Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

P&DPacification and Development
P&PPlans and Policy
P&TPost and Telegraph
P&TPostes et Telecommunication (GVN)
PA&EPacific Architects & Engineers, Inc.
PAASPacification Attitude Analysis System
PAC/ALOPacific Air Liaison Officer
PACACPacific Air Command
PACAFUS Air Forces, Pacific
PACCOMMAREAPacific Communications Area
PACESPacification and Evaluation System
PACEXPacific Exchange System
PACFLTPacific Fleet
PACNAVFACVPacific Naval Facility, Vietnam
PACOMPacific Command
PACVPatrol Air Cushion Boat
PACVPatrol Air Cushion Vehicle
PAFPhilippine Air Force
PAGEPage Communication Engineering, Inc.
PALParcel Airlift
PALPhilippine Airlines
PAMPAPACOM Movements Priority Agency
PAN AMPan American Airways
PANAMACall sign for GCI site located near Danang
PANDPPlans and Policy Division
PARPrecision Approach Radar
PARASOLParatrooper School
PARPPacific AUTODIN Restoral Plan
PATPeople's Action Team
Pathet LaoLao Group under Communist/NVA Direction
PAVNPeople's Army of Vietnam. This term refers to North Vietnamese army units, including those regular North Vietnamese units deployed to RVN.
PBPatrol Boat
PBRPatrol Boat River
PCPatrol Craft
PCABPhilippine Civil Aeronautics Board
PCCPostal Concentration Center
PCDPurchasing and Contracting Department
PCEPage Communications Engineers, Inc.
PCEPatrol Craft Escort
PCFPatrol Craft, Fast
PCFPatrol Craft, Inshore
PCH&TPacking, Crating, Handling and Transportation
PCNProgram Change Notice(s)
PCSPermanent Change(s) of Station
PDPacification and Development
PDCPropaganda Development Center
PDFProvisional Defense Force
PDHAProperty Disposal Holding Area
PDJPlaines des Jarres
PDMPeriodic/Programmed Depot Maintenance
PDOProperty Disposal Operation/Office/Officer
PDPPacification and Development Plan
PEPeriodic Inspection
PECWGPiaster Expenditure Control Working Group
PERTProgram Evaluation and Review Technique
PFPopular Forces (RVNAF)
PFCPrivate First Class
PFFPolice Field Force(s)
PFOPresent- for-Operations
PFTCPopular Force Training Center
PGPatrol Gunboat (USN)
PGPost Graduate
PGHPatrol Gunboat Hydrofoil
PGMPatrol Gunboat, Medium (VNN)
PHPurple Heart
PHDPublic Health Director
PHILCAG(V)Philippine Civic Action Group, Vietnam
PHILCAGVPhilippines Civic Action Group, Vietnam
PHILCONPhilippine Contingent
PHILCON(V)Philippine Contingent (Vietnam)
PHILCONVPhilippines Contingent, Vietnam
PHILGPhilippine Government
PHOTINTPhoto Intelligence
PHREEXPhung Hoang Re-examination Study
Phung HoangAnti-VCI Campaign
PIPhysically Impaired
PIACCSPacfic Interim Automated Command and Control System
PICPrisoner Interrogation Center
PICProvincial Interrogation Center
PICAPacification Intensification Capital Area
PICCProvincial Intelligence Coordination Center
PIDPublic Information Division
PIOCCProvince Intelligence and Operations Coordination Center
PipperAircraft weapon eight indicator (a dot of light within a lighted ring)
PIRAZPositive Identification Radar Advisory Zone
PLPathet Lao
PLPublic Law
PL 480Food-for-Peace Program
PLAPeople's Liberation Army
PLAFPeople's Liberation Armed Forces, also called the Liberation Army. The PLAF consists of two elements: the Full Military Force or the Main Force and the Para-Military Force or the guerrilla force. Initially indigenous Southerners, but increasingly comprised of PAVN fillers as the war continued.
PLCPeoples' Liberation Committees
PLLPrescribed Laos
PLLPrescribed Load List
PMPreventive Medicine
PMProvost Marshal
PMATProvince Mobile Assistance Team
PMDLProvisional Military Demarcation Line
PMELPrecision Measuring Equipment Laboratory
PMGProvost Marshal General
PMPPerformance Monitoring Program
PMSPlanned Maintenance System
PNPhilippine Navy
PO-PICCPermanent Office of the Province Intelligence Coordinating Centers
POCPolice Operations Center
PODPort of Debarkation
PODPsychological Operations Division
Pod formationA flight formation configured to maximize the jamming of Fansong radar. Slight alteration is made to provide for better defense under MIG threat.
POIProgram(s) of Instruction
POJPlain of Jars (Laos)
POLPetroleum, Oil and Lubricants
POL/MILPolitical/Military Counselor
POLADPolitical Advisor
POLWARPolitical Warfare
POLWARADDIRPolitical Warfare Advisory Directorate
POMPreparation for Overseas Movement (Units)
POPATProtection of the People against Terrorism
Popular ForcesFull time village-level armed farces, formerly known as Self-Defense Corps (Dan Ve).
POVPrivately Owned Vehicle
POWPrisoner of War
PPBSPlanning, Programing, Budgeting System
PPCPrinting and Publications Center
PPDPlans and Policy Division
PPDCProvincial Pacification and Development Council
PPLPhak Pason Lao (Lao People's Party)
PPPPhilippines to People Program
PPSMRPhnom Penh Special Military Region
PQAPPetroleum Quality Assurance Representative
PRPersonnel Recovery
PRProvincial Reconnaissance Unit
PRAISEProgram Review and Analysis Improvement System
PRBPublications Review Board
PRCPathfinder, Reconnaissance and Combat
PRCPeople's Republic of China
PRCPersonnel Recovery Center
PRCPortable Radio Communications
PRE-IRANPreliminary Inspect and Repair as Necessary
PRFPulse Recurrence Frequency
PRGProvisional Revolutionary Government
PRGRSVProvisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam, often abbreviated PRG. Established on June 10, 1969 as a means to challenge the legitimacy of the Saigon Government and provide a political entity to claim a share of any coalition government that might eventuate (temporarily).
PropagandaAny form of communication designed to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes or behavior of any group, in order to benefit the sponsor either directly or indirectly.
PROVCORPSVProvisional Corps, Vietnam
PROVMAAGKProvincial Military Assistance Advisory Group, Korea
PROVMAGProvisional Marine Air Group
PROVNPacification and Long Term Development of Vietnam (DA Study)
PRPPeople's Revolutionary Party. Formed on January 1, 1962, the PRP was the Communist Party of South Vietnam.
PRUProvincial Reconnaissance Unit
PSFuel barge
PS&SPacific Stars & Stripes
PSAProvince Senior Advisor
PSCProvince Security Committee
PSDPublic Safety Directorate
PSDPublic Safety Division (USOM)
PSDFPeople's Self Defense Force
PSEPersonnel Systems Evaluation
PSGPacification Studies Group
PSIDPatrol Seismic Intrusion Detector
PSOPresidential Survey Office
PSPPierced Steel Planking
PSY-WARPsychological Warfare
Psychological OperationsThe planned use of propaganda and other measures to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes and behavior of hostile, neutral or friendly groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives.
PSYOP(S)Psychological Operation(s)
PSYWARPsychological Warfare
PTPatrol Torpedo Boat
PTPhysical Training
PTAIPacific Technical Analysts, Incorporated
PTOPersonnel, Training and Organisation Branch
PTTPostes, Telegraphes, Telephones
PURAPACOM Utilization and Redistribution Agency
PWPrisoner of War
PWSPolitical Warfare School
PXPost Exchange
PZPickup Zone

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