Vietnam War Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

WAAPMWide Area Antipersonnel Mine
WACWomans Army Corps
WAFCWomen's Armed Forces Corps
WAMTMTSWestern Area Military Transport Management Terminal Service
WBGPWaterborne Guard Post
WBLCWater Borne Logistics Craft
WESTPACWestern Pacific (CINCPAC area of responsibility west of 1600E)
WHECUS Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter
WIAWounded in Action
WILD WEASELF-105F specially equipped for locating and attackng SA-2 sites (employed on IRON HAND missions).
WLVCoast Guard Light Ship
WPWhite Phosphorus
WPAFBWright-Patterson Air Force Base
WPBUS Coast Guard Patrol Craft
WPCWorld Peace Council
WRAIRWalter Reed Army Institute of Research, Vietnam
WRALCWarner-Robins Air Logistics Center
WRAMAWarner-Robins Air Material Area
WRFCWomen's Armed Forces Corps
WRMWar Reserve Material
WWMCCSWorldwide Military Command and Control System for US Forces
WZWar Zone

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