Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

FFighter (Aircraft)
F&AOFinance & Accounting Office
FAField Artillery
FAAFederal Aviation Agency
FACForward Air Controller/Control
FADSIDFighter Aircraft Delivered Seismic Detector
FAEField Advisory Effort/Elements
FAGForward Air Guide
FAMFFloating Aircraft Maintenance Facility
FAMREPForce and Material Report
FANForces Armees Neutralist (Laos)
FANKForces Armees Nationales Khmeres (Khmer Armed Forces)
FANSONGTracking radar for Soviet SA-2 surface-to-air missile system
FARForces Armees du Royaume or Forces Armees Royales (Royal Laotian Forces)
FARKForces Armees Royales Khmers (Cambodia)
FASOFleet Air Support Unit
FASTField Assistance Support Team
FASUFleet Air Support Unit
FASlDFixed-Wing Aircraft-Deployed Seismic Intrusion Detector
FATOCField Army Tactical Operations Center
FBFuel Barge
FDCFire Direction/Directional Center
FEFacilities Engineering
FECFederal Electric Corporation
FENFederal Stock Number
FFField Force
FFORCEVField Force, Vietnam
Fighting (wing) positionArea for the wingman in which optimum coverage and maneuverability is achieved in maximum performance maneuvers.
Finger-four formationA four-plane formation in which the aircraft occupy positions suggested by the four finger tips of either hand, the fingers being held together in a horizontal plane. - also fingertip formation -
FISFighter Intercepter Squadron
FlakAntiaircraft fire.
FLCForce Logistical/Logistics Command
FLINTElectronic Intelligence
FLIPFlight Information Publication
FLIRForward Looking Infrared Radar
FLNForce de la Liberation Nationale
FLRForward Looking Radar
FLSGForce Logistical Support Group
FLSG-BForce Logistic Support Group-Bravo
FLSUForce Logistical Support Unit
Fluid elementThe second or supporting element in fluid four formation, flying in a high or low element position.
Fluid-fourTactical formation having the second element spread in both the vertical and the second element spread in both the vertical and horizontal planes to enhance maneuverability, mutual support and look-out ability.
FMField Manual
FMFrequency Modulated
FM/TMField Manuals/Technical Manuals
FMFFleet Marine Force
FMFPFleet Marine Force, Pacific
FMFPACFleet Marine Force, Pacific
FMRFinancial Market Rate
FNCFloating Naval Club
FOForward Observer
FOBForward Operating Base
FODForeign Object Damage
FOMFrench Patrol Boats
FONECONTelephone Conversation
FORLOGCMDForce Logistics Command
FOUOFor Official Use Only
FPJMCFour Party Joint Military Commission
FPJMTFour Party Joint Military Team
FPOFleet Post Office
FPSAzimuth Search and Height Radar
FRField Ration
FRFloating Repair
FRACFirst Regional Assistance Command
FRAGOrder dispatching single or multiple aircraft sortie.
FraggedMission directed by fragmentary operational order from higher headquarters.
FRGFederal Republic of Germany
FrontThe individual in the front seat in the F-4 aircraft; in the Navy called the pilot, in the Air Force called the aircraft commander.
FRPPeoples' Revolutionary Party (Communist)
FSAForward Support Area
FSBFire Support Base
FSCCFire Support Coordination Center
FSCLFire Support Coordination Line
FSEFire Support Element
FSIForce Structure Increases
FSIForeign Service Institute
FSLForce Structure List
FSNFederal Stock Number
FSOForeign Service Officer
FSRForce Service Regiment
FSRForce Structure
FTCFANK Training Command
FTDField Training Detachment
FTGFleet Training Group
Ftr/FTRFighter (Aircraft)
FTSField Training Service
F.T.S.V.Forces Terrestres Sud-Vietnam
FTXField Training Exercise
FULROUnited Front for the Struggle of Oppressed Races (Front Unifie de la Luffe des Races Opprimees)
FUNKUnited National Front of Kampuchea (Cambodia)
FUOFever of Unknown Origin
FWFree World
FW(F)Free World (Forces)
FWAFree World Allies
FWFFree World Forces
FWMFree World Military
FWMAFree World Military Assistance
FWMA(F)Free World Military Assistance (Forces)
FWMACFree World Military Assistance Council
FWMAFFree World Military Assistance Forces
FWMAOFree World Military Assistance Office
FWMAPCFree World Military Assistance Policy Council
FWMFFree World Military Forces
FYFiscal Year

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