Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

RRefrigerated Rations
R&DResearch and Development
R&IRecruitment and Induction
R&RRepair & Return
R&RRest and Recuperation
R. AND A.Review and Analysis Branch
R.P.Republic of the Philippines
RAARoyal Australian Army
RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force
RACReconnaissance Airplane Company
RACRegional Assistance Command
RACResearch Analysis Corporation
RACRiver Assault Craft
RADReports and Analysis Division (CORDS)
RADResearch and Analysis Directorate, CORDS
RADRiver Assault Division
RADMRear Admiral
RADSRapid Area Distribution Support
RAGReplacement Air Group
RAGRiver Assault Group
RAIDRiver Assault and Interdiction Division
RallierChieu Hoi Returnee
RAMRapid Area Maintenance
RAMMSRVNAF Automated Materiel Management System
RANRoyal Australian Navy
RANDResearch and Development Corporation
RARRoyal Australian Regiment
RASRiver Assault Squadron
RATSRemote Area Terminal System
RAVRestricted Availability
RAWMAP Automated Material Management System
RBRefuel Barge
RBDRanger Border Defense
RBDBRanger Border Defense Battalion
RBERed Ball Express
RCReserve Constabulary
RCRevolutionary Committee
RCRural Construction
RC-47Reconnaissance C-47
RCARiot Control Agent
RCATRegimental Combat Assistance Team
RCCRescue Coordination Center
RCCRural Construction Cadre
RCDCRadar Course Directory Central
RCGRural Construction Group
RCMODReconnaissance Modification
RCNReference Control Number
RCORepresentative Contracting Officer
RCPRural Construction Program
RCTRegimental Combat Team
RDRevolutionary Development
RDRural (formerly Revolutionary) Development
RDCRevolutionary Development Cadre
RDCRural (formerly Revolutionary) Development Cadre
RDDRequired Delivery Date
RDFUResearch and Development Field Unit
RDMTTRevolutionary Development Mobile Training Teams
RDPGRevolutionary Development People's Group
RDPGRural (formerly Revolutionary) Development People's Group
RDSDRural (formerly Revolutionary) Development Support Directorate
RDT&EResearch, Development, Testing and Evaluation
RDVRequisition Dollar Value
RDWRural (formerly Revolutionary) Development Workers
Ready lightLight which indicates a particular avionics/munitions system is operating and available for use.
RECATRedeployment Base Closure Assistance Team
RED HORSERapid Engineering Deployment and Heavy Operational Repair Squadrons, Engineering Regiment.
REDCONReadiness Condition
REFCOTTRegional Forces Company Training Team
Regional ForcesProvincial armed forces known previously as the Civil Guard (Bao An).
Regular ForcesThe Arry, Navy, and Air Force of Vietnam.
Release agreementVietnamese-American agreements funding province-level rehabilitation programs.
REMANResource Management
RESCAPRescue Combat Air Patrol
RESPRural Elementary School Program
Responsible CohesionThe social condition that exists when institutions have achieved a degree of success in coping with problems that is acceptable to society members.
Revolutionary Development CadresThe name given by the American Mission to what the Vietnamese call Rural Construction cadre. Also referred to as Rural Reconstruction Cadre.
RFRadio Frequency
RFRegional Force (RVNAF)
RF MGRegional Force Mobile Group
RF-5Reconnaissance F-5
RF/PFRegional Forces/Popular Forces
RFCOTTRegional Force Company Training Teams
RFIRadio Frequency Interference
RFTCRegional Force Training Center
RGNURoyal Government of National Union
RHAWRadar Homing and Warning
RIDRiver Interdiction Division
RIFReduction in Force
RIMMSRVNAF Improvement and Modernization Management System
RIORadar Intercept Officer
RIVASRONRiver Assault Squadron
RIVDIVRiver Assault Division
RIVFLOTONERiver Flotilla One
RIVRONRiver Squadron
RKGRoyal Khmer (Cambodia) Government
RLRocket Launcher
RLARoyal Laotian Army
RLAFRoyal Laotian Air Force
RLFRoyal Laotian Forces
RLGRoyal Lao Government
RLOWRadar Lock on Warning
RLTRegimental Landing Team
RMKRaymond Morrison-Knudsen
RMK-BRJRaymond-Morrison-Knudsen /Brown-Root-James (Civilian Construction Firm)
RNZRoyal New Zealand
RNZAFRoyal New Zealand Air Force
ROAbbreviated form of Radio Intercept Officer.
RORequisitioning Objective/Requirement Objective
Road interdictionTo prevent or hinder, by aerial means, enemy use of a road or route.
ROCRepublic of China
ROCMAAGVRepublic of China Military Assistance Advisory Group Vietnam
ROCMAGVRepublic of China Military Assistance Group, Vietnam
ROERules of Engagement
ROHRegular Overhaul
ROIReport/Results of Investigation
ROKRepublic of Korea
ROKARepublic of Korea Army
ROKAFRepublic of Korea Air Force
ROKAF(V)Republic of Korea Air Force (Vietnam)
ROKFVRepublic of Korea Forces, Vietnam
ROKGRepublic of Korea Government
ROKMACVRepublic of Korea, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
ROKMAGVRepublic of Korea Military Assistance Group, Vietnam
ROKMCRepublic of Korea Marine Corps
ROKNRepublic of Korea Navy
ROlReport of Investigation
ROLLING THUNDERCode name for air strikes against North Vietnam.
ROPRepublic of the Philippines
Route PackageGeographical division of North Vietnam for purposes of air strike targeting.
RPRoute Package
RPCReparable Processing Center
RPCRiver Patrol Craft
RPDRiver Patrol Division
RPDCRegional Pacification and Development Council(s)
RPGRiver Patrol Group
RPGRocket-Propelled Grenade
RPIEReal Property Installed Equipaent
RRRail Road
RRRecoilless Rifle
RRURadio Research Unit
RSGRear Service Group
RSRRequired Supply Rate
RSSZRung Sat Special Zone
RTARoyal Thai Army
RTAFRoyal Thai Air Force
RTAFBRoyal Thai Air Force Base
RTAFCONVRoyal Thai Air Force Contingent Vietnam
RTAFVRoyal Thai Army Volunteer Force
RTAVFRoyal Thai Army Vietnam Forces
RTAVRRoyal Thai Army Volunteer/Vietnam Regiment
RTEGRiver Transport Escort Group
RTFReconnaissance Task Force
RTFVRoyal Thai Forces, Vietnam
RTFVNRoyal Thai Forces, Vietnam
RTGRoyal Thai Government
RTMAGVRoyal Thai Military Assistance Group, Vietnam
RTNRoyal Thai Navy
RTORadio Telephone Operator
RTVReturn to Village
RUDDRemote Underwater Detection Device
Rudder reversalClimbing aircraft maneuver in which direction is changed by rotation around the aircraft's vertical axis.
Rural ConstructionRural Construction encompasses all civilian, military and police actions to eliminate organized VC military activity; to detect and eliminate the overt and covert VC political apparatus.
Rural Construction CadresA fusion of all rural pacification cadre systems in late 1965. Often called Rural Reconstruction Cadres, Political Action Teams (PAT), and Revolutionary Development Cadres.
RUWSTAFRural Water Supply Task Force
RVNRepublic of (South) Vietnam
RVN-CCURepublic of Vietnam-Contingency Communications Unit
RVNAFRepublic of Vietnam Armed Forces
RVNAFLSRepublic of Vietnam Armed Forces Language School
RVNRVietnam Regional Exchange
RWDRounds Per Weapon Per Day
RYMRepublican Youth Movement

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