Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

NNaval Staff
N&MCMNavy and Marine Corps Medal
NACONational Agricultrural Credit Office/Organization
NAFNon-appropriated Funds
NAGNaval Advisory Group
NASNational Academy of Sciences
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NAVADGPNaval Advisory Group
NAVADVGRPNaval Advisory Group
NAVAIDSNavigational Aids
NAVCATNaval Civic Action Team
NAVCOMMSTANaval Communication Station
NAVEEACTPHILNaval Shore Electronics Engineering Activity - Philippines
NAVEEAPACNaval Shore Electronics Engineering Agency - Pacific
NAVFORVNaval Forces Vietnam
NAVGPUnited States Naval Advisory Group
NAVILCONavy International Logistics Control Office
NAVPHIBASENaval Amphibious Base
NAVSHIPSNaval Ships System Command
NAVSUPPACTNaval Support Activity
NBCNational Broadcasting Corporation
NBINon-Battle Injuries
NBLNo Bomb Line
NCNavy Cross
NCNot Carried
NCBNaval Construction Brigade
NCCNational Communications Commission
NCCNaval Component Command (er)
NCMNavy Commendation Medal
NCNRCNational Council for National Reconciliation and Concord
NCONon-Commissioned Officer
NCOICNon-Commissioned Officer-In-Charge
NCRNational Cash Register
NCRNaval Construction Regiment
NCSNet Control Station
NDBNondirectional Beacon
NDCNational Defense Center (United States)
NDINon-Destructive Inspection
NDPNight Defensive Position
NDPSNational Defense Planning System
NECNavy Enlisted Classification
NEDFNational Economic Development Fund
NEMVACNoncombatant Emergency Evacuation
NETTNew Equipment Training Team
NEUTNeutralist Laotian Forces
NFANot for Attribution
NFINot Further Identified
NFLNational Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam; also NFLSVN
NFLSVNNational Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam
NGFNaval Gunfire
NGFSNaval Gunfire Support
NGLONaval Gunfire Liaison Officer
NHANha Trang
NHLSNeo Lao Hak Sat Party (Communist)
NIANational Institute of Administration
NICNational Interrogation Center
NICPNational Inventory Control Point
NILCONavy International Logistics Control Office
NILONaval Intelligence Liaison Officer
NIRPNational Identification Registration Program
NISNot In Stock
NISOVNaval Investigatory Service Office, Vietnam
NKPNakhon Phanom
NLCNational Leadership Committee
NLCNational Legislative Council
NLDNew Life Development
NLDTNew Life Development Team
NLDVNegotiated Level Dollar Value
NLFNational Liberation Front
NLFSVNational Liberation Front of South Vietnam. Often abbreviated as NLF. This was the communist front organization in South Vietnam. Similar in structure to the North Vietnamese government (DRY), it had a central committee, a presidium or politburo and a secretariat with organizational elements running down to the village level.
NLFSVNNational Liberation Front of South Vietnam
NLHNew Life Hamlet
NLHSNeo Lao Hak Sat (Lao Patriotic Front)
NLHXNeo Lao Hak Xat (Lao Patriotic Front)
NLTNot Later Than
nm/NMNautical Mile
NMASFNavy Military Assistance Service Funded
NMCBNaval Mobile Construction Battalion
NMCCNational Military Command Center (DOD)
NMCSNaval Mobile Construction Support
NMMANational Materiel Management Agency
NOATNight Operations Assistance Team
NOCNaval Operations Center
NODNight Observation Devices
NOD/MRNight Observation Device/Medium Range
NOFORNNo Foreign/Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals
NOKNext of Kin
NORNot Operationally Ready
NORMNon-Operationally Ready Maintenance
NORSNot Operationally Ready for Reason of Supply
NPNational Police
NPANational Priority Area
NPCNational Police Command
NPFNational Police Force
NPFFNational Police Field Force(s)
NRDUNaval Research & Development Unit
NRDU-VUnited States Navy Research and Development Unit, Vietnam
NRMNational Revolutionary Movement
NRTDNot Reparable This Depot
NRTSNot Reparable This Station
NSANational Security Agency
NSANaval Support Activity
NSA/NAVSUJPPACTNaval Support Activity
NSADNaval Support Activity, Da Nang
NSAMNational Security Action Memorandum
NSASNaval Support Activity, Saigon
NSCNational Security Council
NSCNaval Supply Center
NSDNaval Supply Depot
NSDMNational Security Council Decision Memorandum
NSDMNational Security Draft Memorandum
NSNNational Stock Number
NSNNo Stock Number
NSRPNon-Standard Repair Parts
NTNang Truong
NTCNational Training Center
NTCNaval Training Center
NTDSNaval Tactical Data System
NVANorth Vietnamese Army. A common but imprecise term used in many official US documents to identify the North Vietnamese Army. Generally referred to in this volume by its official title, the PAVN.
NVA/PANVNorth Vietnamese Army/People's Army of North Vietnam
NVAFNorth Vietnam Air Force; North Vietnamese Armed Forces
NVNNorth Vietnam; North Vietnamese
NVN/PLNorth Vietnam/Pathet Lao
NVNAFNorth Vietnamese Air Force
NVNGNorth Vietnamese Government
NVNNNorth Vietnamese Navy
NWCNational War College
NWPNaval Warfare Publication
NZNew Zealand
NZANew Zealand Army
NZATTVNew Zealand Army Training Team, Vietnam
NZNNew Zealand Navy
NZVFNew Zealand Vietnam Force

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