Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

JJoint Staff (Multi-Service) Numbers/Format same as "G".
JAGOSJoint Air Ground Operations System
JAMTOJoint Airlines Military Traffic Office
JCGJoint Coordination Group
JCGROJoint Central Graves Registration Office
JCRCJoint Casualty Resolution Center
JCSJoint Chiefs of Staff
JCS targetA target appearing on the JCS target list
JCSMJoint Service Commendation Medal
JECJoint Eradication Committee
JEIMJet Engine Intermediate Maintenance
JFOJunior Foreign Officer
JGSJoint General Staff (RVNAF)
JGS/IGJoint General Staff/Inspector General
JGS/RVNAFJoint General Staff/Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces
JGSIGJoint General Staff Inspector General
JIBJoint Information Bureau
JICJoint Information Center
JinkingConstant maneuvering in both the horizontal and vertical planes to present difficult target to enemy defenses by spoiling the tracking solution. Bank, pitch and velocity are all simultaneously changed in this maneuver.
JLGJoint Liaison Group
JMAJunior Military Academy
JMA-PJunior Military Academy - Pleiku
JMS-VTJunior Military School - Vung Tau
JOCJoint Operations Center
JOSSJoint Overseas Switchboard
JPType of Fuel
JP-4Aviation Turbine Fuel, Type 4
JPGJoint US Planning Group
JPRCJoint Personnel Recovery Center
JRATAJoint Research and Test Activity
JSCMJoint Service Commendation Medal
JSMBJoint Services Management Branch
JSOPJoint Strategic Objectives Plan
JTACCJoint Tactical Air Control Center
JTDJoint Table of Distribution
JTFJoint Task Force
JTOCJoint Tactical Operations Center
JUMPSJoint Uniform Military Pay System
JUSMAAGJoint US Military Assistance Advisory Group
JUSMAGJoint United States Military Advisory Group
JUSMAGPHILJoint US Military Advisory Group Philippines
JUSMAGTHAIJoint US Military Assistance Advisory Group, Thailand
JUSPAOJoint United States Public Affairs Office. Includes United States Information Service, USOM Communications, Media Division, and MACV Psywar elements.
JUWTFJoint Unconventional Warfare Task Force
JVRECJoint Vietnam Regional Exchange Council
JWTCJungle Warfare Training Center

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