Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

GGeneral (Staff): 1-Administration; 2-Intelligence; 3-Operations; 4 -Logistics; 5-Plans; 6-Communications Electronics
gUnit of acceleration (32.2 ft/sec).
GAFGround to Air Fire
GaggleSlang for a number of aircraft operating in close proximity, not necessarily in any semblance of formation.
GAM-83BULLPUP; air-to-ground guided missile
GAMOGroupe Administratif Mobile Operationnel/Organization - French directed village administrative cadres prior to 1954. Also the regular designation of Mobile Administrative Cadres initiated in 1964.
GAOGeneral Accounting Office
GAVBGeneral Association of Vietnamese Buddhists
GBAGeneral Buddhist Association
GCAGround Control/Controlled Approach
GCIGround Controlled Element
GCIGround Controlled Interception
GDAGun Damage Assessment
GDRGeneral Directorate of Rear Services
GDRGerman Democratic Republic (East Germany)
GDRSGeneral Directorate of Rear Services
GFCSGunfire Control System
GFEGovernment Furnished Equipment
GFPGovernment Furnished Property
GISGovernment Information Service
GKRGovernment of Khmer Republic
GLOGVN Liaison Officer
GLOGun Liaison Officer
GMGeneral Motors
GMGunners Mate
GMTGreenwich Mean Time, Z or Zulu Time
GNORSGrounded Not Operationally Ready Supply
GNPGross National Product
GNVNGovernment of North Vietnam
GNZGovernment of New Zealand
GOGeneral Order
GOAGovernment of Australia
GOCGovernment of Cambodia
GOCOGovernment Owned/Contractor Operated
GOFGovernment of France
GOIGovernment of India
GOKGovernment of (South) Korea
GOPGovernment of the Philippines
GOSGovernment of Spain
GOTGulf of Tonkin
GPESGround Proximity Extraction System
GPWProvisions of the Geneva Convention Relating to Prisoners of War
GPWCGeneva Prisoners of War Convention
GPWDGeneral Political Warfare Department
GRGovernment Representative
GRCGovernment of the Republic of China
GRVNGovernment of the Republic of Vietnam
GSGeneral Support
GSFGround Security Force
GSGGeneral Support Group
GUARDEmergency UHF radio channel usually monitored by all aircraft and ground stations as a secondary frequency.
GunshipsTransport Aircraft equipped with side-firing machineguns and, in some, with cannons.
GVNGovernment of South Vietnam

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