Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

L-HOURLaunch Hour
L/ILine Item
LAALight Antiaircraft
LAAMLight Antiaircraft Missile
LAATLogistics Advisory Assistance Team
LAFTLight Attack Fire Team
LAMPSLight Airborne Multi-Package System
LAPESLow Altitude Parachute Extraction System
LARCLighter, Amphibious Resupply Cargo
LASLLos Alamos Scientific Laboratory
LASRLong An Subregion
LASSLockheed Air Services Singapore
LAU-17 adaptersStub pylon on F-4.
LAU-3A rocket launcher adaptable to external bomb racks holding 19 2.75 inch air-to-ground folding fin rockets.
LAWLight Antitank Weapon
LBNLetter Box Number
LCCAmphibious Command Ship
LCCLand Clearing Company
LCCTLao Cong Chien Twon - Apprehended Deserters used as Laborers by ARVN.
LCMLanding Craft Mechanized
LCMMLCM Mine Sweeper
LCMMSLanding Craft Mechanized, Minesweeper
LCOPLogistical Control Office Pacific
LCPLanding Craft, Personnel
LCPLLanding Craft Personnel Light
LCPLLanding Craft Personnel, Large
LCULanding Craft Utility
LCVPLanding Craft Vehicle, Personnel
LDDLao Dong Dang (Lao Workers' Party)
LDHBLand Development and Hamlet Building
LDNNLien Doi Nhuoi Nhai (Frogman Group/Underwater Demolition Team) VNN
LDNNSEAL Support Ships
LDPLogistics Development Plan
LDPCLogistical Data Processing Center
LEILife Extension Inspection
LeverageThe use of resources in such a manner that action is initiated or that a greater result is achieved with minimum input of effort.
LFLocal Force
LFLow Frequency
LFTLight Fire Team
LGBLaser Guided Bomb
LHFTLight Helicopter Fire Team
LIBLight Infantry Brigade
Lien DoiRegional Force Company Group
Lien VietFull title - Mat-tran Lien Viet Quoc Dan Viet-Nam United Vietnamese Nationalist Front organization formed on May 27, 1946 which became the political organizational structure for the Viet-Minh. It was considered a popular (nationalist) front party in North Vietnam and eventually outlived its usefulness as an organizational vehicle for the North Vietnamese communists.
LIMDISLimited Distribution
LKAAmphibious Cargo Ship
LLDBVietnamese Special Forces
LLLTVLow Light Level Television
LMLegion of Merit
LMATLogistics Management Assistance Team, Inc.
LNLocal National(s)
LnOLiaison Officer
LNOLiaison Officer
LNRSLimited Night Recovery System
LOLiaison Officer
LOCLine(s) of Communication
LOCCLogistical Operations Control Center
LOCCLogistics Offensive Coordination Committee
LogLogistics; Logistical
LOG CMDLogistical Command
Log ComdLogistical Command
LOG MGTLogistics Management
LOGAIRAir Logistics
LOHLight Observation Helicopter
LOILetter of Instruction
Loose DeuceTerm to describe fighter tactics in which two to four airplanes maneuver to provide mutual support and increased fire power.
LORANLong Range Airborne Navigation
LOULimited Official Use
LOXLiquid Oxygen
LPListening Post
LPAAmphibious Transport
LPALiberation Press Agency
LPDLanding Platform, Dock
LPFLao Patriotic Front
LPHLanding Platform, Helicopter/Amphibious Assault Ship
LQMLink Quality Monitor
LRCLogistics Readiness Center
LRPLong Range Patrol
LRRPLong Range Reconnaissance Patrol
LSLiaison Service
LSLima Site
LSADLiaison Service Advisory Detachment
LSBLogistics Support Base/Branch
LSB/ISBLogistics Support Base/Intermediate Support Dase
LSDLanding Ship Dock
LSILear Siegler Incorporated
LSILLanding Ship Infantry, Large
LSILLanding Ship Infantry, Light
LSMLanding Ship, Medium
LSM(H)Landing Ship Medium, Hospital
LSM-HLanding Ship, Medium - Hospital
LSM/HLanding Ship Hospital
LSMRLanding Ship Medium Rocket
LSSCLight SEAL Support Craft
LSSLLanding Ship, Support, Large
LSTLanding Ship, Tank
LT INFLight Infantry
LTC/LTCOLLieutenant Colonel
LTDLanguage Training Detachment
LTGLieutenant General
LTJGLieutenant Junior Grade
LTLLien Tinh Lo (Interprovincial Highway)
Luc LuongKit Carson Scouts
Lufberry circleA circular tail chase, ascending or descending.
LVTLanding Vehicle Track
LVTCLanding Whicle Tracked Command
LVTPLanding Vehicle Tracked Personnel
LZLanding Zone

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