Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

MMach number
M&SMaintenance & Supply
M/TMeasurement Ton
MAMilitary Assistance
MA&ISMilitary Assistance and International Security Office, OSD
MAAGMilitary Assistance Advisory Group. Subsumed under MACV in 1962 and merged in 1964.
MABMarine Amphibious Base
MABMarine Amphibious Brigade
MACMarine Amphibious Corps
MACMilitary Affairs Committee
MACMilitary Airlift Command
MACMilitary Assistance Command
MACAGMilitary Assistance Command, Adjutant General
MACCDMilitary Assistance Command Construction Directorate
MACCEDirectorate of Communications-Electronics
MACCHMilitary Assistance Command, Chaplain
MACCOMilitary Assistance Command, Comptroller
MACCOCMilitary Assistance Command Combat Operation Center
MACCORDSMilitary Assistance Command Civil Operations and Revolutionary/Rural Development Support
MACDCMilitary Assistance Command, Directorate of Construction
MACDIMilitary Assistance Command, Directorate of Intelligence
MACDLMilitary Assistance Command, Directorate of Logistics
MACDMAMilitary Assistance Command, Data Management Agency
MACDPMilitary Assistance Command, Directorate of Personnel
MACEAMilitary Assistance Command, Economic Affairs
MACEVALOperations Research /Systems Analysis, Hqs MACV
MACFWMAOMilitary Assistance Command Free World Military Assistance Office
MACIGMilitary Assistance Command Inspector General
MACJ#Military Assistance Staff Section (#)
MACJ*Military Assistance Staff Section (*)
MACJ1Military Assistance Command, Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel
MACJ2Military Assistance Command, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence
MACJ3Military Assistance Command, Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations
MACJ4Military Assistance Command, Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics
MACJ5Military Assistance Command, Assistant Chief of Staff for Plans
MACJ6Military Assistance Command, Assistant Chief of Staff for Communications - Electronics
MACJAMilitary Assistance Command, Judge Advocate
MACMAMilitary Assistance Command, Military Assistance
MACMDMilitary Assistance Command, Surgeon
MACOIMilitary Assistance Command, Office of Information
MACONOMYMACV Economy Program
MACORDSAsst Chief of Staff for Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support, Hqs MACV MACJA
MACPDMilitary Assistance Command Political Warfare Advisory Directorate
MACPDMilitary Assistance Command, Psychological Operations Directorate
MACPMMilitary Assistance Command, Provost Marshall
MACSAMilitary Assistance Command, Science Advisor
MACSOGMilitary Assistance Command, Studies and Observation Group
MACSTMilitary Assistance Command, Special Troops
MACTMilitary Assistance Command, Training Directorate
MACTCMilitary Assistance Command, Technical Assistance Coordinator
MACTHAIMilitary Assistance Command, Thailand
MACVMilitary Assistance Command, Vietnam
MACVDACMilitary Assistance Command, Vietnam Distribution and Allocation Committee
MACVFWDMilitary Assistance Command Vietnam, Forward
MACVIGMilitary Assistance Command, Vietnam, Inspector General
MACVSAScience Advisor, Hqs MACV
MADAntisubmarine Magnetic Anomaly Detector
MADVMobilisation and War Veterans Advisory Branch
MAFMarine Amphibious Force
MAGMarine Air Group
MAGROCVMilitary Advisory Group, Republic of China, Vietnam
MAGVMilitary Assistance Group, Vietnam
MAIMilitary Assistance Institute
Maj GenMajor General
MALMaterial Requirements List
MALTMobile Advisory Logistics Team
MAPMilitary Assistance Program
MAPCMilitary Affairs Party Committee
MAPEXMilitary Assistance Program Excess Material Program
Mar DivMarine Division
Mar/MAR REGTMarine Infantry Regiment
MARADVUMarine Advisory Unit
MARCORPSMarine Corps
MARDIVMarine Division
MARKET TIMEUSN anti-infiltration blockade of SVN Coast.
MARSMilitary Affiliate Radio Station
MASFMilitary Assistance Service Funded
MASFPMilitary Assistance Service Funded Program
MASHMobile Army Surgical Hospital
MATMilitary Advisory Team
MATMobile Advisory Team
MATAMilitary Advisor Training Assistance
MATPMilitary Assistance Training Program
MATSMilitary Air Transport Service
MATSBMobile Advanced Tactical Support Base
MATTMobile Advisory Training Team
MATTLOMilitary Attache Liaison Office
MATTSMilitary Air Terminal Transportation Service
MAUMarine Amphibious Unit
MAWMarine Air Wing
MBAMilitary Base Agreement
MBBLThousand Barrels
MBBLSThousand Barrels
MBEMaterials Handling Equipment
MBFMilitary Banking Facility
MCMedical Corps
MCAMilitary Construction, Army
MCAFMilitary Construction. Air Force
MCASMarine Corps Air Station
MCBMobile Construction Battalion
MCDECMarine Corps Development and Education Command
MCIArmy Meal Combat Individual
MCIDMufti-purpose Concealed Intrusion Detector
MCMMine Countermeasures Measures
MCNMilitary Construction, Navy
MCPMalayan Communist Party
MCPMilitary Construction Program
MCSMine Countermeasure Support Ship
MDAPMaterial Defense Assistance Program
MDDMunicipal Development Directorate
MDEMMinistry for the Development of Ethnic Minorities
MDMAFMekong Delta Mobile Afloat Force
MDMRFMekong Delta Mobile Riverine Force
MEALMilitary Economic-Action Committee
MEBMarine Expeditionary Brigade
MEDMateriel Exploitation Division
MEDCAPMedical Civic Action Program
MEDCOMVMedical Commander, Vietnam
Medevac/MEDEVACMedical Evacuation
MEDTMilitary Equipment Delivery Team
MEDTCMilitary Equipment Delivery Team, Cambodia
MEEMission Essential Equipment
MEFMarine Expeditionary Force
MEIPMiscellaneous Environmental Improvement Program
MEMIMaster Equipment Management Index
MERMultiple Ejection Rack
MEWMaintenance Engineering Wing
MFMain Force
MFGPMain Force Group
MFRMemorandum for Record
MFYPMOND Four Year Plan
MGMachine gun
MGMajor General
MHMedal of Honor
MHBMilitary History Branch, Hqs MACV
MHEMaterials Handling Equipment
MIMilitary Intelligence
MIAMissing in Action
MICMilitary Intelligence Center
MICHMinister of Information and Chieu Hoi
MIDMine Interdiction Division
Mig/MIGSoviet Aircraft designed by Mikoyan and Gurevich
MIG SCREENMission wherein protecting fighters are placed between the threat and the protected force in a specific area.
MIGCAPCombat air patrol mission whose actions are directed against MIG aircraft.
MILCAPMilitary Civic Action Program
MILCONMilitary Construction
MILHLAPMilitary Public Health Assistance Program
Military Civic ActionCivic action performed or supported by military or paramilitary forces using their military skills, equipment and resources in cooperation or on behalf of host government civil authorites, agencies or groups.
Military PowerMaximum unaugmented thrust condition of engine.
Military Unit TeamUS military representatives assigned to advise and assist RVNAF regular units as opposed to US representatives assigned to further US-GVN objectives at subnational levels.
MILPHAPMilitary Provincial Hospital Augmentation Program (Changed Oct 66 to Military Provincial Health Assistance Program).
MILREPMilitary Report
MILSTAMPMilitary Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures
MILSTDMilitary Standard
MILSTRIPMilitary Standard Requisition and Issue Procedures
MIMEXMajor Items Map Excess
MINI-NIOTCMiniature Naval Inshore Operations Training Center
MINRONMine Squadron
MIOMilitary Intelligence Office
MIPMotivation Indoctrination Program
MISMilitary Intelligence Service
MISCMobile Infiltration Surveillance Center
Missile FreeAuthority is granted to fire unless target is identified as friendly.
Missile ToneAudio signal indicating AIM-9 is locked on to an IR source.
MIUWMobile Inshore Undersea Warfare
MIUWGMobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Group
MIUWSUMobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Surveillance Unit
MLGMission Liaison Group
MLGROCVMilitary Advisory Group, Government of the Republic of China
MLMSMotor Launch Minesweeper
MLOMilitary Liaison Office/Officer
MMMessagerie Maritimes (piers)
MMASFMilitary Mutual Aid and Savings Fund
MMCMedium Maintenance Center/Material Management Center
MMDMerchant Marine Detail
MMIPMarine Modernization and Improvement Plan
MMSMilitary Medical Schcol
MNDMinistry of National Defense
MNKMarine Nationale Khmer (Cambodian/Khmer Navy)
MOATMobile Operational Advisory Team
MOBMilitary Operational Boundary
Mobile Action CadreThe New Life pacification cadre who replaced the Strategic Hamlet Construction cadres in 1964.
MODMinistry of Defense
MOD&WVMinstry of Defense and War Veterans
MOEMinistry of Education
MOFMinistry of Finance
MOFAMinister of Financial Affairs
MOGASMotor Gasoline
MOHMinister/Ministry of Health
MOIMethods of Instruction
MOIMinster/Ministry of Information (GVN)
MOLMinistry of Labor
MONDMinistry of National Defense
MONEVALMonthly Evaluation Report (Hqs USMACV)
MOOSEMove out of Saigon Expeditiously (Project)
MOPMeasurement of Progress
MORDMinistry of Revolutionary/Rural Development
MOSMilitary Occupational Specialty
MOTUMobile Ordnance Training Unit
MPMilitary Police
MPAMilitary Personnel Army
MPCMilitary Payment Certificate
MPCMission Press Center
MPCCMedical Policy Coordinating Committee
MPCOMilitary Property and Construction Office
MPPCOMilitary Property Construction Office
MPSMinistry of Public Security (NVN)
MPWMinistry of Public Works
MRMilitary Region(s)
MRBMobile Riverine Base
MRCMobile Riverine Command
MRDMinistry of Revolutionary Development
MRFMobile Riverine Force
MRMCMaintenance Repair & Minor Construction Program
MROManual/Materiel Release Order
MRSMilitary Railway Service
MRTMilitary Rated Thrust - see military power
MRTTMilitary Region Tri-Thien
MRTTHMilitary Region Tri Thien Hue
MSMaster of Science
MSBMinesweeping Boat
MSCMilitary Sealift Command
MSCMinesweeper Coastal
MSDMilitary Security Department
MSDMinesweeper Drone
MSFMobile Strike Force
MSGTMaster Sergeant
MSLMean Sea Level. Altitude reference.
MSMMeritorious Service Medal
MSMMinesweeper, Mechanized
MSMMinesweeper, River (Converted LCM-6)
MSOMilitary Security Office (COSVN)
MSOMinesweeper, Ocean
MSPMinesweeping Patrol
MSQMobile Search Special (radar for ground-directed bombing)
MSRMinesweeper, River
MSRCOMaster Ship Repair Contract Office
MSSMalayan Security Service
MSSMilitary Security Service
MSTSMilitary Sea Transport Service
MSTSFEMilitary Sea Transport Service, Far East
MSWMinistry of Social Welfare
MSWRMinistry of Social Welfare Refugees
MTMetric/Measurement Ton
MT&PMinistry of Transportation & Post
MTCMarine Training Center
MTCMine Training Center
MTDMobile Training Detachment
MTDAModified Table of Distribution & Allowance
MTDSMarine Tactical Data System
MTMTSMilitary Transport Management Terminal Service
MTNMilitary Telecommunications System
MTN-VMilitary Telecommunication Network Vietnam
MTNVMilitary Telecommunications Network-Vietnam
MTOEModified Table of Organization & Equipment
MTONMetric Ton
MTSMilitary Telecommunications System
MTSMobile Training Set
MTTMobile Training Team(s)
MTVNMilitary Telecommunications Network-Vietnam
MVAMinistry of Veterans Affairs
MWAMilitary Working Arrangement
MWVMinistry of War Veterans

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