Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

SNon-Refigerated Rations
S ManeuverA weave in a horizontal plane.
S&DSearch and Destroy
S&T/S&TCSupply and Transportation/Center
S/NDSecret/No-Foreign Dissemination
S/NFSecret/No Foreign Dissemination
S/OStockage Objective
S/TShort Ton
SASenior Advisor
SASmall Arms
SASurface to Air
SA-2Soviet surface-to-air missile system
SA-7Soviet manufactured Surface to Air Missile
SA/ABArmy Advisory Detachment Airborne Division
SA4CZArmy Advisory Group - IV Corps Tactical Zone
SAAFOSpecial Assistant to the Ambassador for Field Operations
SAALCSan Antonio Air Logistics Center
SAAMSpecial Assigned Airlift Mission
SAAMASan Antonio Air Material Area
SABScrap Ammunition Brass
SACStrategic Air Command
SACADVONStrategic Air Command Advanced Echelon
SACMDSenior Army Advisor Capitol Military District Special Zone
SACSASpecial Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities
SAEStaff Advisory Element
SAEDASubversion and Espionage Directed Against the United States Government
SAFESelected Areas for Evasion
SAFFOSpecial Assistant to the Ambassador for Field Operations (United States Mission)
SAFOISecretary of the Air Force, Office of Information
SAMSpace Available Mail
SAMSpecial Air Mission
SAMSurface-to-Air Missile
SAMESenior Advisor's Monthly Evaluation
SAMOBSurface to Air Missile Order of Battle
SAPOVSub-Area Petroleum Office, Vietnam
SARSearch and Rescue
SASSpecial Air Service
SASIASoutheast Asia
SASPSecurity Assistance Surveillance Program
SATCOMSatellite Communications
SATPSecurity Assistance Training Program
SATSShort Airfield Tactical Strip
SAWSpecial Air Warfare
SBSpecial Branch
SBDSignal Base Depot
SCSignal Corps
SCAGSaigon Civil Assistance Group
SCAN-ODDMIG airborne intercept radar
SCARWAFSpecial Category Army with Air Force
SCATTORSmall Craft Assets, Training and Turnover of Resources
SCDSpecial Collection Department
ScissorsDefensive maneuver in which a series of turn reversals are executed in an attempt to achieve offensive after an overshoot by the attacker.
SCPSpecial Collection Program
SCRSpecial Commissariat of Refugees
SCRFSmall Craft Repair Facility
SCTSpecial Commando Team
SCUSpecial Commando Unit
SCUBASelf Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SDState Department
SDCSelf-Defense Corps
SDSSupplemental Data Sheet(s)
SEASoutheast Asia
SEA LORDSSoutheast Asia Lake-Ocean-River-Delta Strategy
Sea WolfUH-1 Helo, Heavily Armored, USN operated.
SEA-ATSSoutheast,Asia Automatic Telephone System
SEACSoutheast Asia Command
SEACOORDSoutheast Asia Coordinating Committee
SEACOORDSoutheast Asia Coordinating Council
SEACORDSSecure Voice Cordboards
SEAITACSSoutheast Asia Integrated Tactical Air Control System
SEALSea, Air, and Land
SEALORDSSoutheast Asia Lake-Ocean-River Delta Strategy
SEAPCSoutheast Asia Pictorial Center
SEARASoutheast Asia Research Associates
SEASSouth East Asia Services
SEASIASoutheast Asia
SEATOSoutheast Asia Treaty Organization
SEAWBSSoutheast Asia Wideband System
SECARMYSecretary of the Army
SECDEFSecretary of Defense
SECNAVSecretary of the Navy
SECORDSecure Voice Cordless Switchboard
SECORDSSecure Voice Cordboards
SECSTATESecretary of State
SectionNavy term for a tactical element of two or more aircraft (usually two)/an Air Force term for two flights of four.
SEERSystem for Evaluating the Effectiveness of RVNAF
SEPSurrendered Enemy Personnel
SEPLSSaigon Electric Power Loop System
SERESurvival, Evasion, Rescue and Escape Course
SESSpecial Exploitation Service
SEVACSecure Voice Access Console
SEVENTHFLTSeventh Fleet/Commander, Seventh Fleet
SFSpecial Forces
SFCSergeant First Class
SFCPShore Fire Control Party
SFFSEATO Field Forces
SFGSpecial Forces Group
SFGASpecial Forces Group, Airborne
SGUSpecial Guerrilla Unit (Laos)
SHEDSShip Helicopter Extended Delivery System
SHRIKE (AGM-45)Air-to-Surface radar seeking missile.
SISpecial Intelligence
SIAFSmall Independent Action Force
SICRSpecific Intelligence Collection Requirement
SIFSelective identification feature - electronic device with variable codes for identification.
SIGINTSignal Intelligence
SILVER DAWNCode name for an intelligence collecting aircraft.
SIMEXSecondary Items Map Excess
SIMSSingle Integrated Military Telecommunications System
SIOStrategic Intelligence Office
SIPSpecial Interdiction Points
SITSSingle Integrated Telecommunications System
SJAStaff Judge Advocate
SJRSpecial Joint Report
SJSSecretary Joint Staff
SKSSoviet Semiautomatic Carbine, Simonov
SLABSide Looking Airborne Radar
SLAMSearch, Locate, Annihilate and Monitor
SLAMSeeking, Locating, Annihilating, and Maintaining the Area free of the Enemy.
SLARSide Looking Airborne Radar
SLFSpecial Landing Force
SLOSenior Liaison Officer
SLRSide-Looking Radar
SLSCSector Logistics Support Center.
SMService/Soldier's Medal
SM&DSLSector Management and Direct Support Logistic Center
SM&DSLCSector Management and Direct Support Logistics Center
SMASenior Marine Adviser
SMALCSacramento Air Logistics Center
SMAMASacramento Air Materiel Area
SMARSpecial Mission Airlift Request
SMFSpecial Mission Force
SMHService to Military Hospitals (ARC)
SMIService to Military Installations (ARC)
SMIATSpecial Military Intelligence Activities Team
SMMVSpanish Medical Mission, Vietnam
SMOSystems Maintenance Office
SMPSpecial Munitions Package
SMPCSaigon Market Party Committee
SMSSpecial Mission Service
SMSADSpecial Mission Service Advisory Division
SMSGTSenior Master Sergeant
Snap-upA rapid pullup to establish a climb in order to launch a weapon.
SNUDStock Number User Directive
SOStockage Objective
SOASupervisor of Airlift
SOCSpecial Operations Center
Social ChangeProducing primary alterations in the non-material culture such as values, attitudes, institutions and social behavior.
Social CohesionThe quality of the interdependence of component institutions of society.
Social MobilityAbsence of strict class lines permitting a person to "move upward" within society.
Societal AnalysisThe intensive and detailed study of a society to include its component institutions, groups and members to provide a basis for counterinsurgency operations.
SocietyA complex, interdependent system of institutions.
SOFAStatus of Forces Agreement
SOGStudies and Observation Group
SOISignal Operating Instructions
SOICSector Operations and Intelligence Center
SOIStandard Operating Instructions
SOPStanding Operating Procedure(s)
SOPStrategic Objectives Plan
SORSpecific Orders and Requirements
SOSSpecial Operations Squadron
SOWStatement of Work
SPSelf- Propelled
SPDSpecial Projects Division
SPECATSpecial Category
SPGSpecial Planning Group
Split-S maneuver180 rotation about the aircraft longitudinal axis followed by 180 change of heading in a vertical plane (half loop starting from top).
SPOSStrong Point Obstacle System
SRAStrategic Research and Analysis
SRACSecond Regional Assistance Command
SRAGSecond Regional Assistance Group
SRAOSupplemental Recreational Activity Office
SROSenior Ranking Officer
SRRStraggler Recovery and Replacement
SRTSatellite Repair Team
SSSilver Star
SSARSouthern Search and Rescue Station
SSBSingle Sideband
SSGSpecial Support Group
SSIStandard Signal Instructions
SSNNuclear Attack Submarine
SSOICSubsector Operations and Intelligence Center
SSSShadow Supply System
SSSSimplified Supply System
SSSGSpecial Supply Support Group
SSZSpecial/Specialised Strike Zone
STShort Ton(s)
STABStrike Assault Boat
STANShort Ton (2,000 pounds)
STARSpeed Thru Air Supply
STARStar Far East Corporation
STARCOMStrategic Army Communications Systen
STATEDEPTDepartment of State
STCANFrom (French designed river Patrol craft)
STCPSector Tactical Command Post
STDStrategic Technical Directorate
STOLShort Take-Off and Landing
STONShort Tons (2,000 lbs)
STPDShort Tons per day
STRATCOMStrategical Command
STRATCOMUS Army Strategic Communications Command
STRDCSon Thon Rural Development Cadre (for Montagnards)
STSSpecialty Training Standards
STYXRussian Missile
STZSpecial Tactical Zone
SUB-TECH SCHSubsidiary Technical School
SubversionAction, principally clandestine or covert, designed to undermine the military, economic, psychological, morale or political strength of a regime.
SULSmall Unit Leader
SUPCOMSupport Command
Supply Class - Class IRations
Supply Class - Class IIClothing and Equipment
Supply Class - Class IIIPetroleum, Oil, and Lubricants
Supply Class - Class IVOrganisational Equipment and Fortification Material
Supply Class - Class VAmmunition
Supply Class - Class VAAir Munitions
SUSREPSenior United States Representative
SVNSouth Vietnam (preferably RVN)
SVNLASouth Vietnam National Liberation Army
SWIFTA 50 foot, 32 knot, Radar Equipped Aluminum Boat.
SwitchologyA coined word addressing the human engineering considerations of switch arrangements.
SYNCOMSynchronous Communications Satellite

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