Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

U.M.D.C.Mobile Units for the Defense of Christendom (French)
UALUnit Allowance/Authorization List
UARUnited Arab Republic
UBUtility Boat
UBAUnited Buddhist Association
UBIUnited Buddhist Institute
UCMJUniform Code of Military Justice
UDInfrared Intrusion Detectors
UDTUnderwater Demolition Team
UEUnit Equipment
UHFUltrahigh Frequency
UHTUndergraduate Helicopter Training
UHTUnit Horizontal Tail (applied to F-8 aircraft) - a tail design whereby the whole surface rotates about a pivot point.
UKUnited Kingdom
UKEMBUnited Kingdom Embassy
UMDUnit Management Document
UMNOUnited Malay National Organization
UNCUnited Nations Command
UNGAUnited Nations General Assembly
UNICEFUnited Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
Unit (of turn)Divisions on an angle-of-attack indicator on F-4 aircraft.
UnloadingDecreasing g's
UnLocUnknown Location
UPIUnited Press International
UPTUndergraduate Pilot Training
USUnited States
US AMBUnited States Ambassador
US-FWMAFUS-Free World Military Assistance Forces
USAUnited States Army
USAADUnited States Army Advisory Detachment
USAAGUnited States Army Advisory Group
USABVAPACUnited States Army Broadcasting and Visual Activity, Pacific
USACAVUnited States Army Construction Agency, Vietnam
USACDCUnited States Army Combat Development Command
USAECAVUnited States Army Engineer Construction Agency, Vietnam
USAECVUnited States Army Engineer Command, Vietnam
USAFUnited States Air Force
USAHACUnited States Army Headquarters Area Command
USAHSVCGPVUnited States Army Health Services Group, Vietnam
USAIDUnited States Agency for International Development (United States Operations Mission, USOM, prior to 1966).
USAILCUnited States Army International Logistical Center
USAIRAUnited States Air Attache
USALCJUnited States Army Logistical Command, Japan
USAMCUnited States Army Materiel Command
USAMEDCOMVUnited States Army Medical Command, Vietnam
USAPAVUnited States Army Procurement Agency, Vietnam
USAPDAVUnited States Army Property Disposal Agency, Vietnam
USAREURUnited States Army Europe
USARHAWUnited States Army Hawaii
USARJUnited States Army Japan
USARMAUnited States Army Attache
USARMYFUnited States Army Forces
USARPACUnited States Army Pacific
USARPAVUnited States Army Procurement Agency, Vietnam
USARVUnited States Army, Vietnam
USARV/MACV SUPCOMUnited States Army Vietnam/Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Support Command
USARYISUnites States Army Ryukyus Island
USASCCUnited States Army Strategic Communications Command
USASCVUnited States Army Support Command, Vietnam
USASFUnited States Army Special Forces
USASFGUnited States Army Special Forces Group
USASFGVUnited States Army Special Forces Group in Vietnam
USASFV(P)United States Army Special Forces, Vietnam (Provisional)
USASMCUnited States Army Supply and Maintenance Command
USASPACUnited States Army Security Agency, Pacific
USASTRATCOMUnited States Army Strategic Communications Command
USASWSUnited States Army Special Warfare School
USATFAUnited States Army, Task Force Alpha
USCUnited States Code
USCDAUnited States Army Catalog Data Agency
USCGUnited States Coast Guard
USCGCUnited States Coast Guard Cutter
USDUnattended Seismic Detector
USDAOUnited States Defense Attache Office
USDELUnited States Delegation
USDOUnited States Disbursing Officer
USEFUnidentified Size Enemy Force
USEMBUnited States Embassy
USFJUnited States Forces, Japan
USFKUnited States Forces, Korea
USGUnited States Government
USIAUnited States Information Agency
USIAUnited States Intelligence Agency
USINFOUnited States Information Office
USISUnited States Information Service - The overseas missions of the United States Information Agency.
USMAUnited States Military Academy
USMAAGVUnited States Military Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam
USMACTHAIUnited States Military Assistance Command, Thailand
USMACVUnited States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
USMCUnited States Marine Corps
USMWRUnited States Mission Weekly Report(s)
USNUnited States Navy
USNAVFORVUnited States Naval Forces, Vietnam
USNSUnited States Navy Ship
USOUnited Services Organization
USOMUnited States Operations Mission (preceding January 66) - The designation in Vietnam of the local mission of the Agency for International Development universally abbreviated to USOM in Vietnam.
USOMUnited States Overseas Mission
USOMREPUSOM Representative
USPAOUnited States Public Affairs Office
USPOLUnited States Petroleum Oil Lubricants
USREPUnited States Representative
USSUnited States Ship
USSAGUnited States Support Activities Group
USSRUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
USTDCUnited States Taiwan Defense Command
UTBUtility Boat
UTGUnderway Training Group
UTTUtility Tactical Transport
UWUnconventional Warfare

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