Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

KThousand (From "Kilo")
K/DKilled and Detained
K/WKilled and Wounded
KAKhmer Army
KAFKhmer Air Force
KarstLimestone outcropping or ridge.
KATUSAKorean Army Troops with the US Army
KBAKilled by Air
KBAKilled by Artillery
KCKhmer Communist
KCAGKorean Civic Action Group
KCIKhmer Communist Infrastructure
KCSKit Carson Scout
KEYSTONERedeployment Code Name
KGKompong (Cambodian for Province)
KhomUrban Subdivision
KIAKilled in Action
KIASKnots Indicated Air Speed
KITKey Interteam
KKKKhmer Kampuchea Krom - Cambodian Government-sponsored politico-military organization.
KLFKhmer Liberation Front
KLSCKorean Logistic/Logistical Service Corps
KMAGKorean Military Advisory Group (US)
KRKhmer Republic (Cambodia);
KRKhmer Rouge (Insurgent Group)
KSKhmer Serei
KSBBoston Whaler
KSCBKhe Sanh Combat Base
kt/KTKnot (nautical miles/hour)
KTASKnots True Air Seed

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