Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

V-LOGVietnamese Logistics
VAAVietnamese Army Arsenal
VACVehicle Authorization List
VADMVice Admiral
VALLight Attack Squadron
VAMPVietnamese Ammunition Monthly Program
VARSVisual Air Reconnaissance and Surveillance
VATLSVisual Airborne Target Locator System
VBFVietnamese Buddhist Forces
VcClosing velocity (relative).
VCViet Cong (Vietnemese Communists) Term used by the US to describe Communist forces in Vietnam. Although imprecise, it is in almost universal use.
VC-47Very Important Person C-47
VC/NVAViet Cong/North Vietnamese Army
VCCViet Cong Captive
VCIViet Cong (Vietnamese Communists) Infrastructure
VCNOVice Chief of Naval Operations
VCSViet Cong Suspects
VDVenereal Disease
VDAVietnam Dredging Agency
VDPVehicle Deadlined Parts
VDPPVietnam Developmental Procurement
VECCOVietnam Engineering and Construction Company
VedetteInterceptor, Cutter, Surveillance
VEMTVietnamese Equipment Management Team
VERT REPVertical Replenishment
VESVietnamese Economic Study
VEVVoice Excited Vocoder
VFVoice Frequency
VFMVice Foreign Ministers
VFRVisual Flight Rules
VHAVietnamese Highway Agency
VHDVien Hoa Dao (The UBA Institute for the Execution of the Dharma)
VHFVery High Frequency
VICCOVietnamese Industrial Construction Corporation
Viet MinhFormal title - Viet-Nam Doe Lap Cong Minh Hoi or Revolutionary League for the Independence of Vietnam. Formed on May 19, 1941 at the initiative of the ICP to develop a "national front" policy.
VIKYNTechnical Services Institute, Vietnam
VINAVATCOVietnamese Transportation Corporation
VINNELLVinnell Corp, Inc
VIPVery Important Person
VIPVoluntary Informant Program
VIPVolunteer Information Program
VISVietnamese Information Service
VMViet Minh
VMAMarine Attack Squadron
VMACVietnam Military Assistance Command
VMACVietnamese Military Airlift Command
VMATVietnamese Mobile Advisory Team
VMCVietnamese Marine Corps
VMFAMarine Fighter/Attack Squadron
VNVietnam or Vietnamese
VN$Vietnamese Piaster
VNADVietnamese Advisory Division, Office of the Comptroller
VNAFRepublic of Vietnam Air Force
VNAF-ELSVietnamese Air Force English Language School
VNAF-LSVietnamese Air Force Language School
VNAFELSVietnamese Air Force English Language School
VNAFMVietnamese Air Force Manual
VNCCVietnam Coordinating Committee
VNLSCVietnamese Navy Logistics Support Command
VNMAVietnamese National Military Academy
VNMAVietnamese Naval Military Academy
VNMCVietnamese Marine Corps
VNNRepublic of Vietnam Navy
VNNAVietnamese Naval Academy
VNNATFGVietnamese Amphibious Task Force Group
VNNDPCVietnamese Navy Data Processing Center
VNNLSCVietnamese Navy Logistic Support Center
VNNSCVietnamese Naval Supply Center
VNNSYVietnamese Naval Shipyard
VNOSEPVietnamese Navy Officer Special Education Program
VNQDDVietnam Quoc Dan Dong or Vietnamese Nationalist Party. Early nationalist noncommunist political party eventually supplanted by the ICP.
VNRSVietnamese National Railway System
VNSFVietnamese Special Forces
VPPatrol Squadron
VPVice President
VPAVietnamese People's Army. In some translations of same official DRV documents the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) is referred to as the VPA.
VRVisual Reconnaissance
VREVietnam Regional Exchange
VSDVillage Self-Development
VSSPVeterans' Stars and Stripes for Peace
VTVariable Time
VTAVietnamese Telecommunications Authority
VTCVietnamese Training Center
VTOVietnamese Telecommunications Organization
VTPVietnamese Telecommunications Patrol
VTRVehicle Track Recovery
VTTVien Tang Thong (High Clerical Council of UBA)
VUNCVoice of UN Command

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