODistrict Central Office
DCofSDeputy Chief of Staff
DCPGDefense Communications Planning Group
DCSDefense Communications System
DCS/LOGDeputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSCOMPTDeputy Chief of Staff, Comptroller
DCSLOGDeputy Chief of Staff, Logistics
DCSOPSDeputy Chief of Staff for Operations
DCSPERDeputy Chief of Staff Personnel (RVNAF Joint General Staff)
DDDepartment of Defense
DDGGuided Missile Destroyer
DDR&EDirector, Defines Research land Engineering (OSD)
DEDestroyer Escort
DEARDaily Enemy Activity Report
DEDDocument Exploitation Division
DEFTDrug Education Field Team
DEGNDiethyleneglycol Denitraten
DEP DATTDeputy Defense Attache
DEPAMBDeputy Ambassador
DEPCGDeputy Commanding General
DEPCOMUSMACTHAIDeputy Commander United States Military Assistance Command, Thailand
DEPCOMUSMACVDeputy Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
DEPCOMUSMACV for AirDeputy Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, for Air
DEPCOMUSMACV for CORDSDeputy Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, for Civil Operations and Rural Development Support
DEPCORDSDeputy for Civil Operations and Rural Development Support
DEPSECDEFDeputy Secretary of Defense
DEPSTATEDepartment of State
DEPTELDepartment Telegram
DERRadar Picket Destroyer Escort
DERRadar Picket Escort Ship
DEROSDate Eligible to Return from Overseas
DFDirection Finder/Finding
DFDisposition Form
DFCDistinguished Flying Cross
DFMDiesel Fuel, Marine
DFSDefile System
DFSCDefense Fuels Supply Center
DGBFADirector General for Budget and Foreign Aid
DGFADirector General for Finance and Audit
DGNPDirector General National Police
DGOHDirector/Directorate General of Highways
DGONDirector General of Navy
DGOYDirector General of Youth
DGRRDirector/Directorate General for Rural Reconstruction
DGSCDefense General Supply Center
DGWVADirector General of War and Veterans Affairs
DIDrill Instructor
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DIADirector of Intelligence
Dich VanLiterally translates to "action among the enemy." This program originated during the Viet Minh days and was originally directed against the enemy's military and civilian administration. As an NLF program, it was designed to gain popular support among the rural population in GVN-controlled areas.
DIELIEMKorean Contractor Based in Vietnam
DIFMDue In for Maintenance
DINFOSDefense Information School
DINSDirector for Inspection Services
DIOCCDistrict Intelligence and Operation Control/Coordination Center
DIRCONDirector of Construction
DISUMDaily Intelligence Summary
DITDevelopment Interteam
DLDDang Lao Dong The Workers' Party or Communist Party in North Vietnam. Often referred to as the Lao-Cong Party, it was formed on March 31, 1951 and eventually became the primary political party in North Vietnam.
DLGGuided Missile Frigate
DLIDefense Language Institute
DLIELBDefense Language Institute English Language Branch
DLILTDDefense Language Institute, Language Training Detachment
DLIRDownward Looking Infrared Radar
DLMDepot Level Maintenance
DMAData Management Agency
DMACDelta Military Assistance Command
DMEDistance Measuring Equipment
DMJMDaniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall
DMSDistance Measuring System
DMZDemilitarised Zone
DNBIDisease and Nonbattle Injuries
DODDepartment of Defense
DODACDepartment of Defense Ammunition Code
DODICDepartment of Defense Identification Card
DODMANDepartment of Defense Military Assistance Manual
DODTDepartment of Defense, Transportation
DOIDate of Identification
DOICCDeputy Officer in Charge, Construction
DOICCDistrict Intelligence Coordination Center
Dong KhoiSaturation Operation.
Dot - (aim dot, steering dot)Electronic dot appearing in radar scope when radar is locked on providing computed steering vector information.
DOTSDirector General Technical Services
DRADead Reckoning Analyzer
DRACDelta Regional Assistance Command
DRCDefense Research Corp
DRCDDirector of Rural Construction and Development
DRSTODefense Resources Surveillance and Termination Office
DRTDead Reckoning Tracer
DRV (GNVN)Democratic Republic of Vietnam (NVN) or Government of North Vietnam
DRVNDemocratic Republic of Vietnam. Often abbreviated DRV. Proclaimed as the official government of North Vietnam by Ho Chi Minh on September 2, 1945.
DSDirect Support
DSADefense Supply Agency
DSADeputy/District Senior Advisor
DSCDistinguished Service Cross
DSCSDefense Satellite Communications System
DSGDirect Support Group(s)
DSMDistinguished Service Medal
DSPDependent Shelter Program
DSPGDependent Shelter Program Group
DSPOData System Project Officer
DSTBomb Fitted With Magnetic Detonation Circuit
DSTEDigital Subscriber Terminal Equipment
DSUDirect Support Unit
DSU/GSUDirect Support Unit/General Support Unit
DT-1Unit Designator for North Vietnamese Army Regiment
DTADivision Tactical Area
DTCDivision Training Center
DTEDial Telephone Exchange
DTGDate Time Group
DTOCDivision Tactical Operations Center
DTPDelta Transportation Plan
DUFFLE BAGElectronic Sensing Devices; the US Sensor Program
DUSTOFFUS Army Aeromedical Evacuation Helicopter Units; an Aeromedical Helicopter Evacuation
DXDirect Exchange
DYNALECTRONDynalectron, Inc
DZDrop Zone

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