Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

T/ATable of Authorization
T/OTask Organization
TATable of Allowance(s)/Authorization
TATerritorial Artillery
TACTactical Air Command
TAC/AFSCTactical Air Command /Air Force Systems Command
TACAIRTactical Air
TACANTactical Air Navigation - an active electronic navigational system which locates the aircraft with respect to another installation.
TACCTactical Air Control/Coordination Center
TACPTactical Air Control Party
TACSTactical Air Control System
TADTemporary Additional Duty
TADCTactical Air Direction Center
TAORTactical Area of Responsibility
TAOR/ITactical Area of Responsibility or Interest
TARTactical Air Request
TARCAPTarget Combat Air Patrol - aircraft assigned the airto-air defense role in the target area.
TASTrue Air Speed - in knots.
TASETactical Air Support Element
TASSTactical Air Support Squadron
TATTechnical Assistance Team
TCTraining Center
TCTransportation Corps
TCATrack Crossing Angle - the angle between flight paths measured from the tail of the reference aircraft.
TCCTelecommunications Center
TCGTechnical Control Group
TCMDTransportation Control & Movement Document
TCNThird Country National(s)
TCPTraffic Control Point
TCTOTime Compliance Technical Order
TCWTroop Carrier Wing
TDTable of Distribution
TDATable of Distribution and Allowance
TDCTarget Detection Center
TDYTemporary Duty
TETable of Equipment
TETactical Emergency
Tech RepTechnical Representative
TEESTerritorial Forces Evaluation System
Tet/TETVietnamese Lunar New Year Holiday
TFTask Force
TFTerritorial Force(s)
TF-76Task Force 76 (United States Navy)
TFARSTerritorial Forces Activity Reporting System
TFESTerritorial Force Evaluation System
TFGTactical Fighter Group
TFIDTerritorial Forces Inspections Division
TFSTactical Fighter Squadron
TFWTactical Fighter Wing
TGTask Group
TGTransportation Group
THAI AMThai American
Thud RidgeNickname given to a prominent geographical feature in North Vietnam. It is a ridge running in a general NW-SE direction from 2140'N/10525E to 21020'N/105148'E.
TICTroops in Contact
TIGER OPSFlying Tiger (Airlines) Operations Office
TIGHT JAWVietnamese Controlled Unattended Ground Sensor Program.
TIRSTerrorist Incident Reporting System
TLProvince Road
TMTechnical/Training Manual
TMATraffic/Transportation Management Agency
TMDETest, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
TMETest and Measurement Equipment
TMOTransportation Movement Office(r)
TMSTraining Management Section /System
TNTTrinitrotoluene (Explosive)
TOTechnical Order(s)
TO&ETable of Organization and Equipment
TOCTactical Operations Center
TOETable of Organisation and Equipment
TOMMSTraining Objective and Measurement Management System
TOPTraining, Organisation and Personnel Advisory Board
TOTTime Over (on) Target
TOWTube Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Guided Missile
TRACTarget Research and Analysis Center
TRACThird Regional Assistance Command
TRACK (various colors)Code names for specific aerial refueling tracks.
TRAPACTraining Pacific
TRIMTrail Road Interdiction Multi-sensor
TRIMTraining Relations Instruction Mission
TROJAN HORSECode name of a U-2 air reconnaissance program.
TRSTactical Reconnaissance Squadron
TRSRTheater Required Supply Rate
TRUTechnical Reconnaissance Unit
TRUTechnical Research Unit
TSTop Secret
TS/NFTop Secret/No Foreign Dissemination
TSATechnical Supplemental Allowance
TSCTandem Switching Center
TSLTop Secret Limited Distribution
TSNTan Son Nhut (Air Base)
TSRDTruong Son Revolutionary Development
TUTask Unit
Tu CuongSelf-reliance
TUCRTroop Unit Change Request
TWTrial Watcher
TWVTactical Wheeled Vehicle

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