Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

HTime Zone for Saigon (i.e., 2000H)
H&IHarassing and Interdiction Fires
HAHelicopter Ambulance
HACHeadquarters Area Command
HALHelicopter Attack Squadron
HALOHigh Altitude Low Opening
HANDSIDHand Emplaced Seismic Intrusion Detector
Hard turnA planned turn in which the intensity of the turn is governed by the angle-off and range of the attacking aircraft.
HAWSHeavy Artillery Warning System
HAZCONHazardous Condition
HCUHarbor Clearance Unit
HDUHarbor Defense Unit
HEHigh Explosives
HEATArmament switch setting for using infrared missiles.
HEATHigh Explosive, Antitank
HECPHarbor Entrance Control Post
HectareVietnamese Government official unit of land measure. 2.471 acres, or 10,000 square meters.
HEDSUPPACTHeadquarters, Support Activity, Saigon (HSAS)
HELOSIDHelicopter Deliverable Seismic Intrusion Detectors
HEPHigh Explosive Plastic
HESHamlet Evaluation System
HEWHamlet Evaluation Worksheet
HFHigh Frequency
HF SSBHigh Frequency, Single Side Band
HHGHousehold Goods
HIMSHistorical Information Management System
HISHeliborne Illumination System
HJMAHighland Junior Military Academy
HKGGovernment of Hong Kong
HLSHelicopter Landing Site(s)
HLZHelicopter Landing Zone
HMASHer Majesty's Australian Ship
HMGHer Majesty's Government
HMMMarine Helicopter Squadron Medium
HNCHigh National Council
HO-51Computer System
Hoa HaoOrganized religious sect involved in the political movement (struggle) in South Vietnam, armed by French to resist Viet Minh.
Hoi ChanhVC/NVA Rallier
Hop Tac"Many Working Together"
Hot mike intercomIntercommunication system continuously active (hot).
House 50Logistical Support Center located at Number 50 Plantation Road, Saigon.
How BnHowitzer Battalion
HPHorse Power
HQ COMDTHeadquarters Commandant
HSASHeadquarters, Support Activity, Saigon, (HEDSUPPACT)
HSRHuman Sciences Research
HSSCHeavy Salvage Craft
HTAHigh Threat Area
HUGHESHughes Aircraft, Inc.
HUMINTHuman Intelligence
HvHelHeavy Helicopter
HVRPHigh Value Reward Program

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