Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

I FFORCEVI Field Force, Vietnam
I&EInformation and Education
I&MImprovement and Modernization
I&PRInformation and Public Relations Bloc
I/WIndividual Weapon
IAACONSImproved ARVN Ammunition Control System
IAADInformation Advisory and Accreditation Division
IADInformation Advisory Division
IASIndicated Air Speed
IBMInternational Business Machine
IC EXInfrastructure Intelligence Coordination and Explanation
ICCInternational Control Commission
ICCInventory Control Center
ICCSInternational Commission of Control and Supervision
ICCVInventory Control Center, RVN
ICEXInfrastructure Intelligence Coordination and Exploitation
ICMImproved Conventional Munitions
ICNIdle Channel Noise
ICPIn-Country Procurement
ICPIndochinese Communist Party Formed in January, 1930 by Ho Chi Minh, it was dissolved on November 11, 1945 and replaced by the Lien Viet.
ICPIntelligence Collection Plan
ICPInventory Control Point
ICRIntelligence Collection Requirement
ICRCInternational Committee of the Red Cross
ICSIntegrated Communications System
ICSIntercommunication system
ICS-SEAIntegrated Communications System - Southeast Asia
ICSCThe International Control and Surveillance Commission. See ICC
ICTZFirst Corps Tactical Zone
IDIdentification; to make identification
IDIntelligence Division
IDCIndustrial Development Center
IDCSSInitial Defense Communications Satellite System
IDHSIntelligence Data Handling System
IESSInter-service Excess Screening System
IFFIdentification, Friend or Foe; aircraft transponding beacon received by radar distinguishing friend from foe.
IFFORCEVI Field Force, Vietnam
IFRInstrument Flight Rules
IFRIntermediate Frequency Radar
IFSInshore Fire Support Ship
IGInspector General
II FFORCEVII Field Force, Vietnam
IIDInfrared Intrusion Detectors
IIFFORCEVII Field Force, Vietnam
IIMSIntensive Items Management System
ILAInternational Longshoremens Association
ILCInternational Logistics Center
ILSInstrument Landing System
IMAOInternational Military Assistance Office
ImmelmannManeuver in which the air-craft completes the first half of a loop and then rolls over to an upright position thus changing direction 180 degrees with a simultaneous gain in altitude.
IMNIndicated Mach Number
Ind Wpn(s)Individual Weapon(s)
InstitutionsOrganized way of solving societies' problems, each institution possessing an underlying concept set for societal survival.
INTBULIntelligence Bulletin
INTCIntelligence Corps
Internal SecurityThe state of law and order within a nation as determined by the government's capability to cope with violence, subversion and lawlessness and the prevailing public confidence in that capability.
INTSUMIntelligence Summary
IOInformation Office/Officer
IOCInitial Occupational Capability
IPInitial Point; a well-defined point, easily distinguishable visually and/or by radar, used as a starting point for a bomb run to the target.
IPInside Plant
IPCIrregular Practices Committee
IR missileAn infrared or heat-seeking missile
IR-GFDInfrared Gun Flash Detector
IRANInspection and Repair as Necessary
IRFImmediate Reaction Force
IRGFDInfrared Gun Flash Detector
IRHAInjuries Resulting from Hostile Action
IRON HANDA code name for a flight with special ordnance and avionics equipment whose mission is to seek and destroy enemy surface-to-air missile sites.
Irregular ForcesArmed individuals or groups who are not members of the regular armed forces, police or other internal security forces.
IRSInternal Revenue Service
IRWGInformation and Reports Working Group (MACV)
ISAInternal Security Affairs
ISAInternational Security Affairs
ISAInternational Security Agency
ISBIntermediate Support Base
ISCInfiltration Surveillance Center
ISDInstructional System Development
ISSAInterservice Support Agreement
ISTInstructor In-Service Training
ITACSIntegrated Tactical Air Control System
ITOInstallation Transportation Office
IVSInternational Voluntary Services
IWIndividual Weapon
IWCSIntegrated Wideband Communications System

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